Loves Only Himself. Is It That Important In A Relationship?

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Loves Only Himself. Is It That Important In A Relationship?
Loves Only Himself. Is It That Important In A Relationship?

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Loves only himself
Loves only himself

Selfishness is one of the partners in a relationship - it is one of the most serious problems. It manifests itself, as a rule, by the desire only to receive, without giving anything in return. It's not only about material goods - the egoist takes love, care, affection as a matter of course. The desire (sometimes unconscious), to live only for themselves, is inherent in representatives of both sexes. You don't have to think about harmony and happy strong relationships with a person who loves only himself. You can only endure for a while, hoping that your partner will change, but people rarely change.

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  • 2 A woman is selfish. Good or bad?
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  • 4 All people are selfish to one degree or another.

Such a different selfishness

Selfishness is different. Healthy, reasonable egoism is a necessary trait rather than a harmful one. Why? Because in our daily routine we often forget about ourselves, devoting 100% of our time to family, work, and friends. Such dedication is, of course, commendable. But you shouldn't forget about yourself, your health, psycho-emotional state. It is important and necessary to be able to break out of the circle of everyday worries, to do something pleasant and useful for oneself, to restore one's strength.

With reasonable egoism it is understandable. But manifestations of unhealthy pride should be noticed not only in those around you, close people, but also in yourself. Here are some undeniable signs of selfishness:

  • A man blames anyone for all his failures except himself.
  • Likes to talk about himself, but listens to other people extremely inattentively. Self-interest is always more important.
  • If you often hear from your partner the words: "you must", "you must", most likely, your half has a clear tendency to show selfishness. If, moreover, for your holiday he / she gives you his own portrait in a beautiful frame - even more so, there is reason to think.
  • The partner constantly, even in everyday trifles, emphasizes superiority over you. Unpleasant, right? And do not expect that over time it will go away by itself.

You can find out even more signs and tactics of survival with a narcissistic egoist man from our article on the link.

A woman is selfish. Good or bad? _8212

A woman who loves herself is self-sufficient, in most cases successful and attractive to others. So, a bit of healthy egoism is necessary for every representative of the fair sex.

So why are men drawn to women who know how to be selfish in moderation and love themselves, but at the same time do not forget to give warmth to loved ones. Such a woman will not demand that her beloved give her time 24 hours a day, she will not make tantrums and scandals if he forgot to call and does not think that she did something wrong, if the partner is simply in a bad mood. A significant plus of normal female pride can be considered the fact that a self-sufficient representative of the fair sex considers it completely unnecessary to climb into someone else's life, knows how to wait and forgives offenses. She just doesn't need to assert herself at the expense of a man. She knows her own worth and does not depend on someone else's opinion.

Loves only himself
Loves only himself

A woman - a mother needs egoism too. It sounds strange at first glance, but only at first glance. Many mothers are shocked by the instructions on the plane: in case of a crash, it is indicated - first put on an oxygen mask on yourself, and then on the child. In fact, nothing strange. How can mommy help her child if he loses consciousness? No way.

The analogy with everyday life is straightforward. A morally and emotionally exhausted woman, who absolutely does not pay attention to herself, is also unlikely to give much to her children. Agree, it's also hard for kids to see a mother exhausted by everyday life on the verge of a nervous breakdown every day. It is from this situation that healthy female egoism protects. No, such a woman does not love only herself alone. But she also loves herself.

The wife is selfish. What is so good about it? In general, a lot. Judge for yourself: what might a spouse like more: a tired and nervous wife in an old dressing gown and without any makeup marks, but the table will burst with cutlets, borscht and dumplings, and the tiles in the kitchen sparkle with surgical cleanliness? Or a cheerful and beautiful friend of life, but sometimes half of the dinner consists of semi-finished products? Do you know, lovely women, that 80% of men prefer the second option? (Apparently, the remaining 20% ​​are house tyrants).

If self-esteem crosses the line of reason, this is a special conversation. The wife will not be in the least worried about the cleanliness of your shirts, but she herself will spend a significant part of the total budget on caring for her special one. If you had different ideas of where to go in the evening, in order to avoid scandal and resentment, it is better to refuse your option right away. Your personal space means nothing to her. With all this, you are constantly guilty. Would you like some advice for such a case? Here it is: run!

A man who loves only himself2

As the pink mist of falling in love slowly dissipates, you may begin to notice that your adored man is a narcissistic egoist. Unfortunately, it happens - first we fall in love and only then we recognize the person.

Loves only himself
Loves only himself

There are reasons why you and your desires come second to your partner. In some cases, the situation can be corrected, in others, it is better to put an end to the relationship right now, before you have a strong emotional attachment to the person.

Perhaps your young man continues to live as he used to live alone - in this case, everything is fixable. It's a matter of time and some effort on both sides.

Teach him to respect you. Realizing that you are a self-sufficient person, you have your own opinion and desires, a man may realize that he is not the only person in the whole world. There are two of you now and you are equally deserving of love and attention.

Never make a man the center of your universe. In no case. Needless to say, even a man with normal, not overestimated self-esteem will not appreciate this. You are also a person. Trying to please in everything, constantly giving compliments, you will only alienate the person. A complete egoist can simply take advantage of this.

What was mentioned above is to some extent characteristic of many single men. Now let's talk about pathological cases of male egoism. It is better to stay away from such individuals, because you still cannot change anything by the power of your love. You will only waste time and energy trying to achieve the unattainable. So::

  • Constant whims, nagging and demands. Moreover, criticism (even mild and objective) in his address, he does not accept the word "absolutely".
  • There may be two opinions in your pair: his and the wrong one.
  • Admit it was wrong? No, it's not about him.
Loves only himself
Loves only himself

If a woman, having fallen in love, has the misfortune to connect her life with such a man, she can only sympathize. It seems that a woman hardly dreams of putting her life at the feet of an ungrateful lover. The fair sex, not less, but more, needs affection, support and care. Are you ready to give it up? Then you can take a chance and connect your life with a narcissist. Otherwise, we repeat, do not waste your energy - you will not change anything.

All people are selfish to one degree or another3

Loving yourself is essential. Too much depends on how a person treats himself. Self-esteem, the level of self-criticism, an even and sympathetic attitude towards people around and, ultimately, success in life. But to love oneself and only oneself is a pathology. You can communicate and work with such people. But to enter into close relationships with complete egoists and selfish people, and even more so, to try to start a family is an extremely rash step.

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