How To Choose Between Two Men: Why Are These Difficulties?

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How To Choose Between Two Men: Why Are These Difficulties?
How To Choose Between Two Men: Why Are These Difficulties?

Video: How To Choose Between Two Men: Why Are These Difficulties?

Video: How To Choose Between Two Men: Why Are These Difficulties?
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How to choose between two men
How to choose between two men

In the "pink" period of the life of any girl or woman, there is always a situation when you love two men or guys, but you should choose one of two. But how to choose between two men, if both "sunk into the soul"? Over such a question, it is always better to think with absolutely pure thoughts, so as not to attract trouble, both for yourself and for men.

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  • 1 Willingness to choose
  • 2 Term of relationship
  • 3 The goal of your chosen one
  • 4 Family and man

This situation may have developed for most girls or women during their school years. At a time when all the guys in the class paid attention to her, and especially Vova and Kolya. Two boyfriends in school years, could not lead to something terrible or special, but even then, the girl still made her choice and stayed with Volodya, And because he, from a wealthy family, or even according to some of his worldviews, chose your boyfriend.

As a result, it may happen that, entering into adulthood, the girl will have to solve such problems as choosing from two men, the one with whom "forever".

Before deciding on the choice of a man, for any woman it is worth deciding on these points:

  • Is the woman herself ready to choose;
  • How long can you be with this man;
  • For what purpose is a man needed;
  • Family for this man

Exclusively to such questions, a woman must answer in front of herself.

Readiness to choose i

Despite all the good moments spent with both men, it is worth stopping this procedure sometime and deciding for yourself who is more important to her. The very willingness to choose a man must be "cold", otherwise the consequences of the experience will give a strong "residue" in relation to the chosen "Don - Giovanni".

Means war
Means war

In this situation, it is not worth provoking a conflict, or creating a tense "atmosphere" in a conversation with men. It is necessary to tactfully and intelligibly explain the unusual situation to both men. By informing them, any woman is already promoting her self-esteem and pride, thanks to which “sincere conversations” will be pure and without hypocrisy and deception.

Relationship term2

One wonderful French author of novels and prose, F. Beigbeder, said: "Love lives for three years." If you delve deeply into this phrase, then maybe he is damn right !? Well, which of the experienced women remembers their "bouquet period of relationship", which lasted longer than this period? Perhaps when choosing one man out of two, it is worth considering this question.

Considering all those who know the quality of their fans, a woman should think about which of them, will be with her until the end of her days, will not leave in difficult times. Exclusively on this issue, her whole future life will depend. And it may not be like in a fairy tale, but, nevertheless, it will be real. Few men were able to save their first marriage!

The purpose of your chosen one3

The choice between two men can occur in a woman at any age, and from this it should be understood what it is for. If we consider an option for a young and prosperous woman, then here she must decide for herself, either her family or her career! In the early years, few people want a simple family home. A stormy period of life, many girls think exclusively about career, money and real estate.

girl and 2 guys
girl and 2 guys

Perhaps in this case, a man should be in the role of a "money" lover. Thanks to such a cunning and insidious plan of a woman, the period of their "romantic" dates will last until the woman runs out of "appetite" for such a life. In this case, the woman does not pay attention to the feeling, but acts strictly, emotionally and according to her assigned plan.

If we consider a woman who is already ready to create a family, then here we need a man who is responsible and reliable in his actions. Only with this can you go through "fire, water and copper pipes."

But there are similar situations for older women. They naturally need a young gentleman, with a beautiful body and physically developed capabilities. Since most of these women have both money and a busy husband with them, she desperately needs a typical lover.

Family and man4

When the choice is at the "extreme point", then one should not forget about how the future choice will affect the family in which the woman lived before, that is, the parents, and if there is a child. It is they who should be familiar with the woman's chosen one not in words.

girl and 2 guys
girl and 2 guys

No matter how the relationship between a woman and a man develops further, family and child should be in the foreground.

In many cases, you can do something completely different, if the situation is very confusing, then it is better to leave “these two” and find a new gentleman, and start with him from a “clean slate” !!!