How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date: Tips For Guys With Examples

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How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date: Tips For Guys With Examples
How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date: Tips For Guys With Examples

Video: How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date: Tips For Guys With Examples

Video: How To Ask A Girl Out On A Date: Tips For Guys With Examples
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a guy with flowers and a girl
a guy with flowers and a girl

"Oh, this is not an easy job: to drag a hippopotamus out of the swamp …". But, we are not talking about the work of a tractor or poetry. It's about how to ask a girl out on a first date.

The content of the article

  • 1 Types of date invitations
  • 2 An invitation to a lovely stranger
  • 3 Date with a familiar stranger
  • 4 What if a refusal?
  • 5 Readiness # 1
  • 6 Date invitation
  • 7 Right to choose
  • 8 Planning
  • 9 Transition to plan "B"
  • 10 Emotions
  • 11 Mumbler = failure
  • 12 End of the meeting
  • 13 Taking a date from a good friend
  • 14 Meeting point
  • 15 How to Beat Dinner
  • 16 Ending a Date

Types of date invitationsi

First dates are of two types:

  • the invitation of a beautiful stranger,
  • an invitation from a familiar young lady,
  • invitation of an old, fighting girlfriend.

And in that, and in the other, and in the third case, there are nuances. You need to disassemble everything and start with the most difficult.

An invitation to a lovely stranger2

Of course, the classic tackle will be rejected immediately. It is hardly an adequate girl, standing at a bus stop, to immediately agree to trudge with someone to the other end of the city to drink coffee from a plastic cup. The wrong format, and the mistake is gross. Missing the beauty is also a shame. So it is necessary to act beautifully, clearly, elegantly.

First you need to get to know each other correctly. First, you need to take a close look at yourself. The easiest way is to smile at the front camera to make sure that there are no pieces of breakfast in your teeth, then smooth the vortices, clean out the corners of the eyes and chew the gum. Better fruity. Frosty mint does not mask the smell very well. Secondly, you need to come up with a reason. Just do not impromptu, it will be a 100% failure. It is better to have a prepared script in mind in advance.


“Hello, girl! Did you know that today is a chocolate day? On this occasion, I give you a chocolate bar! And tomorrow, at the same place, at a certain time, ice cream will be distributed! Which one do you like more: chocolate or creamy?"

Most likely, the reaction will be quite adequate and even positive. This moment can be played up: if the girl is busy and she will not be here tomorrow, then a call is simulated to the "magician in a blue helicopter" and the delivery of the delicacy is discussed. It is unlikely that the girl will deceive, 80% of what she will name the exact place where the ice cream should be delivered.

Girl in white skirt jumping
Girl in white skirt jumping

Thirdly, there should always be a small present in your pocket: a candy, a chocolate bar, a flower … why? To reinforce the first minutes with a positive.


“Girl, I'm sorry, can I ask you for help? It seems that my phone is broken: the signal does not go through, but I am waiting for the call. Could you just make a call to make sure that the device is working properly?"

The probability that she will not refuse tends to 99.9%. Thus, the phone number will be obtained with incredible ease. Well, and in gratitude for checking the device, a sweet is handed over. Further a matter of technology, but more on that another time.

We can assume that the acquaintance went off with a bang, the phone number is in your pocket, the name is written down. Now it's the turn of the date itself.

Date with a familiar stranger3

A date with a girl, communication with which lasted only 5 minutes, is a very troublesome event. But it should be understood that, having set the bar high, you will have to keep it to the victory. Are you able to? And therefore, in order not to be trapped, you will have to do with a walk in quiet places.

Girl covers her mouth
Girl covers her mouth

Nobody canceled the gentlemen's set: flowers and coffee or tea in an elegant but inexpensive establishment. It should be reminded right away that the phone should be on silent mode so as not to interfere with the conversation. The conversation should in no way evoke associations with an interview or questioning. This is a terrible bad manners. There is no need to burden your counterpart with memories from your childhood. This period of "trousers with a shoulder strap" is not interesting to anyone, for the time being, of course. The conversation should flow naturally.

