Top 7 Reasons Men Don't Meet You

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Top 7 Reasons Men Don't Meet You
Top 7 Reasons Men Don't Meet You

Video: Top 7 Reasons Men Don't Meet You

Video: Top 7 Reasons Men Don't Meet You
Video: "The 7 BIG REASONS Why Men DISAPPEAR On You!" | Stephan Speaks 2023, November
lonely girl
lonely girl

You do literally everything to arrange your personal life, but nothing comes of it.

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  • 1 Your phone is your enemy
  • 2 Eye to eye
  • 3 Rudeness
  • 4 Burden of beauty
  • 5 In a very active search
  • 6 The Princess in the Tower
  • 7 High competition
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Hands drop, you don't know what to do.

You have two paths: eat carbohydrates and revisit Bridget Jones's Diary, remembering to feel sorry for yourself; read this article, identify the problem, and start looking for solutions.

You're in favor of the second option, right?

Your phone is your enemy

The first possible reason is that you are constantly sitting, buried in your smartphone (tablet / laptop).

It's like walking everywhere with a huge sign that says "Don't come near me!"

Although, if you read an interesting e-book or article that completely grabs your attention, it may play into your hands. Believe it or not, it will be reflected on your face, in your posture and the general impression that you make on people.

It is always very interesting to watch a person who is passionate about something. Such people radiate a special energy and become even more attractive.

And if you read an ordinary paper book, you will make an indelible impression on most people around you. There is something romantic about it. Sitting in a transport or in a cafe, look around - how many people will you see with paper editions in their hands? Everyone is too busy editing freshly taken photos of their breakfast or texting in instant messengers.

Solution to the problem: move the phone away. Look around. Look at the handsome guy opposite. Perhaps you collect “likes” every day (we will speak in terms convenient for you) from handsome men, but you absolutely don’t notice it. And they themselves do not dare to approach, as they are afraid of being rejected.

girl with a bow on her head
girl with a bow on her head

And now we're going to talk about the importance of eye contact.

Eye to eye2

Never underestimate the importance of eye contact! A man needs confirmation that you will not send him far and for a long time, when he, having gathered all his courage into a fist, comes up to meet you.

Sight. Fast and embarrassed, or long and seductive. And always combined with a slight smile. Treat it like a game - after all, it doesn't require any effort on your part. And for a man, this is a signal that you do not mind getting to know each other and that you find him attractive. Then it's his turn - he needs to decide whether he is ready to accept your invitation or not.

"How long do you need to look in the eyes?", "Look away immediately, or not?" - if you are not used to looking strangers in the eyes, you start to get scared and drown in an ocean of questions.

Girl winks
Girl winks

Exhale. This is not a math exam. Let the man notice your gaze. Smile at him and move your gaze to something else. You don't need to do it abruptly and fearfully. He should have no doubt that you were looking at him.

At the same time, it should not seem to him that you are going to hunt him down in a dark alley and kill him.

Solution: Stop being afraid of eye contact. Practice this more often - both on close people and on strangers.


A rude, sullen girl who is scared to approach is not very attractive.

Who would you choose yourself? Candidate number one is good-looking, but he absolutely does not know how to communicate, answers harshly and rudely, can easily be rude to a waitress just because he is not in the mood. Candidate number two has a mediocre appearance, but is friendly and calm, smiles at you and is always polite to the staff.

A girl in a white dress looks surprised
A girl in a white dress looks surprised

Is the hint clear?

The solution to the problem: It is not your fault that the people around you are having a bad day. At least not all. Smile at least sometimes and do not confuse gloom and silence with mysteriousness - these are completely different things.

Burden of Beauty4

Everyone loves self-confident individuals.

They know their worth, but do not emphasize their superiority in anything.

And in this they differ from self-confident individuals.

Nobody forces you to belittle your dignity or let others do it. We also do not agitate you to rush at the first guy we meet.

It's enough not to be an arrogant bitch who considers all the guys around her to be second-class people.

Solution to the problem: do you know why some men are drawn to you, and you fall for others? Chances are high that you yourself are not up to the level of those you like. Or they are scared off by your arrogance and rudeness (see above). From time to time descend from the throne, communicate with mere mortals.

Girl with crown
Girl with crown

In a very active search5

This topic is sensitive enough. There is nothing wrong with socializing, having fun and hanging out. There is nothing wrong with relationships that do not fall into the category of "serious" either - the twenty-first century after all.

I do not want to rant about how a decent girl should behave. All the same, we will come to the conclusion that the girl does not owe anything to anyone - even decent, even messy.

The bottom line is this: a girl who is too easily accessible is unattractive. As well as being too inaccessible. These are the rules of the sex game.

Hanging on men and imposing your company on them is not the best way to improve your personal life.

A girl who lives in harmony with her sexuality and is not ashamed of her desires is wonderful.

A girl who desperately rushes at any more or less handsome guy is not interesting. Until you stop perceiving yourself as an attachment to a man, you will not see a relationship with a worthy man.

Why does a "worthy man" need another adorer who does not stand out from the gray mass of his disposable mistresses?

Girl with binoculars
Girl with binoculars

Solution to the problem: leave a field for men to be active (conquering your lonely heart). Strike a balance between accessibility (no need to be intimidated by this word and give it an obscene meaning) and inaccessibility.

The Princess in the Tower6

“Damn it Harry, you kill dragons! If you can't invite the girls …

"You know, killing dragons is easier …."

The heroes of the movie "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" lamented the fact that girls are constantly walking together. How can you conquer a princess if her girlfriends are crowded around her, who (unlike the peace-loving dragons) can make you laugh.

Have you read the previous points carefully? Shoot your eyes and catch admiring glances. Send smiles. Is the victim found? The time has come for decisive action.

Solution to Problem: Separate yourself from the group of friends on a plausible pretext. Go out on the dance floor alone, go to the bar for a drink, or get some fresh air.

Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

The man didn't get the hint? Give him another look, smile.

Nothing again?

Well, to hell with him, there are still many fish in the sea.

High competition7

The attention of the opposite sex to your person is a plus. Charging yourself with male attention, you are pumping like a character in a computer game.


A man will not take the risk and take the first step if you came along with another. It is unlikely that he will guess that this is your brother or childhood friend.

Solution to the problem: Take the initiative into your own hands. Look, smile and control shot - come up to him and speak. Unobtrusively mention that you came here with a friend. He will relax and things will go much better.

Having a male friend is great. First, you can study male psychology and learn to communicate with the opposite sex.

Girl with a big heart
Girl with a big heart

Secondly, he can help you arrange your personal life - by introducing you to a nice friend.

Thirdly, we all know how the friendship between a man and a woman sometimes ends.


Often times, problems go hand in hand, so an integrated approach is required.

Put your phone away, start looking at men, learn not to radiate hostility, take off your crown, stop considering yourself unworthy of good men, go out with your friends more often, but don't be afraid to leave them, take the initiative into your own hands.

Good luck!