How To Finally Find That One And Only One?

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How To Finally Find That One And Only One?
How To Finally Find That One And Only One?

Video: How To Finally Find That One And Only One?

Video: How To Finally Find That One And Only One?
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the guy gives the girl flowers
the guy gives the girl flowers

A lot of guys just want to make a girlfriend without thinking about what type of girl they really like.

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  • 3 Online dating
  • 4 Conquering her heart
  • 5 Is it necessary?

It's like presenting yourself in a relationship, without thinking about who exactly you will build these very relationships with.

Here's the harsh truth of life: having a girlfriend is not so difficult.

If you have been in search for a long time and do not make sky-high demands to the future lady of your heart, be sure that very soon you will be lucky.

But there is one caveat.

Dating any girl you hooked up with in a bar is often not very fun.

Find the girl who really hooks you. With which it will be interesting for you to communicate.

Yes, finding such a girl is much more difficult than just picking up a pretty girl. But only such relationships are really worth the time, energy and emotions invested in them.

You do not need to desperately rush to the first female representative in your environment. Chat with different girls. This is the only way to understand which type of girls really attracts you.

How to do it? Go on dates, be proactive, and get to know each other.

At the very least, do not tremble at the sight of a creature of the opposite sex.

And leave the house more often.

Where? I

Step one: we decide on the location for our searches.

Life is harsh. Girls do not knock on your door and do not fall into your hands from heaven. For the tips in this article to work, you'll need to follow them.

Friends having fun on the beach
Friends having fun on the beach

Go to bars, music festivals, shopping centers, just go out with your friends more often.

Pay attention to dating apps. They really work - the main thing is to correctly design your profile and not be afraid to transfer communication to offline mode.

Here's another truth for you: beautiful, free and interesting girls are everywhere. All you need to do is leave the house more often and expand your social circle.

If you are planning to go somewhere, but in doubt, answer yourself the following questions:

  • Is this where people have fun?
  • Are people here in the mood for communication and new acquaintances?
  • Is it ok to go there to meet girls?
  • Are there many of the same lonely guys who dream of picking up someone?

How? 2

Not many guys understand how important it is to follow a kind of scenario for the development of relationships.

Pop art guy
Pop art guy

Not all couples form on the first, second, or third date. It takes time for people to get to know each other.

If a girl feels the guy's desperate desire to "get at least someone for herself," then his chances of a successful acquaintance will disappear in the blink of an eye.

We'll have to be patient and build trust.

The feeling of being in love is very important for most girls. If a girl is not attracted to a guy, she is unlikely to allow the relationship to go further.

And the fair sex also wants to find a guy to rely on. And this is not about stereotypical "alpha males", but about men who radiate confidence. Those who have "everything is under control", and if something goes wrong, they will deal with everything in cold blood, and will not be girlish hysteria.

Online dating3

Some people believe that online dating is not the best way to find a match. They say this is too superficial, and most of the users of dating applications are focused only on sex.

Guy with laptop in cafe
Guy with laptop in cafe

There is some truth in this. But here's the other side of the coin - flipping through profiles is more convenient and faster than running around the city in search of the other half.

In any case, you cannot do without communication in reality. You can truly recognize a person only through personal communication. And to understand how you feel about this girl, you can only talk to her live.

Perhaps the main disadvantage of online dating is artificiality. Many guys and girls try to present themselves as completely different from who they are in life.

If you decide to meet a girl online, don't delay making an appointment. Several days, maximum a couple of weeks is a sufficient time for text communication. If a girl refuses a date for a long time, suspicions arise. Perhaps she looks quite different from the photo. Or, in principle, she was not in the mood to communicate with you (for some reason), but could not tell you about it. Or maybe it's not a girl at all.

Conquering her heart4

Why do we fall in love with this or that person? Because he seems to us not like everyone else. The soul mate we've been looking for for many years.

Couple in love
Couple in love

Be who this (or any other) girl would like to see next. Satisfy one or more of its basic needs:

  • Reliability and a sense of security;
  • Good sex;
  • Calmness and emotional stability;
  • Vivid emotions and impressions.

Give her what she wants. Reassure her that she will not experience such feelings and emotions with anyone else as with you.

Is it necessary? 5

Some people enter into relationships for reasons that even they don't understand. Be honest with yourself.

If you are enjoying your lonely life and do not feel "lonely", give up looking for a girlfriend. At least for now.

Relationships require tremendous emotional impact. Are you ready to spend your time, your energy, and your emotions on another person?

Couple in love
Couple in love

No, of course, mutual love is fun and all. But nobody canceled responsibility, difficulties and conflicts.

Take off your rose-colored glasses. The first months of a relationship are a great time. But when the passion subsides, a completely different picture of what is happening will appear before your gaze.

Give up the idea of "finding yourself a girlfriend at any cost." Communicate, meet and take it easy.

The sooner you get rid of this obsession "I am alone, I urgently need to fix this!", The faster you will find yourself a girlfriend.