There is no need to delay the meeting either. First, you need to take into account the lady's appearance (shoes!) And her employment during the day. If a young lady has spent all day at work, and now hobbles on 15 cm high heels, then a walk under the elms in the old park will seem like the most perverse torture. It's easier to immediately invite for a light dinner with dessert.

The meeting itself should not be more than three hours, you should not squat on your ears for longer. But the ending should be classic: taxi, delivery to the entrance, if the young lady does not mind being escorted. It is better not to ask for tea if the girl has not taken the initiative. But you can hint about the next meeting. And how successful this first date was, the girl's answer will say: either "yes" or "no".

What if a refusal? 4

If the refusal was received at the time of acquaintance, then it is necessary to roll up the "attachments" beautifully. Better to do this as part of the conversation. Something like: "sorry, the ice cream will melt and no one will get it."

Girl drinking cocktail
Girl drinking cocktail

Refusal to meet again is also accepted as a continuation of the conversation: "It's a pity, but I really wanted to know the continuation, but I have to leave the intrigue." Then take your leave and leave the lady.

Perhaps, on this debriefing with a stranger can be finished. It's time to move on to a date with a girl you know.

Readiness No. 1_1

First you need to make sure that the girl is interested in communication. This usually manifests itself in light flirting, exchanging glances, laughing, "random" collisions at one point in space. In general, if a young lady is behaving playfully or too modestly and shyly, then it is quite possible to move on to the next stage. Actually, the refusal will sound right away, and very sarcastically.

Date invitation5

We'll have to turn on the "originality" function. She already knows the candidate well, so she needs to be brainwashed. In principle, there is not much choice:

Intrigue. You need to interest. For example, invite her to one place that is definitely interesting to her. You can just suggest: “I know one place that will definitely interest you. Can show!"

Girl with glasses smiling
Girl with glasses smiling
  • Mister X. Perhaps the most intriguing way. When a girl constantly receives small presentations from an unknown fan, she will definitely begin to desire a meeting. Just for the sake of curiosity.
  • Classic. Or you can not bother too much and just offer to go to the cinema, to an exhibition, to sit in a cafe.


When making a classic invitation, it is extremely important to give the girl the right to choose:

  • Film strip,
  • Culinary preference,
  • Directly the cafe itself,
  • Date outdoors or indoors.

This nuance will give the girl the opportunity to navigate correctly in planning the day. Then the date won't turn into torture. As for the little nishtyachki, it is better not to impose your preferences on her. Suddenly she likes chocolate ice cream instead of creamy. And in no case should you ask: "Will you be ice cream?" a normal girl will always refuse. Better to put before the fact: "What are you going to be: with nuts or with syrup?"

Girl with ice cream makes an air kiss
Girl with ice cream makes an air kiss

Planning 7

You cannot make a date on the "here and now" principle. First, the girl should have time to put herself in order. Secretly, not a single, even the most well-groomed girl is born with shaved legs and painted eyelashes. She may just come home from work, and then: "At 18:00 in the park." So you can call your wife to buy a new refrigerator. You need to ask for a date in advance. Otherwise, the quarterly report may be more important than walking under the stars. Then we'll have to eat ice cream in splendid isolation.

Transition to plan "B" 8

Having no backup options for a date is a mess. And this is not about the fact that there should be 33 more candidates in the notebook in case of refusal. It is necessary to calculate and assume force majeure circumstances:

  • A sharp deterioration in the weather. This means that in addition to the umbrella, you need to know the location of the nearest cafes in order not only to shelter from the rain, but also to have dinner.
  • The girl is not hungry. This can also be. Accordingly, on a date you need to go full and think in advance where else you can go. If she stubbornly refuses, then aimless wandering in the park can become boring. Although, suddenly the appetite will work up. But it is better to immediately look at the poster of interesting exhibitions, and after some time she will definitely not give up a cup of coffee.
Girl with a skate
Girl with a skate

Detained at work. Classic. Moreover, it is bilateral. Then you have to act according to the situation. If a girl is detained, then patience will help. If he was late himself, then the plan is as follows: taxi → courier with flowers → delivery of the girl to the cafe → waiter. While she waits, you can make it. But, of course, you need to warn and constantly prompt at what stage the completion of the force majeure is

Emotions 9

Since the date has been assigned to a girl you know, it is not forbidden to invite her to a place where it will be really fun. This is a cinema, an amusement park, a concert, and even sporting events (suddenly she is a passionate fan of hockey).

