That You Should Never Write To A Girl

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That You Should Never Write To A Girl
That You Should Never Write To A Girl

Video: That You Should Never Write To A Girl

Video: That You Should Never Write To A Girl
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girl with phone surprised
girl with phone surprised

Grammar mistakes are not very sexy.

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No room for error

Online dating is like a minefield.

Now you have finally transferred your acquaintance to real life. Rubbing your palms? Think you are already at the home stretch?

Hmm, no.

If you don't want to screw up and screw up a fateful acquaintance, learn the rules of digital etiquette.

Yes, yes, there is one too!

Moreover, you will have to adhere to this etiquette both before the first offline meeting and after.

According to a new study, 84% of Britons are somehow unhappy with the messages their partners send them.

Do you know what annoys most people, especially in the early stages of dating?


When your interlocutor asks you a bunch of questions, and you selectively answer one of them, completely ignoring the rest.

It pisses me off.

40% of people surveyed by agree with this. In total, about five hundred Britons over twenty-five years old participated in the survey.

And all of them are driven to white heat by this strange ignorance of questions. If you've just started dating (first, second, third date), it's natural that your partner wants to know more about you. And if for some reason you cannot or do not want to answer a question that is too personal (in your opinion), say so directly. But don't play silent.

Other research findings that deserve your attention:

  • 35% of respondents hate receiving too many messages;
  • 34% do not digest when they receive a bunch of selfies of questionable quality;
  • 39% are ready to stop communicating with a person if they abuse emoji.
Girl with laptop
Girl with laptop

To write or not to write - that is the question … 2

Another important question is how quickly is it worth responding to messages? Wait for a pause or respond to a message with lightning speed, if possible?

A third of the respondents admitted that they terribly do not like it when they have to wait for a long time for an answer.

So don't overdo it with the "super busy personality" game. Otherwise, you will quickly find a replacement.

If we talk about couples who are in long-term relationships, then everything is individual here. Some doves are ready to exchange messages every five minutes. Others check their messages once or twice a day and see nothing wrong with taking a break from each other.

The British are in favor of communication on business - 63% of the British prefer one heart-to-heart conversation to a bunch of meaningless messages.

angry girl and phone
angry girl and phone

By the way, women are much more sensitive to illiterate writing. A man who speaks poorly in his native language is unlikely to be able to count on the attention of the opposite sex.

Discord Emoji3

Below are the results of the survey. The percentage indicates the number of people who voted for this or that option.

Six things that will ruin your chances of dating:

  1. Ignoring questions, selective answer - 40%.
  2. The abundance of messages is 35%.
  3. Questionable selfies - 34%
  4. Long ignoring of messages - 33%.
  5. Illiteracy - 32%.
  6. Diminutive nicknames - 28%.

Most "killer" emoji:

  1. "Turd" - 26%.
  2. Eggplant - 17%
  3. Smiling Devil Emoji - 8%.
  4. Muscle - 8%.
  5. Winking tongue emoji - 6%
angry girl and the phone 2
angry girl and the phone 2

The emojis most commonly used for flirting are:

  1. Air kiss - 27%.
  2. Heart eyes - 18%.
  3. Winking emoji - 17%.
  4. Kiss (lips) - 13%
  5. Winking emoji with sticking out tongue - 13%.

And do not say later that we did not warn you.