TOP 7 Reasons Why Girls Don't Meet You

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TOP 7 Reasons Why Girls Don't Meet You
TOP 7 Reasons Why Girls Don't Meet You

Video: TOP 7 Reasons Why Girls Don't Meet You

Video: TOP 7 Reasons Why Girls Don't Meet You
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the guy is crying
the guy is crying

Why do you only see girls on your smartphone screen?

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  • 1 They are no match for me
  • 2 Appearance is not the main thing
  • 3 Loser
  • 4 They have nowhere to find you
  • 5 Great Martyr
  • 6 Misogynist
  • 7 Last Chance
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Either you are so perfect that the girls are afraid to approach you, or you yourself are to blame for the situation in your personal life.

You, of course, I'm sorry, but we are still leaning towards the second option. Forgive us generously and get down to reading the article.

Together we will find the problem and try to solve it.

If you put in the effort, friend.

They are no match for me_8212

Excessive requirements. In fairness, it is worth noting that everyone is guilty of this - both boys and girls.

Ideal appearance, ideal character, a minimum of ex-boyfriends and a maximum of sexual experience - if a girl does not meet at least one requirement, you cross her off the list of applicants for your heart.

Once you find a princess that matches your ideal, a fiasco awaits you. You're not her type! She has the audacity to make any demands on you!

Solution to the problem: pretend - match. The princess always has a bunch of knights ready to rescue her from the high tower.

Reduce requirements. Chances are good that your cosmic standards are the fruit of your own cockroaches. And fears of the female sex.

Appearance is not the main thing

Girls really admire men who know how to dress beautifully, choose a haircut correctly and keep an eye on facial hair.

Nice looks are a plus. A huge beautiful plus. For both the guy and the girl. So it was, is and will be.

If you are lucky with facial features and proportions of the figure, for God's sake, do not waste the gifts of nature and your parents. Watch your appearance, go to the gym. Choose the right haircut, update your wardrobe and enjoy life.

Girl shows
Girl shows

Solution to the problem: Did you get an ordinary appearance? Don't give up - it's better to go and pump them up at the gym. All other tricks work for you too - change your hairstyle, start bothering a little more with clothes and shoes.

They are seen off by their minds, but they are met by their clothes. Taking care of your appearance is an investment in the future. As soon as you stop testing the same sweater for years and learn how to clean your shoes, you will significantly increase the number of interested women in your direction.


Once you put your own name on the list of losers with your own hand. And from that very moment you decided that no girl would look at you. Never. "Even for a hundred thousand miles."

No attempts to get to know each other. You will be kicked anyway. This is one hundred percent. No girl you know will ever look at you. And the girl you have been in love with for a long time and hopelessly would not date you, even if you were the last guy on Earth.

Do you think so? And you walk around with the look of a beaten dog. And with all your appearance you show what a hopeless loser you are. Maybe you also complain to everyone about your inferiority.

Girl in indignation
Girl in indignation

Hmmm. Well, we don't even know why girls don't bite at you.

The evil eye, I guess.

Solution to the problem: approach and get acquainted. Talk to girls you know and show signs of attention to them. Will they be sent away? So, what is next? You will not cease to be afraid of rejection if you never encounter it. You will not stop considering yourself a loser until at least one girl shows sympathy for you. No girl will show sympathy for you until you give her the opportunity to do so.

"How to deal with the fear of communicating with girls?"

No way. Step into the terrible unknown, face your fear face to face. This, by the way, works in all areas of life.

They have nowhere to find you3

The girls may and would like to meet you, but they do not know about your existence.

Silly girls do not even know that their fate is sitting at home right now. He is sad, drinks beer and thinks about his loneliness. Is that what they should find themselves, conquer and take under their wing? No, he crushed the female gender, crushed it.

Girl smiling with donuts
Girl smiling with donuts

Solution to the problem: You will have to take everything into your own hands, since there is no hope for the girls. Help them conquer themselves - show yourself more often in public.

After taking care of your figure, hair, clothes and shoes, remember?

Great martyr4

You have a very hard life. And you definitely don't deserve it. Problems are falling on you. You drown in them like in a swamp. Forces leave you.

What to do with all this? Maybe start solving your problems?

Hmmm. Well, so-so idea. I'd rather complain about my life, get a dose of pity and calm down.

It would also be nice to throw mud at people who have achieved more than me. So what if they were working on their lives? You know, I also spend a lot of strength and energy when I complain about life! Can't you just give me money, a cool job, a Maserati and a girl ?! Am I asking so much ??

Solution: It's okay to talk to your friends about your problems. They support, advise and suggest solutions to the problem. Then you either act on their tip, or act as you see fit. This is a healthy approach.

The girl thought
The girl thought

Complaining about your life to everyone, spitting bile towards more successful people is an unhealthy approach.

Girls are always ready to be patient listeners and psychotherapists on the road. But they will always like strong men who are ready not only to solve their problems, but also to save their woman from the heap of everyday problems.


Throwing mud at girls and then wondering why they don't come up to you?

Indeed, strange creatures.

Talk less about what a girl should and shouldn't do. How she should look, who she should work, how to talk, how many guys she should have. For any of your "must" girl will give an answer "must", and then send you to hell.

You shouldn't speak negatively about your ex-girlfriends. If, of course, you have ever had them with this approach.

Smiling girl in striped shirt
Smiling girl in striped shirt

While you paint a new acquaintance in paints to rub your terrible ex, millions of thoughts rush through her head. She's wondering what a potential breakup with you might be in her way. "God forbid we start dating, and then we part, he will talk about me like this to a girl he has known for half an hour?" - no one wants to get into your black book of offenders.

Solution: Talking about your ex is not a good first date. You may not even touch on this topic in conversations. It was and was.

Change your attitude towards women. Or girls will never start dating you. Even on a dare.

Last Chance6

The scent of despair is not the best perfume. Both girls and guys who hang themselves on the opposite sex look equally pitiful and asexual.

Solution to the problem: Do not rush to extremes - approach the girls, get to know them, take the initiative. Throwing tantrums on a new acquaintance and limiting her freedom is the best chance to go on a trip.

Pedestrian erotic - so do the aesthetes say about the three-letter message?

The girl is sad
The girl is sad


It is worth remembering that many girls expect the initiative from the guy. And even if they like you a lot, they won't take the first step.

The girl can show sympathy, send a hint, and give you an opportunity to act.

The problem is that some girls don't know how to hint, and many guys don't even take thick hints.

Reread the entire article carefully. If you have problems with girls (or rather, with their absence), then you are doing something wrong.

Find it out and fix it.

If we were in a computer game, we would give you a cheat code that would hack reality and the next morning you would wake up in bed with three supermodels.

But alas - you have to work yourself.

Ce la vie, friend.