13 Signs A Penpal Likes You

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13 Signs A Penpal Likes You
13 Signs A Penpal Likes You

Video: 13 Signs A Penpal Likes You

Video: 13 Signs A Penpal Likes You
Video: 13 Signs Your Friend Has A Crush On You! Do They Like Me? (Attraction & Fancying Tells) 2023, November
shocked girl
shocked girl

He is in no hurry to tell you about his feelings. Friends are trying to find out from you how far your relationship has gone. And you don't know what to answer them. You don't understand what is happening at all.

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  • 2 Poems and couplets
  • 3 Interviewer
  • 4 Lark and owl
  • 5 Milady, you are so beautiful
  • 6 Emojis and Stickers
  • 7 Little by little good
  • 8 White dance
  • 9 Looking for a topic of conversation
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  • 12 Dark Times
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Do you like him? Does he want to build a relationship with you or is friendship enough for him?

We find out.

Quick question - quick answer

How quickly does he reply to your messages? Yes, not all guys love texting. Especially when their girls are demanding 24/7 attention. But if a guy really likes you, he will try to answer your messages as quickly as possible.

Of course, you shouldn't throw a tantrum at him if he doesn't respond to your messages after a couple of seconds, minutes or even hours. He has a life of his own and you have to come to terms with it.

The faster he replies to your messages, the better. And if you know that he has a bunch of things to do and people who are eager for his attention, but he still responds to your messages with lightning speed … Guess yourself?

Poems and couplets2

Pay attention to the messages themselves. More precisely, on their volume.

If both of you don't like long messages and chatter about anything, limited to laconic texts, that's okay. Perhaps you prefer video calls or face-to-face meetings. It's fine! If you're both happy with that, you're okay. Don't listen to your friends' lamentations and don't let others interfere with your relationship.

You put your heart and soul into messages for him, and he is limited to emoticons, stickers and interjections? Perhaps he just doesn't like to write messages. Pay attention to how you communicate outside messengers - if you always have a lively dialogue, leave the guy behind and stop writing poems to him.

Is your communication limited to text messages, in which you literally have to pull every word out of it? Here several options are possible: for some reason he has withdrawn into himself and he is not up to communication (perhaps he has a difficult period); he is shy and cannot express his thoughts coherently; He doesn't like you, but he is afraid of offending you.


Does he ask personal questions, asks to tell about himself, is he interested in your feelings and thoughts? So he definitely has an interest in you. Either he's trying to impress you, or he's really interested in everything that concerns you.


Answer his questions. Then check if he really listened to you.

Sorry, I read.

Lark and owl4

If he sends you cute messages like "Good morning" and "Good night", then you're in luck.

The guy will not wish good morning to the girl with whom he corresponds occasionally and on business.

My lady, you are so beautiful

Compliments are a great sign. Of course, if he shower you with compliments before asking for a favor, you should not indulge in hopes.

But the small unobtrusive compliments that he gives you every now and then in correspondence are a sign that he likes you. Reread your correspondence. How often did he write cute nice things to you?

Emoji and Stickers6

Everything is not so simple here. A lot of guys don't like using emoticons and stickers in their correspondence. But for the sake of the girl you like, an exception can be made.

emoji in correspondence
emoji in correspondence

Many people use stickers and emojis with hearts as a joke. But in every joke … what's next, will you remind me?

Little by little good7

If a guy likes you, he won't bombard you with messages. He will write to you, wait for you to read and answer, and only then will he continue the correspondence.

Why does it work? Remember how you write to people whose approval is very important to you. You do not want to seem intrusive and try to fit all your thoughts into the message as concisely as possible.

"What if he thinks I'm obsessive?" - flashes through your head, and you erase the written message, carefully choosing your words.

When we write to a person we like, an internal censor immediately wakes up in our head, who severely criticizes everything that you are trying to construct awkwardly, nervously banging on the keyboard.

kinky guy
kinky guy

PS This does not work with everyone. But it still works.

White dance8

You constantly write to him first, and then scold yourself for obsession, because he never takes the initiative? Take a break. Stop texting him first and watch his reaction. If he really likes to communicate with you, he will contact you himself.

Does the guy always write first, as if looking for the slightest excuse to start a conversation? He likes you. He likes to communicate with you. Take the initiative yourself a couple of times - if he likes you, he will finally receive confirmation that his feelings are mutual. The endorphins will hit him in the head, and he (may) finally decide to take your relationship to the next level.

Looking for a topic of conversation9

You chat for several hours, finding more and more new topics for conversation. You started discussing a joint project, and two hours later you found yourself discussing a Serbian arthouse.

guy with ears and beard
guy with ears and beard

Open your correspondence and re-read it with a fresh eye. How many of you throw up new topics of conversation? If this is him, then you can be congratulated. Either he is a good conversationalist, or he goes out of his way to appear to you as such.

Latest news10

Do you often take an interest in the affairs of acquaintances to whom you do not care? Are you going to ask how the guy you don't like and who you are trying to tactfully kick off is doing? Or maybe you will patiently listen to a five-minute voicemail from a former classmate with whom you have not corresponded for five years?

If a guy is interested in your business, your mood and other everyday things, he has an interest in you. He really wants to know how your day went, who you walked with in the park, and what kind of guy was with you in the video in the story.

The guy is interested in your life and really listens to you, rather than trying to pull the blanket over himself?

selfie of a guy with two goats
selfie of a guy with two goats

He likes you.


He tells you about himself, about his day. About what cheered him up and what made him mad. She shares her plans for the evening, week and life.

Don't think that the guy who is interested in you will only talk about you. He wants to get closer to you, let you into his life and open up to you as a person.

He talks to you about his interests, trying to find common ground and new topics of conversation. So get involved in the dialogue and ask questions.

Dark Times12

Does he share his problems with you, talk about difficulties at work and what worries him?

the guy talks a lot
the guy talks a lot

As early as childhood, boys are taught not to complain about life (“Don't act like a girl!”) And not to share their experiences with anyone. Therefore, whenever a man decides to discuss his problems with a woman, he takes risks. She risks falling in her own eyes, in the eyes of this woman and finally sliding into depression.

If a guy is not a complete whiner, he will only discuss his problems with a narrow circle of associates. He will not dump all the burden of his problems on his woman's head. But he will certainly want to get support and listen to the opinion of the one that is dear to him.

Plain text13

How often do you admit your sympathy for each other, ostensibly as a joke, "in a friendly way"?

Perhaps he has confessed his feelings to you ten times already, you just did not take it seriously.

guy blowing a kiss
guy blowing a kiss

Now open your correspondence and re-read them again. In the future, adhere to the following rules:

  • If he never takes the initiative, don't write first.
  • If he always takes the initiative, at least occasionally write first.
  • Make sure that the dialogue does not turn into a monologue.
  • If a guy doesn't like texting, don't push him.
  • Know how to separate topics that might be interesting to him and those that cause boredom even among your friends.
  • Do not sit in anticipation of his call, but also do not arrange a demonstrative ignore for no reason.