How To Meet A Girl And A Guy On Instagram?

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How To Meet A Girl And A Guy On Instagram?
How To Meet A Girl And A Guy On Instagram?

Video: How To Meet A Girl And A Guy On Instagram?

Video: How To Meet A Girl And A Guy On Instagram?
Video: How to Meet Girls from Instagram - From DM to the Date (+Conversation Examples) 2023, March
girl on a turquoise background
girl on a turquoise background

Today we will find out the secrets of the couples who met thanks to this legendary social network. We read, touch and learn from their experience.

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First story i

In 2012, Denis Lefargue commented on a photograph of a crater lake in Oregon that was posted by Texas-based photographer Elizabeth Wizdom.

Word for word, several trips towards each other …

After some time, Denis made an offer to his beloved. And he did it beautifully - he put together a collection of their joint photographs.

What is the bottom line of this story?

Now the couple has an even more masterpiece picture - Denis, kneeling down in front of Elizabeth, whose happy smile would have been visible in the picture taken by an inept photographer.

Learn: don't be afraid to comment on photos. Why, after all, are millions of Instagram users posting them on their pages? Let your comment be sincere and non-trivial. If the guy is a photographer, praise his talent. Note that the photo is very atmospheric. Is the guy's profile replete with photos of his cat? Give compliments to the furry creature. Any cat lover rejoices when his tailed fool is bathed in universal adoration.

Second story2

Bailey Gates and Ryan Williams from Washington State followed the hashtag #northwestisbest and started dating after Bailey commented on Ryan's photo.

"I think it's such a cool window into someone's aesthetics and someone's life."

Learn: Appreciate Bailey's bold and creative approach! The girl won't go into her pocket for a word.

Subscribe to interesting hashtags, follow the updates of interesting people / establishments in your city and leave comments. The sharper your comment, the more likely you are to grab the attention of an interesting guy.

Both the first and second love stories are similar to that of Santiago Grovas and Taylor Dee, as well as Robin Coe and Matt Flemming, who are now engaged.

curly girl on a pink background
curly girl on a pink background

All of them were united by their love for Instagram and cool photos. And now there is the fact that they are all in love and happy.

Third story3

Instagram connects couples who are kilometers and oceans apart. Peter Cowens from Basingstoke (UK) and Zitta Rush from Oklahoma started following each other on Instagram several years ago. The two began to comment on each other's photos on Instagram and soon began to chat literally every day.

After Peter flew out to meet Zita in July, he set a countdown on Instagram. Peter's followers went crazy watching these passions in real life. They wondered, "What will happen?" and waited for updates as if it were their favorite series. Peter seems to know a little bit about marketing and blogging, don't you think?

Peter proposed to Zita at the bar. The couple got married two days later in Las Vegas. Six thousand subscribers worried about them with all their hearts - they donated money and bought wedding favors to help Zita raise the required amount of money.

girl in shock on a blue background
girl in shock on a blue background

We learn: if you like a guy, quickly join the dialogue and do not sit back, hoping that the conversation will stick together by itself. Comment on his posts, send reactions to his story, write direct messages and send funny and interesting posts. It's good when the Universe arranges your happiness for you, and everything goes great without your participation.

But let’s try too, okay?

The fourth story4

The story of Keith and Spencer interested one online publication. In an interview, the guys talked about how their love story developed.

They are both twenty-six years old and live in New York. And the gym brought them together.

Maybe this story will finally inspire you to fulfill your five-year-old New Year's promise and join the gym?

Below you will find fragments of their correspondence with the guys' comments.

First message

Keith: "Do you go to training at the EBC?"

happy girl holding a notebook
happy girl holding a notebook

Spencer: “Yes! How did you know?"

Keith: “Your profile appeared in my recommendations. It seemed to me that I saw you somewhere. My best friend and I have just started going to this fitness club and would like to make friends here.”(It was a complete lie! It took me six months to reveal the truth to him).

Spencer: “Nice! I also thought your face was familiar. Do you often visit the East Bank?"

First impression

Kate: I saw Spencer at the gym all the time and thought he was really cute. I definitely looked through all of his photos. He also played football, so I watched all of his interviews. My best friend works in Human Resources, and she did her best to crawl his LinkedIn page. We were like FBI agents.

I thought I had nothing to lose anyway. If he hadn't responded to my message, I would have just continued to go about my business. You need to start taking life by the horns!

brunette on yellow background
brunette on yellow background

Spencer: I wasn't sure if that message was for me. Of course, I noticed Kate and her friend a long time ago. Especially Kate. I was thrilled, did not know what would happen next. I did everything in my power.

Keith: We kept talking about little things and asking each other the classic questions: "How are you?" "Where are you from?" etc. After a couple of hours, he offered to continue communicating via SMS.

What has happened since then

Keith: We've been together for three years. That message completely changed my life for the better! It may sound silly … I love him so much and we are just amazing friends. He is my most dedicated fan. I can tell him anything I want. I know that he will always cover my back.

Spencer: Our relationship has grown enormously since that very message. We are best friends. I cannot imagine my life without her.

brunette on a pink background
brunette on a pink background

We are celebrating the anniversary of that message. Usually I send her flowers, we cook dinner together or arrange something special. It's just fantastic to look back and understand that we have passed so much, and she is the one for me.

Keith: Everyone is shocked that I took the initiative and wrote to him first. Therefore, more often than not, we just say that we met at the gym. It is difficult for the older generation to understand this. But many of my friends tell my story to their friends and acquaintances. I think it gives people confidence!

Conclusion 5

Notice Kate's line in Story 4 - "I thought I had nothing to lose anyway." No wonder Spencer fell in love with this rebel who spits on conventions and stereotypes!

Don't be afraid to write to the guy, subscribe to his profile, like him or leave a comment. Remember - you have nothing to lose. Even if two guys refuse you and ignore your messages, the third will definitely meet you halfway. And, perhaps, everyone you met before will fade against its background.

brunette shows thumbs up
brunette shows thumbs up

Your Instagram profile is the first thing a guy you meet will see. Ask your friends to take a critical look at your account and tell them what impression they have of you.

Upload photos that show not only your beauty, but also the vibrant life you live. And then you don't even have to look for the guy yourself - they will sit in droves in your Direct Messages.

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