The Man Cheated On A Prostitute. Varieties Of Male Infidelity

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The Man Cheated On A Prostitute. Varieties Of Male Infidelity
The Man Cheated On A Prostitute. Varieties Of Male Infidelity

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cheating with a prostitute
cheating with a prostitute

If you believe modern statistics, it becomes clear that more than 80% of men have cheated at least once. The rest were just thinking about cheating. Is it really that bad? And what if there was an adultery with a prostitute? Let's figure it out further.

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  • 1 What is treason
  • 2 Kind of male infidelity
  • 3 What to do if the husband cheated with a prostitute

What is treasoni

It would seem such a simple question, but it is not so easy to answer it. Many families cannot find an answer to it and scandals arise on this basis, although no one even had time to do anything to make it even possible to call it treason.

Let's imagine that you are staring at a beauty passing by, flirting at a party, calling a prostitute while your wife is away, or having drunk sex. Which of these can be called treason? The answer is all of the above.

Cheating is really, at least, two completely different things: physical cheating and spiritual cheating. So, if you even just thought and imagined sex with another / other, then this can already be called cheating.

For some, it’s okay if their partner sleeps with someone else. The main thing is that it should be without passion and love. For others, the mere thought of treason is unacceptable. Everything is individual, even in this regard. If you think that what your partner did to you was treason, even if he just looked at someone, then you will not be able to accept and live with it. Here it is important to find a solution and come to something common so that you and your partner do not suffer.

A kind of male cheating2

There are many reasons for cheating. It will be very difficult to find out the exact motive for such an act. But the varieties are known for sure and here is their list:

Constant sex on the side. You can often see seemingly happy marriages. But this is only an appearance, since in long-term relationships, and even more so in marriage, betrayal is characteristic. As a rule, such a relationship on the side is long and a man from time to time simply leaves for his mistress, and to his wife he says that he was called to work or for any other reason. But remember that everything secret sooner or later becomes apparent

Husband cheats on wife
Husband cheats on wife
  • One casual connection. This type of infidelity is most common. It can happen anywhere, be it a corporate party, vacation, summer residence or any other place. And most often this happens with alcoholic intoxication, when it is very difficult to control oneself and resist the temptation to have sex without obligation is very difficult. After a difficult night, the man realizes the horror of what he had done and does not continue to do such things, but the fact remains.
  • Cheating with a prostitute. This kind of man is not even considered treason. Allegedly, girls provide certain services and young people just buy them. Many people say that for them it is just a vacation for money. But only now they did not take into account that such a "vacation" can greatly offend the one with whom he is building a relationship. And girls are unlikely to want to listen to stories and excuses that this is not treason at all.
Cheating with a prostitute
Cheating with a prostitute

What to do if the husband cheated with a prostitute3

Cheating with a prostitute is not a new phenomenon. The fact that they exist to this day indicates their demand. It is likely that you live together and do not even suspect that your husband could commit such an act as cheating on you with a prostitute. Better not dig into this if you are not sure. If you are happy with this person and you see that he loves you no matter what, then just drop bad thoughts from yourself and stop looking for a catch in everything. It is very likely that this is only in your head, since when a person begins to change, then his behavior changes dramatically. If in your case nothing unusual happened, then there was no betrayal.

But if you know for sure, and even there is some evidence of your husband's infidelity, then you should act differently here. If you are sure that you do not want to build a relationship with this person further, then it is better to silently collect things and leave in order to avoid a scandal. You can leave a note or text later about why you decided to leave.

There is also such an option - to try to solve the problem. If you want to give another chance to the person with whom you live, then first you need to discuss the current situation. It is important that you have undeniable facts proving his infidelity, as it is likely that the man will begin to evade and assure you that this was not the case. After the man has confessed to what he had done, then it is worth moving on to a direct discussion of what to do next. Ask what prompted him to cheat, try to find out everything in as much detail as possible.

Husband cheats with a prostitute
Husband cheats with a prostitute

What is cheating Perhaps the problem is that you do not pay enough attention to him and often talk about your "headache"? From such systematic refusals, sooner or later anyone will think about treason. Reconsider your attitude towards your husband, come up with some rules and responsibilities that both partners must follow. Diversify your personal life, after all. Feel yourself young and in love again, start relaxing together, walk more often and go out somewhere. Soon, your relationship will be much better than it was.

Why dream of her husband's betrayal? About this and not only further in our article!

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