TOP 100+ Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet

TOP 100+ Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet
TOP 100+ Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet

Video: TOP 100+ Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet

Video: TOP 100+ Phrases For Dating A Girl On The Internet
Video: How to Get a Girlfriend on a Dating Site During Covid! (Best Dating Sites 2021!) 2021 2023, November
donut girl
donut girl

Do you want girls that you like to appear in your life? To do this, you need to get to know them. After all, all relationships begin with a simple acquaintance. In real life, dating phrases are not so important. Situation, friends, charisma can help you. Dating sites, social networks, messengers are another matter. Here the text decides everything, so the words must be chosen carefully.

But how to stand out from the gray mass? We have prepared fresh, working phrases that will help you take the first step towards the girl of your dreams. Choose the phrase you like and let it speak for you.

  • 1. We are certainly not familiar, but I believe that this misunderstanding can be corrected in the shortest lines.
  • 2. If you guess my name, I have coffee. Did you agree? (If you have a "cunning" nickname and it smells like a failure, add a hint). I give a hint on "Sa" begins, on "Sha" ends.
  • 3. I'm crazy about you. If I write nonsense, ignore it.
  • 4. Hello princess. I was waiting you. I accidentally saw your profile and couldn't wait for you to appear online.
  • 5. You have a brilliant smile. Because of her, I don't even notice what you're wearing. I hope you are now smiling while reading this post.
  • 6. Hello. My cat (dog, hamster, parrot) accidentally opened your profile. Do you like animals?
  • 7. Good time. You have a boyfriend? Sorry to be right out of the box, but I really liked you.
  • 8. Good night. Why do not you sleep? Do you want to talk about everything and about nothing? I can listen … and read carefully.
  • 9. We have many friends in common. And the friends of my friends are my friends. Let's be friends.
  • 10. I study English and according to my theory, the language is better remembered when you practice it with someone you like. Could you help me?
  • 11. I read the list of your hobbies and I have only one question left: DO YOU COPY ME? !!!
  • 12. I am interested in your profile. What are your hobbies?
  • 13. You are beautiful and I know that you know that. I just decided to remind. If I were your boyfriend, I would always remind you of this.
  • 14. Hello queen. Please tell me which guys do you like? (Waiting for a response). You describe me straight.
  • 15. I like the way you attractively look at me from your avatar. That would be so live.
purple hair girl
purple hair girl
  • 16. My heart tells me that we will have a long-lasting and pleasant communication. Do you listen to your heart?
  • 17. Hello. Do you want me to fulfill your wish? What do you dream about?
  • 18. I think I fell head over heels in love. And I just saw your profile.
  • 19. Guys probably stick to you like flies. Many will have to fight back. But I'm ready to attack and defend.
  • 20. According to your posts, it is felt that you are a girl with character. I like them. tell us about yourself
  • 21. You have not only a beautiful appearance, but also a gorgeous voice. I would put you on an alarm, and it would be more pleasant to wake up in the morning.
  • 22. Maybe we can turn off the Internet and go for a walk together?
  • 23. What are you doing? I'm drinking tea. Join … at least virtually.
  • 24. Do you want to laugh with me? I looked at your photos and forgot about the kettle on the stove. Then I smell it - it smells fried)
  • 25. You are so fragile, thin as a straw. You want to protect and not give to anyone.
girl shows like
girl shows like
  • 26. For a minute, just ask how you are and … phone number, if possible.
  • 27. How long will I have to wait until you, adorable, turn your attention to me?
  • 28. Do you like to communicate more or to be silent? With me there is not only something to chat about, but you can also keep silent.
  • 29. I read your profile, I would like to know more about you. And in general, I have a million questions in my head now.
  • 30. Do you want me to tell you an interesting fact? When you walk, you don't turn around and don't see the guys falling behind you in stacks.
  • 31. Do you look more like mom or dad?
  • 32. My sister (mother, cousin, aunt, but not a friend!) Says that you cannot directly ask a girl you like if she likes me. Why is that? So I like you, why can't I ask if you like me?
  • 33. I like you so much that without a grain of doubt I would introduce you to my family. I have cheerful (good, kind) relatives. What is your family?
  • 34. What perfume do you use? I want to present your whole image. You are very attractive.
girl in a fur coat
girl in a fur coat
  • 35. Could you move a little away from the screen or where are you sitting from? I am very attracted to you.
  • 36. Each person has a topic about which he can talk for hours. What is your topic?
  • 37. Maybe we can get to know each other better? I want to know everything about you.
  • 38. What are your favorite flowers? I want to give you a bouquet! Maybe by courier, or will we meet?
  • 39. You are so beautiful, I would not forgive myself if I had not written to you.
  • 40. I clicked all your photos. You are irresistible!
  • 41. I am not in the habit of writing to unfamiliar girls, but looking at you, I could not restrain myself.
  • 42. Do you want to take a walk, take a photo, make a new ava or just walk?
  • 43. You are a very beautiful girl. Let everything in your life be as wonderful as you are!
  • 44. Do you communicate as beautifully as you look?
  • 45. You are the girl from my dreams. I have goosebumps …
  • 46. What are you thinking, beauty? Let's think together.
