What Are Bradcrambing, Benching And Kittenfishing In A Relationship?

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What Are Bradcrambing, Benching And Kittenfishing In A Relationship?
What Are Bradcrambing, Benching And Kittenfishing In A Relationship?

Video: What Are Bradcrambing, Benching And Kittenfishing In A Relationship?

Video: What Are Bradcrambing, Benching And Kittenfishing In A Relationship?
Video: What Is Ghosting, Benching & Breadcrumbing? 2023, November
girl with glasses surprised
girl with glasses surprised

Do you know this feeling? Are young people on the Internet starting to actively use some words whose meaning you have to Google?

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Immediately you feel like a gray-haired old man who has to retire.

Educational program

The online dating world is cruel. If you have tried to find your love on the Internet at least once in your life, you have probably failed. You were ignored, or your interlocutor suddenly disappeared.

The Americans have come up with specific terms for each of these unpleasant events:

Ghosting (ghosted)

If you skipped not all English lessons / pairs, you probably saw the familiar word "ghost", that is, "ghost". The term ghosted means that a person who seemed to be sympathetic to you suddenly disappeared from the radar.


A very cruel term. You don't have to google translate. The fact that you translate breadcrumbing as “bread crumbs” will not make the situation clear.

Breadcrumbing is about intentionally keeping interest and not being serious about it. I.e. Imagine that you are a guy. You know that your girlfriend is in love with you. And you like it. You are flirting with her, chatting on social networks, but you do not intend to meet with her. You keep her close to you, not giving her reciprocity and not letting go. The guy has fun and lives for his own pleasure, and the girl cannot start a relationship, as she flatters herself with hopes.

PS Girls do that too, and how!


The most common meaning is taking out of the game. On the bench, if you like. You were sure that this guy or girl was about to become your other half, and now boom! - you are out of the game.

As if that weren't enough! A new term has appeared to describe a phenomenon that many of us have encountered without even realizing it.

Kitten-what? 2

Meet a new term - kittenfishing ("cat hunting"). Kittenfishing, if it's more convenient for you.

The term was coined by the dating app Hinge.

What is kittenfishing?

Presenting yourself in an unrealistically positive way.

The term "catfishing" is also worth mentioning here. Catfishing is what almost every dating app user does. This, again, is an unrealistic representation of yourself. Creation of an artificial image.

The girl is surprised
The girl is surprised

Kitten fishing is also the use of photographs in which you look completely different from what you actually do. Either they were made five years and ten kilograms ago, or retouched so that you can hardly recognize yourself.

This also includes lies about age, height, interests, hobbies and achievements.

“People who are really looking for love and serious relationships on the web should be careful not to fall into the clutches of kittenfishers,” warns relationship coach Nikki Lee.

Why are they doing this? 3

The question arises - are these people really doing it not out of malice, considering that it is a trifle? Just think, I'll lie about my age. Just think, I'll post a photo in which I am much slimmer than now. But I'll get more attention.

“It's sad that they don't understand what a disservice they are doing to themselves. By their lies, they deprive themselves of the chances of a truly serious trusting relationship. And besides, they can hurt other people with their deception,”says Lee.

Frankly speaking, a good half of people are engaged in catfishing and kittenfishing. Why is this happening? In fact, everything is simple.

Dating apps are all about competition.

The industry is constantly evolving, the number of users is growing. Including very attractive ones. The rest feel slighted and afraid that they will lose the battle for "likes" and "matches". And therefore they go to all sorts of tricks.