Super Tips On How To Meet A Girl

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Super Tips On How To Meet A Girl
Super Tips On How To Meet A Girl

Video: Super Tips On How To Meet A Girl

Video: Super Tips On How To Meet A Girl
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smiling girl
smiling girl

Finding your other half can be really exhausting. Do not despair!

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We agree that it is difficult to maintain an optimistic attitude over and over again failing or facing rejections.

And if your friends are happy in long-term relationships or enjoy one-off connections, it's extremely difficult not to feel like a loser.

Do not refuse the help of compassionate friends. Yes, some of the "options" selected by friends will make you doubt their (friends) adequacy. Sometimes it will seem to you that either your friends are not all right with their heads, or they secretly hate you.

But a bad date is better than a melancholic stay at home.

If you are used to taking everything into your own hands and relying only on yourself, we are already proud of you.

With your determination and our advice, your chances of being alone begin to dwindle.

Let's get started!

Independent searches


Religious beliefs, a certain worldview, the desire to have children - decide which qualities are most important to you.

Think about the main and secondary qualities of your ideal girlfriend. For example, you are not ready to accept that your partner has no goals in life and does not want to develop. But the inability to cook is not a problem for you.

Don't get hung up on external qualities. Beauty is a cool bonus. But this is just a bonus.

When drawing an imaginary portrait of the ideal girl, write down characteristics such as "well-groomed" and "attractive". And items like "height not higher than 170", "necessarily blonde" are better to cross out.

The publication

Most likely, you will not meet anyone if you sit at home. Break the vicious circle and start visiting new places.

Well, at least visit the "old" more often. If you are used to ordering food at home, start at least by walking to the supermarket. Parks, bookstores and cafes - try to fit these places into your busy schedule.

Girl with pineapple
Girl with pineapple

New impressions

To increase your chances of dating a girl, you need to expand your social circle. This is an axiom. It would be nice to find yourself an interesting hobby.

Find an activity that you like. It's a bad idea to pretend you like something just because it's easier to hook someone up. Relationships that start with lies don't lead to anything good.

In this regard, it is much easier for students - you can join any movement or club within the university. New impressions and interesting acquaintances are guaranteed.

In a group course, you will regularly interact with the girls. You will get used to each other, the conversation will start by itself.


You can have a meticulously sculpted ideal of a girl. But what is the point if you can fall in love with the one that does not correspond to him at all? Be open to new acquaintances and communication with a wide variety of girls. Perhaps, initially, you will get friendly communication, and then both of you will realize that you want more.

Girl in a blue wig
Girl in a blue wig

In other words, don't judge a book by its cover.

Girlfriends and their girlfriends

Communicate with women as much as possible. Someone whom you initially perceived only as a friend may later become your girlfriend. Plus, your girlfriends have free girlfriends too. Do you dare?

You can leave the friend zone if you want to.

Hall help and call to a friend2

Feel free to ask your friends for help

Millions of couples on our planet have been formed precisely due to "pimping". Tell your friends that you are on the lookout and ready to accept help. Surely they have someone in mind.

If you constantly say that you “feel good alone” and “don't need a relationship,” do not be surprised that they do not introduce you to anyone and do not call you in a company full of beautiful single girls.

Girl with a skate
Girl with a skate

Your friends are not psychics, you know.

Dating sites and apps

The researchers claim that in five to ten years, most couples will form online. Progress does not stand still. The developers improve the sites and add more and more new functions.

You can test several sites and applications at once and choose those that you like. Or listen to the advice of friends who met through the Internet. An important point is that only those friends who have experience of dating on the Internet are useful advice. Theorists and skeptics are not your helpers in this regard.

Don't be afraid of blind dates

Dating is always exciting, especially if it happens infrequently in your life. Dating a girl you know nothing about is a challenge.

Take risks by making appointments with caring friends / family / colleagues.

The girl closed her eyes
The girl closed her eyes

Treat this as an opportunity to gain new experiences.

You never know with whom fate will bring you.

So agree, go and try.


Everything has its time

Choose the right time and place. A shop, a museum, a cafe or a park are ideal places to get to know each other. A girl who is in high spirits is more likely to agree to an acquaintance than the one who rushes at full steam through the airport to the check-in counter.

Girls in clubs and bars are somehow ready to be approached to meet them. But that doesn't mean they are really in the mood for dating.

That girl over there really doesn't mind meeting someone, even if it's not about a serious relationship. And that brunette just came to relax with a group of friends and tackles from alpha males are of little interest to her.

Girl in red dress
Girl in red dress

Catch the girl's eye and smile. From her reaction, you will understand whether it is worth taking active action or not.

