Do You Want A Pretty Girl? Work On Yourself

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Do You Want A Pretty Girl? Work On Yourself
Do You Want A Pretty Girl? Work On Yourself

Video: Do You Want A Pretty Girl? Work On Yourself

Video: Do You Want A Pretty Girl? Work On Yourself
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two girls with fruit
two girls with fruit

There are a lot of beautiful girls around you. And there are far more free ones than you think.

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But since you still haven't been able to find your princess, then it's time to change tactics.


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As they say, you pretend - conform. Many girls say that appearance is not the main thing for them.

But absolutely all ladies value grooming and elementary cleanliness.

Shower, deodorant and perfume are essential items.

An important point: you need to use the above attributes in the kit. Without replacing one another.

Change your favorite sweater to something else from time to time.

Ideally, erase it.


Find the right hairstyle for you. Consider your facial features, your hair structure and your style.

A well-chosen hairstyle can drastically change your image and increase your chances of meeting a girl.

But a disregard for this detail of appearance can do you a disservice.

The image is made up of little things.

Remember this.


Charisma and a sense of humor sometimes work better than abs.

But the athletic fit figure has not bothered anyone yet. If you want to meet a specific girl, find out if she goes to the gym. Or maybe she runs in the morning?

Chasing her and running after her on a foggy morning through the forest is not necessary, if anything.

It is enough to talk to her at the gym or on a run.

If you have long wanted to go in for sports, consider that this is a sign from above.

Guy in the gym
Guy in the gym

Blow the dust off your sneakers.


Look out for guys who are popular with beautiful girls.

They radiate self-confidence.

The more confident you are, the easier it will be for you to meet girls.

At least because you can talk to them without shaking knees.

An important point: not all of these "confident and popular" guys have a decent character.

And it plays into your hands.


Listen to her, take care of her and spend time with her.

Beautiful girls don't suffer from attention deficit disorder. But they don't come across really good guys that often.

Girl and boy fooling around
Girl and boy fooling around

Or they turn out to be much less courageous than alpha males, who have only self-confidence and lack of complexes of their virtues.

Break this vicious circle.

From the side

If you have female acquaintances, ask them if they have ever considered you as a potential boyfriend. If not, please clarify why.

Maybe in the company of girls you get lost and become rude. Or you use silly jokes as a defensive reaction. It is better to find out the bitter truth and start working on yourself than to continue living according to the principle "all fools, I stand alone in a white coat, handsome."

It may also happen that one of your friends already likes you.

A friendship that flows smoothly into a relationship is not a bad option. You know each other, you managed to get into awkward situations a couple of times, you have common memories and, in principle, you are good with each other.

Come out

You have heard this phrase a thousand times. You will have to hear (read) it in the thousand and one.

The guy in the box
The guy in the box

Get out of your comfort zone.

Until you do this, you will not find yourself any girl. At all.

You will always have time to spend time alone.

If you are called somewhere, agree.

Any introvert will tell you - the longer you are out of society, the more difficult it is for you to go out into the world.

Perhaps you will be lucky and you will find yourself the same lover of home gatherings like you.

But first, you need to meet somewhere.

Get to know, talk, exchange contacts.

Unless in a supermarket you cling to the same milk carton and fall in love at first sight.

But it looks more like the plot of a sweet movie than real life.

The reality is harsh, I'm sorry.


Not all beautiful girls are ready to take the initiative. Someone, despite all their beauty, has a bunch of complexes. Others just think it's up to guys to take the first step.

Girl with a guy for a walk
Girl with a guy for a walk

Talk, joke, get acquainted.

Even if nine girls blow you away, one will breathe a sigh of relief when you decide to approach her.

Sense of humor

Because girls really appreciate a good sense of humor. Take it for granted and work on it.

Learn to laugh at yourself. This will help you get out of any awkward situation and turn everything to your advantage.

A useful skill, especially if your every day is awkward.

Give her emotions

You listened to what she was telling you, didn't you just nod from time to time? Arrange her a date of her dreams, fulfill her wish or give her something that she has long dreamed of.

Once - you show that you really value her.

Two - you give her a storm of emotions.

Three - she's yours.

Give her exactly the flowers she loves. Take her not to the cinema, but on a horse ride, which she has long dreamed of.

The guy gives flowers
The guy gives flowers

In short, just listen, understand and remember.

Then it will all pay off to you threefold.


Dozens and hundreds of films showing how an ugly woman turns into a beauty and conquers a handsome man.

It's time to pay attention to the male sex.

A list of films about losers who managed to really change and improve their lives.

Some also picked up beautiful girls for themselves.

"A kiss for good luck", 2006

If you consider yourself a loser, look at what it really is to be a loser.

The loser is Chris Pine. In the role of a beautiful girl - young and red-haired Lindsay Lohan.

From loser to lucky - one drunk kiss with a stranger at a party.

Still from the film: "A kiss for good luck"
Still from the film: "A kiss for good luck"

"Tough guy", 2002

Yesterday you were a failure. Today you are the star of the school, and girls are hung up on you.

What's the secret? Dizzy just followed the advice of a friend and decided to turn into a tough guy. Dizzy started by changing his name. And then everything started spinning somehow.

"Always Say Yes", 2008

Dedicated to all those who do not see the meaning in their lives, suffer from their ex-girlfriend and refuse to meet with friends.

There will be an opportunity to look at yourself from the outside.

As soon as you stop being a dull and selfish piece, you yourself know what, how your life is getting better, and the former herself hangs around your neck. True, you no longer need her - after all, you are meeting with a biker woman who kisses you in the middle of a deep forest and leaves without even leaving you with her phone number.

Anger Management, 2003

Dave's main problem is his modesty. He would have lived like this, enduring mockery and failure, but everything turned out differently.

Still from the movie: "Anger Management"
Still from the movie: "Anger Management"

Dave ended up in an anger management course. Not that he himself decided to engage in self-development - he was sent to the courses forcibly, after the incident with the flight attendant.

An eccentric psychiatrist completely changes Dave's life.

And by very unusual methods.

Play any movie from the list. You can watch everything in turn. And then go to conquer the world.