What is the purpose of the first date? Rapprochement, of course. When a person is positively charged, having fun, eating tasty treats, he reveals himself much more than in ordinary situations. The main thing is not to overdo it. This is especially true for the choice of films and their own knowledge of the world of anecdotes. In the first case, the girl can fill everything with tears and will look like a panda because of the leaking carcass; in the second case, it’s clear: the anecdote is good for the place, and not just to blurt out, and you still need to be able to tell them.

Mumbler = failure10

No one disputes that the first date is stressful. But the girl, and not the initiator of the meeting, can shake like an aspen leaf and remain silent in embarrassment. But overdoing it is also not worth it. Some young people are convinced that self-confidence, cockiness and rudeness are one and the same. deepest delusion. Moreover, impudence and rudeness are generally unacceptable when meeting a lady. And it doesn't matter how it manifests itself: a reproach to the waiter or remarks towards the drivers of neighboring cars. Culture, etiquette, self-control. Here are three postulates for forming the right opinion and attitude. Everything else is just an addition.

Girl with gum
Girl with gum

As for your own shortcomings or small jambs, you can beat them with humor. Then, such an attitude towards oneself, will cause tenderness or a smile, and not a contemptuous "fi".

End of the meeting 11

You need to end the date in a classic way: taxi → joint trip → appointment of the next meeting. But, unlike a date with a stranger, in this case it is quite possible to hear an invitation to a cup of tea. You shouldn't refuse. The girl is well known, and there is nothing wrong with visiting her humble abode. Yes, such a date can end in violent sex. But then the girl herself will decide what and how. You can't hint, you can refuse. Anyway, it is better to act according to the situation. After all, sex in this case will not look like "straight to bed." After all, a couple may have known each other for more than one month.

Good Girlfriend Date12

Dating an old friend is troublesome. It would seem: they ate the same semolina porridge with her, and drank more than one bottle of wine on the hikes, but come on, the transition from the friend zone is almost impossible. The point is this. The girl knows the guy very well. All his habits, quirks, his life, starting with the pot. Hear the phrase that "oh, Vasya, I love you like a brother!" little pleasant. But it's worth trying.

Girl in an orange sweater smiles
Girl in an orange sweater smiles

Meeting point13

If a faithful friend is invited on a date, then the place can be absolutely anything, even a horror movie, if she likes it. The main thing is to call at ease. So that she doesn't suspect anything. You can go to the park, you can go on a picnic. Lots of opportunities to get her out of the house. Even if she says that she wants to stay at home and therefore “come to me, sit and chat,” you can take everything beyond the usual.

How to beat dinner14

Most likely, she will show up on a date in jeans and sneakers. Therefore, it is better to dine in an ordinary cafe without a hint of pathos. But the dinner itself can be turned into a small show. For example, to agree in advance with the staff so that during the menu serving, the waiter will present something interesting: a flower, a postcard, a note. Something that will let her know about hidden intentions.

If a girl is invited home, then it is unlikely she will be with eyelashes half a meter and a pyramid of hair. As if not pajamas and fur slippers. But this is a familiar image, right? Therefore, it is better to take pizza, rolls and flowers with you, and not send a courier. Or order it so that it all arrives a little later (except for flowers).

Ending a Date15

There is no single piece of advice. But the fact that it may end with a joint overnight is quite likely. 80 percent. But also the same percentage that the transition from the friend zone will be impossible. Don't despair. As the saying goes: "patience and work will grind everything."