What If The Girl Doesn't Want To Communicate? The Best Ways To Reconcile

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What If The Girl Doesn't Want To Communicate? The Best Ways To Reconcile
What If The Girl Doesn't Want To Communicate? The Best Ways To Reconcile

Video: What If The Girl Doesn't Want To Communicate? The Best Ways To Reconcile

Video: What If The Girl Doesn't Want To Communicate? The Best Ways To Reconcile
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What if a girl doesn't want to communicate with a man? There is no definite answer to this question. After all, situations are different and each requires an individual approach. Even if you think that everything was fine with you, this may turn out to be a great delusion for you.

The content of the article

  • 1 Reasons for stopping communication with a man
  • 2 How to connect and renew a relationship

Reasons for terminating communication with a man

Resentment. Perhaps you just offended her with something and did not notice yourself. After all, everything is important for a woman:

  • any inadvertently spoken word;
  • an act that seemed to her wrong or inappropriate to her first impression of you;
  • inaction in a difficult situation when you need to be decisive;
  • insufficient attention to the girl.

Serious quarrel. When, in the process of an argument, a man becomes personal, it absolutely does not paint him. Yes, it can be said in a fit of aggression. But the girl doesn't care, because the words have been spoken and you can't push them back. Therefore, you should, even on emotions, monitor your language and not blur out something that can forever cross out your relationship.

Manipulation. In this matter, many women are just pros. They are so adept at the art of ignoring that you never dreamed of it. And even experienced males are not always able to unravel the entire brilliant plan of the girl.

She may not get enough attention, go she wants to receive a certain thing as a gift. It can also be just out of boredom - for the variety of your relationship, so to speak. And if everything else in her suits you, I advise you to simply accept or learn to play her game (which is much more beneficial for both of you).

She suspected you of treason. This also happens - that the girl does not want to understand, it was - was not, she just goes into complete ignore. Any means of communication with her (phone, social networks, email, friends) are blocked. The main thing here is to understand what exactly made her think so and try to correct the situation.

She realized that you are not her person, she does not want to build a relationship with you, but due to some of her individual psychological characteristics, she cannot (or does not want) to tell you about it directly. Then she simply breaks off any contacts, believing that you yourself will understand everything.

What to do if a girl doesn't want to communicate
What to do if a girl doesn't want to communicate

Another man caught her attention. At the first stage of a relationship, when a man conquers a woman, he will certainly surpass the one with whom this period has already ended. It's simple, she gets more attention from him (gifts, surprises), but forgets the main thing. Then everything will become the same as everyone else.

If the relationship with such a girl has not gone too far, and you do not consider simple communication with other men cheating, then you can take a short pause. After a while, she will understand that she was mistaken and will resume communication herself. They might even go to the next level without your efforts.

How to connect and renew a relationship2

If you want to return the girl's favor, but do not know what to do, read the following recommendations

  1. It is necessary to analyze the situation and understand the main reason for not communicating with you. After all, if this is some kind of small "jamb", then everything is fixable, but if it is large (for example, a real betrayal), then things are bad.
  2. Then you should remember how the girl usually reacts to quarrels or misunderstandings, how easy she is and how long she remembers actions in her direction. This is necessary in order to withstand a certain time and not pester her with your calls in vain (after all, this can only push her even more). After conflict situations, we all need to “cool down”.
The girl does not speak
The girl does not speak
  1. After waiting for a certain time, it is worth meeting with the girl (for example, at lunchtime near her work or after a hard day), invite him to drink coffee and talk. You must not forget about the flowers and of course pay the bill yourself. It would also be good to remember what kind of flowers she loves, what she prefers in food and take the initiative into her own hands. Girls love decisive ones.
  2. In conversation, you should be serious and show how puzzled you are by her behavior. Ask to explain the reason (after all, it may differ from the one that you suggest) and find out if it is possible to change something in your relationship. In the course of a conversation, it is worth paying attention to how she reacts, how she answers questions. This will help to clarify the mood for reconciliation and will only make your task easier in the future.
  3. After listening to her, you need to decide whether you are ready for changes and how adequate her requirements and claims are in principle. After all, sometimes, let's not hide, the girls are specifically brought in and need to be upset. But this should not be done rudely, calmly, and most importantly reasoned! And of course it is worth asking to argue her claims (if she herself did not do it right away).
  4. Then you should say goodbye and take a break to think about the conversation. But you should definitely stipulate the time frame. For example, that you will meet her again after work in 3 days and discuss everything finally. This will show your serious intentions and make her think about you more often, replay the upcoming meeting, maybe even fantasize about your future (since women are very addicted and romantic natures).
The girl doesn't want to talk to the guy
The girl doesn't want to talk to the guy

If a girl is very offended and does not even want to look in your direction, it is necessary to conquer her gradually and without personal participation. It is worth sending her flowers by courier several times a week (if there is no money for courier delivery, you can always ask a friend) or give tickets to a concert (cinema, theater) - let him go with a friend. Do other pleasant things for her.

Then those positive emotions that she experiences will be associated with your name and the process of rapprochement will go faster in the future.

If you sinned very much and the girl ignores you for a long time and does not make contact, then there is only one option - to understand that everything is over and not to terrorize her in vain, wearing out her and her nervous system.