Never Had A Girlfriend? How To Find It And What To Do?

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Never Had A Girlfriend? How To Find It And What To Do?
Never Had A Girlfriend? How To Find It And What To Do?

Video: Never Had A Girlfriend? How To Find It And What To Do?

Video: Never Had A Girlfriend? How To Find It And What To Do?
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surprised Chinese
surprised Chinese

Finding a girlfriend without having any relationship experience at all is not easy. But it's not for you to launch rockets into space. Everything can be solved. You will be worried. This is normal. Channel your emotions in the right direction.

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Step one i


Society sets its own standards. It's okay to have no relationship experience at 15. But if you are over eighteen years old and you have no relationship experience, you automatically become abnormal.

Or do you consider yourself so?

No need to lie about having dozens of girls. Shouting at every corner about your loneliness is also not worth it.

Do not regret lost time. It is pointless.

Are you ready to overcome your fears?

Remember once and for all - you will never be absolutely ready for anything.

Act without waiting for fears and doubts to go away.

Until you start doing what you fear, fears will multiply.

Once you are reading this article, you are ripe for a new stage in your life. It's time to plunge headlong into the complex world of relationships.

Looking for the right girl

If you have never had a relationship, two scenarios are possible: you will desperately cling to the first girl you come across; you will draw such an unrealistic image in your head that no girl can match it.

The guy dreams of the girl
The guy dreams of the girl

Don't panic. Don't broadcast despair. Chat with girls of all types. This will help you understand who attracts you. When you feel interest in a girl, invite her somewhere. Do not rush things, but do not sit idly by - otherwise someone else will rescue your princess from a high-tall tower.

Another reason you may still be lonely is that your demands are too high. It can serve as a kind of shield: “I'm fine, it's just that the girls around are not like that. I don't like anyone."

How to deal with this problem? Lower the bar. Descend from heaven to earth. Communicate, communicate and communicate again. Chatting with girls, hanging out with girls. Get rejected and gain experience.

Show you

Modesty is not a vice. But there is still no benefit from it, right?

Don't confuse overconfidence and confidence. Take pride in your success. Self-esteem will climb up, and with it your chances of meeting a nice girl.

Be yourself. Become the best version of yourself, not a copy of someone else.

The guy is drinking coffee
The guy is drinking coffee

Do not impose

It is difficult to behave reasonably if you really like this girl, and you have no experience in communicating with the opposite sex.

Write messages and call her, but you don't need to do it all the time.

Tell about yourself, but do not try to dump your whole biography on the unfortunate one on the very first day.


A personal touch works best here. Don't focus on appearances alone. She, of course, is glad that you think her beautiful, but, by the way, she is also smart, and she has a good sense of humor, and her pug is charm itself.


It's hard to feel completely confident on your first date.

You have two ways - to pretend that you are calm, like a Buddha, or honestly about your excitement and make it a joke.

It's good to laugh at yourself.


Step two2


Show that you are really interested in this girl as a person. Plus, while she talks about herself, you can catch your breath.

The main thing is to stay in touch with the outside world. Delve into what she says. Ask clarifying questions. If you have a story on a topic, tell us. But only after the girl finishes the story about herself.


If you are in a company, pay more attention to it. Smile, make eye contact. Flirt, joke.

Do you communicate regularly? Don't waste your time.

Ask how her day went.

Help, be near.


Give her more attention, but don't ignore other girls. Be by her side, but do not impose your company. The girl should understand (guess) what you like. At the same time, she should not have the idea that you are sitting with binoculars in a tree opposite her window.

The guy looks through binoculars
The guy looks through binoculars


Ask for her opinion. Take advice, ask what she thinks about this or that matter.

You don't need to agree with her in everything. It is enough to make it clear that you respect her point of view.

Step three3

Spend more time with her

You have already managed to communicate, find similar interests and get used to each other. Start spending more time together.

If everything goes well, you will become closer.

Another outcome is possible - it turns out that she perceives you only as a friend. The sooner you understand this, the faster you will get over this failure and move on.


The girl should be in a good mood. In person or in a message, invite her somewhere where you can be together. Should I mention that this is a date?

Better to dot the i's in advance.

For a first date, it's best to choose a cozy place where you can talk. Especially if, due to the circumstances, you failed to complete the item “spend more time with her”.

Girl with a guy in a cafe
Girl with a guy in a cafe

If you have been in contact for a long time (common company, long-standing friendship), you can choose any place to meet. The main thing is that both of you get a charge of bright positive emotions.

Official part

Look into her eyes and offer to date.



It is advisable to do this after a particularly successful date. Both of you are in high spirits, you are good together.

The perfect moment.

What if she says no?

Ask what the matter is.

Thank her for the evening.

A negative experience is still an experience.

You went on a date, even asked the girl to date.

The guy thought
The guy thought

Yesterday you were afraid to think about it.

You do not need to tune yourself to the negative in advance. Just be prepared for any outcome.

What if she said yes?

Fine! Our joint work was a success!


There are many challenges ahead. But now they will be caused not by the absence, but by the presence of relationships in your life.

But that's a completely different story …