  • 47. Your face seems familiar to me. We couldn't see ourselves anywhere before?
air kiss
air kiss
  • 48. I would really like to know what you might be interested in a guy?
  • 49. Give me a chance to get to know you and prove myself.
  • 50. I didn't write to you yesterday, I thought it would pass. But no, the whole night I could not sleep, I was thinking about you.
  • 51. You have gorgeous hair. Will you teach the exchange to braid your braids?
  • 52. I looked at your photos, they are flawless, but they miss me.
  • 53. Sorry, I don't know what to write to arouse your interest and get to know you. I am a person not of words, but of actions.
  • 54. Look, do we have similar eyes? You have a beautiful eye shape.
  • 55. Who do you think should be the first to write: a girl, a guy he likes, or vice versa?
  • 56. I do not want to correspond with you. I want to see you.
  • 57. Your photo reminded me of horror movies. You're awfully cute! I hope you have a sense of humor besides beauty? J
  • 58. Save our correspondence, we will reread it in old age. So where do we start?
collage girl
collage girl
  • 59. I'm your fan. Give me an autograph.
  • 60. And when you are angry, are you just as irresistible?
  • 61. I have a star certificate. Do you want me to rewrite on you?
  • 62. I want everything to be like in a good fairy tale. To make you laugh at first, leave the dragon or wake you up with a kiss?
  • 63. I collect anecdotes. Can you tell your favorite anecdote?
  • 64. Have you seen where I lost my conscience? Otherwise, I would not dare to distract you with my harassment.
  • 65. Thank you for being there. If someone offends you - tell me.
  • 66. Do you love nature? I want to plant a tree with you.
  • 67. Can you steal your nickname for your password? I would like to remember you more often.
  • 68. I want to remember this day. The day I finally wrote to you, beautiful stranger. Be nice, reciprocate.
  • 69. I feel like the sea, looking at your photos, I'm worried …
  • 70. I just decided to write to you and pay you a compliment. You are beautiful.
  • 71. Hold my hand of friendship. Let's talk?
  • 72. Z nt, z k., K.! Sorry, the layout is not right. Let's get acquainted.
  • 73. It is interesting to know what kind of soul you are. In the shower. Although in the shower too;).
girl with laptop
girl with laptop
  • 74. I have no habit of intruding, but you are interesting to me.
  • 75. Hi honey. I want to communicate. I promise not to spam, and not to send template pictures.
  • 76. You don't work as an investigator? I would tell you everything. It's hard to keep secrets from someone like you.
  • 77. Do you want me to tell you about you, judging by your favorite fairy tale?
  • 78. How difficult it is to convey in words what I want to tell you. The day is not nice to me if you answer that I did not hook you!
  • 79. You were in the right place at the right time. I lost the argument and now I have to answer any question of the stranger.
  • 80. I made my friends happy that I am meeting you. And then I saw that I had not sent you a message, and I only met with you in a dream. Maybe it was a prophetic dream?
  • 81. You are so cheerful. Share the secret, what gives you pleasure?
  • 82. It is said that a girl needs 45 seconds to fall in love with a stranger. Time has passed, beauty, and then we will begin to get acquainted.
  • 83. You are charming! You charge others with your energy. How can I thank you for this?
girl in sunglasses
girl in sunglasses
  • 84. Don't you remember me? It seems we went to kindergarten together. Let's meet again.
  • 85. I want to show you that I am the best. Give me test lines.
  • 86. I have an interesting proposal for you: help me understand girls, and I will teach you to "read" guys.
  • 87. I am so tired that I cannot sleep. Tell something about yourself.
  • 88. I don't like your gorgeous photos. They attract a lot of guys. I'm jealous.
  • 89. Do you like to study? (Well no). So do I. So we found common ground.
  • 90. Bonjour, madam! You have a unique smile. Mona Lisa nervously smokes on the sidelines.
  • 91. What is the weather outside your window?
  • 92. You are beautiful like spring. What is your favourite season of year?
  • 93. What's your favorite emoticon?
  • 94. Do you like to give gifts or receive more?
  • 95. I was asked to convey that you are very beautiful and interesting.
  • 96. Girl, you are the millionth site visitor. Choose as a gift: a boyfriend, a friend, or a personal bodyguard. I would certainly advise you to choose a guy because everything is included there. But the choice is yours.
girl winks
girl winks
  • 97. Lend me a smile for a few days. Upon meeting, I will return it with interest.
  • 98. Do you like speed? I want to give you a ride with a breeze, just don't eat anything just in case. Then we'll eat.
  • 98. I am coming to your city the other day, what do you recommend to visit?
  • 99. Beauty, let's meet offline?
  • 100. Do you want sweet oranges … you want long stories out loud …
  • 101. I see you have great taste. Advise, in what suit to go with the girl on a date: gray, blue, or sportswear?
  • 102. I like your thoughts. Are you a blogger?
  • 103. Can dreams themselves dream? Please share your dream girl.
  • 104. You are a talented girl. Maybe you also sing (dance, paint, you know Chinese)?
  • 105. This morning I opened the news feed, and I was upset - a solid negative. But you saved my day. Thank you.
  • 106. Hi, little angel, I can hear your wings rustling and I like it.
girl eating noodles
girl eating noodles

Did you start an acquaintance? Now get down to communication. Study the profile of the girl, ask about the events she attended or the challenges she participated in. Compliment what she does. Also, keep a few interesting stories from your life in stock. Remember that not only in the real world you need to be original, but also in the virtual one.