What To Chat With A Guy: 50 Ideas

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What To Chat With A Guy: 50 Ideas
What To Chat With A Guy: 50 Ideas

Video: What To Chat With A Guy: 50 Ideas

Video: What To Chat With A Guy: 50 Ideas
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boy and girl talk
boy and girl talk

The female sex, unlike the representatives of the strong half of humanity, is known for her passion for conversations. It's just one thing - chatting incessantly with your best friend or longtime friend, and completely different when it comes to an unfamiliar guy. Which, among other things, evokes sympathy and the most tender feelings. At this point, words begin to get confused and topics for conversation instantly disappear. This material will help to avoid difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex and to lay a solid foundation for future relationships. Carefully study the sample topics for conversation with a guy and move on to decisive action!

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However, before you move on to direct communication, familiarize yourself with a few rules, thanks to which your conversation will certainly be remembered by the young man and will cause only pleasant emotions.

  • Guys no less than girls (and sometimes even more) need communication. Therefore, just standing in silence, covering the languid look with long eyelashes is not an option!
  • Always start a conversation with a neutral topic, especially if it is the first time the conversation has started. Later, in the course of the conversation, you will see the young man's reaction to certain words, and you will learn to understand what is interesting to him and what topics are taboo.
  • Don't change the subject abruptly. Thus, you will not cause anything but irritation in your interlocutor, and it is likely that he will rush to retire as soon as possible.
  • Don't talk about what you don't understand. Even if your interlocutor is an avid fisherman with an amazing smile, and you have no idea how the crucian carp differs from the carp. Believe me, in this situation, a lie will not add charm to you, but rather, on the contrary, will instantly put you in an absurd position.
  • Swear words and slang expressions do not paint anyone. And especially the fair sex!
  • Show a sincere interest in the interlocutor and in communication with him.
guy laughs
guy laughs

Topics for conversation with a guyi

If there are no problems with the aforementioned theses, then it's time to move on to the conversation. And, as you know, it is best to start it with the question that interests you. And in order to simplify this task as much as possible, we have prepared for you a rough list of what you can chat about with a guy. Moreover, both during virtual communication and at the time of real communication.

  • Do you have a favorite hobby? Why exactly this?
  • What genres do you prefer to watch at your leisure?
  • Are there any taboos for you in a relationship?
  • Have you ever had prophetic dreams? Tell us more.
  • What does your mood depend on? Is it easy to spoil it?
  • Tell me about your family. Who do you look like?
  • What did you dream of becoming as a child?
  • Do you always achieve your goals?
  • Do you like sports? What kinds of sports do you prefer?
  • Do you like speed? Do you drive a car?
  • What can make you mad at lightning speed? How quick-tempered are you?
the guy is smiling
the guy is smiling
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Has this ever happened to you?
  • How passionate are you? Could you put everything on the line?
  • What computer games do you enjoy playing the most?
  • What is your favorite dish? Do you know how to cook it?
  • What female flaws you will not put up with under any circumstances?
  • Tell us about the most vivid memory of your childhood.
  • Do you fall asleep quickly or do you prefer to analyze the events of the past day for a long time?
  • What time of year do you like the most? Why?
  • If you had the opportunity to move anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • What games did you play most often as a child? Was it a naughty tomboy or an obedient child?
  • If, by a happy coincidence, you became the owner of any superpower, what would it be?
guy bw photo
guy bw photo
  • Do difficulties frighten you? What trials did you have to go through to achieve the desired goal?
  • Can you call yourself a romantic? What actions did you do for the sake of your chosen one?
  • Do you like your job? What are its pros and cons?
  • Do you focus on the opinion of close friends when choosing a girl?
  • Do you know how to forgive and compromise, or do you cut everything at the root at the slightest offense?
  • What do you think about dating on social networks?
  • How do you feel about women's initiative? Do you think she is punishable?
  • Do you like to travel? Tell us about the places that are forever engraved in your memory.
guy laughs
guy laughs
  • Is there anything that you are very afraid of? Tell us about your phobias.
  • What would you never dare to accomplish, even for a huge reward?
  • Name five things you have done that you are infinitely proud of.
  • How do you behave in conflict situations? Do you think that everything can be solved by force?
  • Is there anything you would like to fix in your life? What do you regret the most?
  • Do you have an idol? Who are you trying to look up to?
  • Do you believe in otherworldly powers and magical effects?
  • What do you mean by “love”?
  • What is the first thing you do when you're in a woman's body?
  • What have you never done in your life, but would love to try?
stills from the film
stills from the film
  • Are you guided by heart or mind when making important decisions?
  • If you go back in time, what valuable advice would you give to yourself?
  • Could you live on a desert island for a while?
  • What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
  • How do you feel about lying "for salvation"?
  • What song do you sing most often in karaoke?
  • Tell us about the craziest thing you've ever done.
  • Have you ever beat a girl off from your best friend?
  • Do you think men shouldn't show tears?
  • Do you love children?
guy with phone
guy with phone

Taboo topics when talking with a guy2

Although guys are more loyal and open, it is best to avoid the following topics when talking to them:

  • Financial questions. Namely, you should not ask the amount of his salary, bonus and nest egg, which is stored in the old book;
  • Reasons for breaking up with a former passion. Especially if the breakup happened quite recently, because any mention of the ex - reels his wounded soul;
  • Religious questions that might offend a young person;
  • Political Views. After all, they can be radically different from yours. And then a sweet conversation will easily develop into a stormy squabble.
  • Try to avoid direct exam questions. If a guy casually mentioned that he speaks German, you shouldn't pester him with requests to instantly translate the latest Rammstein masterpiece.
Vow movie
Vow movie

In fact, there are a huge number of topics that you can use when talking to a guy. Don't be afraid to ask unusual and somewhat provocative questions. This will help you get to know your interlocutor better, which will help you get closer.