Friendly attitude

Everyone loves people with a good sense of humor. You can joke about almost everything that surrounds you.

For example:

  • Setting - If you see something funny, joke about it.
  • The ability to laugh at oneself is a very valuable quality. You can joke, for example, about your height.
  • Tell a funny life story.
  • Make a joke about an event that is currently being actively discussed around the world.

Do not make fun of the girl and refrain from controversial jokes - black, vulgar, cynical humor.


If you've just met this girl, give her a couple of compliments on her appearance.

Girl in red dress
Girl in red dress

If you and this girl study / work / communicate together in the same company, compliments on her sense of humor, communication skills (“It's so easy to talk to you”), talents, etc. will do.


Refer to the girl by name. Use it several times during a conversation.

Fear of rejection

Don't let fear get in your way.

In the worst case, she will ignore you or refuse you.

But things may turn out differently.

First impressions can be deceiving

Don't write off a new acquaintance if she doesn't match your ideal.

Your compliments shouldn't revolve around mere visual appeal.

Don't be superficial.

Girl in a plaid dress
Girl in a plaid dress

Second chance

Chat with your new friend at least a couple of times. Was the first meeting unsuccessful? Perhaps the dialogue failed due to the fact that the girl was not in the best frame of mind, or was nervous.

Try to arrange another "casual" meeting. If you met in the park while walking your dogs, visit again around the same time.

No need to scare her

Do not pursue her or overuse ambiguous hints. The girl should have a personal space in which you have no right to intrude.

Work on yourself4

Mister Confidence

By showing confidence (but not self-confidence!) In yourself, you will increase your chances of dating a girl. Believe in yourself and treat other people with respect - this is what people with adequate, not overestimated self-esteem do.

Your confidence comes through in your body language as well. Smile and look the girl in the eye.

The girl is surprised
The girl is surprised

Be yourself

It is useless to try to become what you are not. Improve yourself, but do not turn into another person.

Healthy lifestyle

Watch what you eat. Normalize your sleep patterns and cut back on alcohol and tobacco use.

Go in for sports.

Don't forget about friends

To live only with thoughts of your loneliness is very stupid. Chat with friends, go to parties.

Do not give up your interests and do not shut yourself off from your loved ones. A healthy relationship will never require this, keep that in mind.


Feel the soil

Tell me what you would like to do, and then ask the girl what she thinks about it. If she is interested, offer her a time together.

Girl with drink and popcorn
Girl with drink and popcorn

For example: “They say this cafe will finally open this weekend. Would you like to go there?"

Cheek brings success

Be direct. Say that you would like to go out with the girl and offer a couple of options to choose from.


On a date with you, she should feel special. A date is your chance to impress her. Wrap her with care and attention.

Put your phone aside, ask her questions and listen carefully, compliment her.

Second date

At the end of the date, tell her that you were good with her. Offer to meet again. You can say this in person at the end of the date or in a message.

Keep in touch

Communicate in person and on social media. This will help you connect, get to know each other better, and strengthen your bond.

Girl with phone
Girl with phone

Everything is official with us

Tell the girl that you enjoy spending time with her. Invite her to date.

Better to dot the i's so that no one has any doubts that you are really dating, and not just spend time with each other out of boredom.

You don't want her to tell you the signature “You are so good, I wish I had a guy like you!” In a couple of weeks?

This is important6

Prepare in advance that the girl may refuse you. In the process of dating or after a couple of dates. Take this as one of the options for the development of events

What needs to be done: prepare for such an outcome, but do not consider it as the only possible one. Calmly treat the refusal, thank the girl for her honesty and politeness, and take leave.

But this is not worth doing: blaming the girl, throwing mud at her behind her back. Get her with calls, messages and guard at the house.

Girl with chupachups
Girl with chupachups

Don't discuss past relationships. Especially on the first date. Especially in a negative way. On a date, you should learn more about each other, not about the people you once dated. In no case speak out towards ex-girls. Don't pester her with questions about her ex-relationship and how many men she has had

Don't get caught up in a love triangle. If the girl you like is in a relationship, think twice before deciding to beat her off

Is success possible? Certainly. You can get this girl and build a happy relationship with her. Especially if you are better as a man and a man than her ex.

But it can also happen that the girl will eventually return to her former lover, and you will be left out in the cold.

Don't dwell on your loneliness. The desire to find a girl and build a relationship with her should not become a fix idea. Otherwise, you will turn into a desperate and limited guy. Than you will scare away not only potential partners, but also all your friends

Girl with oranges
Girl with oranges

Don't rush things. No need to confess your love on the second day of dating. For a girl over fifteen years of age, this behavior will either make you laugh, or scare, or make you doubt your sincerity and seriousness of intentions