3 Things That Annoy Girls As Hell On A Dating Site

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3 Things That Annoy Girls As Hell On A Dating Site
3 Things That Annoy Girls As Hell On A Dating Site

Video: 3 Things That Annoy Girls As Hell On A Dating Site

Video: 3 Things That Annoy Girls As Hell On A Dating Site
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girl screaming with phone
girl screaming with phone

What one person finds attractive may be very different from another's preferences; but there will still be things that most people will reject. Dating app users shared what annoys them the most about guy profiles.

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  • 1 Irritant # 1: photographs
  • 2 Irritation # 2: Silly words and phrases
  • 3 Irritant # 3: Communication Tactless

Irritant # 1: pictures_1

In terms of the photos of the interviewed girls, the following points are pissed off:

Lack of originality. “Apparently 50% of Tinder's users have conquered Everest,” one of the users under the nickname Koza notes sarcastically. Other things that elicit a condescending smile at best are group shots; blurry shots; photos enlarged to incredible sizes; as well as pictures of the dog. Girls are not particularly delighted with action-style photos, where it is generally impossible to make out who was photographed and how

“Guys, you can have amazing friends, a dog that exudes cuteness within the next ten kilometers. Or you can lead a life ripped off by everyday adventure. But if I cannot make out yourself in the photograph, it all loses its meaning,”explained the Devil-98 user.

  • One profile picture. “This is always suspicious. If you have only one photo, it may not even belong to you,”says a girl under the mysterious name LadyX.
  • Photos with other people's pets. The girl with the nickname Marmalade shared that she is very annoyed by men posting photos with other people's pets. "If you are taking pictures with a dog or a cat, and I cannot see the animal on a date with you, then you are a liar." Well, a very radical opinion - after all, in fact, it is not always possible to bring an animal to a meeting, say, in a cafe. But guys should consider this fact as well.
  • Selfie in the mirror. Photos of your reflection in the mirror show your abs and muscles well. But no matter how wonderful they are, such photos still do not play into the hands of their owners. Some ladies believe that the selfie in the mirror speaks of narcissism.
  • Photo instead of text. “Guys, when you have only photos in your profile, it's hard for us to draw the right conclusions about you. There is simply no information, and from the photographs it is impossible to understand what kind of person is behind this account and whether it is worth starting communication with him,”said Devil-98.
Guy takes a selfie
Guy takes a selfie

Irritant # 2: Silly Words and Phrases _2

Some guys in desperate attempts to stand out from the gray mass use words that they think are original. But the problem is that most of these expressions are just confusing.

  • Just ask. “How to give it to drink - if you knock on such a user, you can rake the whole program,” sighs the Carmen user. “The guy will either start sprinkling with vulgarities, or he will say that he is still busy. And maybe he will not answer anything. And what should I ask about? What time is it now? But this is the prerogative of men."
  • “I'm not very good at writing questionnaires” / “I'm new here …”. “Usually those who are ashamed of being on the site say so. But why start then? Or get over your shame and don't put it on me; or meet a girl in the library,”says the user.
  • "I'm here to chat." “It’s immediately obvious what such a person wants,” says Helena_Dub. “You can just write that you are not looking for anything serious. Communication is a loose concept, so you shouldn't hide behind such common phrases."
  • "I love traveling." “Who doesn't love them?” Marissa is indignant. “Everyone who has the opportunity to travel does it. I have never seen a person who, if you held out a ticket to Hawaii, would go on excuses.”
Guy with a suitcase at sea
Guy with a suitcase at sea
  • “I don’t know why I’m here” / “I’m looking for a faithful girl, but all the same there are only superficial girls.” “The fact that you come across a couple of unsuitable women is not a reason to judge everyone. Any adequate girl will not like such words in her profile, which sound at least angry and accusatory,”says LadyX.
  • "I am looking for a tall, slender, ambitious girl." “It is unlikely that a tall, slender and ambitious person will pounce on you after reading these words,” says Carmen. “What if a lady with the right parameters for you suffers from an inferiority complex? And such words will only repel her. On the other hand, a simple girl of average height and weight can also consider herself an ambitious fashion model.

Irritant # 3: tactless communication_3

“Sometimes when dealing with some guys, it can feel like you're on a TV show. Where anyone can say anything and how they want - everyone except you, of course,”complains Sister-Of-Wind. “Some guys, when they find out your age, immediately ask a tactless question about why you have not been married until now. Others ask directly how many lovers you have had in the past. And finally, the most gifted people do not hesitate to ask questions about the size of their salaries. Moreover, any attempt to end this conversation almost always ends in the same way: "No, well, you still didn't tell me - what is the size of your earnings?"