If You Get Bored With A Guy, We Will Tell You What To Do

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If You Get Bored With A Guy, We Will Tell You What To Do
If You Get Bored With A Guy, We Will Tell You What To Do

Video: If You Get Bored With A Guy, We Will Tell You What To Do

Video: If You Get Bored With A Guy, We Will Tell You What To Do
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got bored with a guy
got bored with a guy

I got bored with my boyfriend after a short time together. When everything is bad in life, it is bad, when everything is good, it is disgusting. People come together to jointly solve some problem, the main one is to raise children. But not always. Some people think it's too early, others just don't have kids. So why live together then? Often the girl plays the role of a doll, a toy that can do the work of a domestic worker.

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  • 1 "I am the loveliest in the world, all blush and whiter"
  • 2 Hobbies are different, the most unexpected interest groups
  • 3 Happy together, actions that unite a couple

Three functions: boil, clean, wash. All! Toys are stored in every house or apartment, often a TV box, or maybe more, which does not fit into the box, each toy does one or two functions, played and got bored. The kid, until he takes his portion of knowledge from the world, will not go to sleep, every day he wants to learn new things.

In order not to get bored with a guy in a relationship, cognitive novelty is needed. Even if it is a toy, it is very versatile, like the Internet. Take the internet away from people, there will be a revolution of the dissatisfied. It is interesting for a couple together - they live in perfect harmony. There is no cognition, the relationship becomes boring and starts looking for something on the side.

"I am the loveliest in the world, all blush and whiter" i

The wife complains: “Am I not a mistress, am I not a beauty? And he is ungrateful, now to the garage, then to training. Usually, the woman in the family is both the director and the director of the family's leisure time. It doesn't matter what you come up with, or going to the park to photograph nature, or trips away. Some people dream of an annual vacation, study routes, choose resorts, get ready, buy something for the vacation, save money.

It's not worth waiting for someone to come up with all this and provide it, you can't come up with it yourself, nothing will happen. Someone is endlessly busy with repairs, builds and builds, changes the filling of the apartment. Neighbors in complete shock, 25 years of renovation. People have so much fun as long as they both like the direction.

boredom in a relationship
boredom in a relationship

There are different hobbies, the most unexpected interest groups2

It is not necessary to engage in such global activities if you become bored with a guy, even a banal occupation with snails will distract you from your domestic routine. Men are curious and ready to observe any of their wife's hobbies, as long as it doesn't bother them. It doesn't matter what you do, the main thing is that you like it yourself and be fascinated, then he will become involved in you.

Fitness, dance training, how cute he will run to see who you are dancing with. Practicing serious yoga may cause objections, but this philosophy gives such freedom and self-sufficiency that no one will be bored in a relationship. It is desirable to have a tendency to everything, so that your eyes burn, emotions splash out, as a result, youth will forever remain with you.

Rearranging the apartment will probably cause controversy and lead to a global renewal. New curtains, a new dish for dinner, anything but boring: "How are you?", And buried themselves in the TV or computer, each in his own.

bored with boyfriend
bored with boyfriend

Bomb with SMS, calls, if possible, remind of yourself, just do not be silent. At some point, you will need help in your crazy endeavors and he will provide it, scold the bases of anger, like a naughty kitten, it's still better than indifference.

Happy together, actions that unite a couple3

Relationships in happy couples are the same, they are:

  • go to bed together, there is an opportunity to hug before going to bed, bury your nose in a strong shoulder;
  • leaving home they always report this, banal: "Well, I went!" or "went", in response they will hear: "Good luck";
  • they find out suspicions and grievances together in order to dispel them;
  • know how to listen to each other without interrupting, trying to understand what has been said;
  • patiently listen to explanations, despite the fact that they want to knock at this moment;
  • no criticism in front of strangers, all clarifications are only in private;
  • do not hesitate to show their good relationship on a walk, holding hands or arm, let everyone know that the third one is superfluous here;
  • will tune in to a common wave, having come up with a goal or a dream and go towards it together;
boring man
boring man
  • discuss large purchases so that there are no objections later;
  • add a bit of humor to relationships, jokes, not serious remarks that can end in funny cuffs, only unite the couple;
  • give you the opportunity to be alone with yourself, in your personal space - they do not constantly hang on a partner;
  • mutual praise and admiration are so popular with both that it is not wise to neglect them;
  • to please with an unexpected surprise and be delighted to see a smile in return, what could be better;
  • for two or three praises, one tiny remark can be made, then it will be accepted for execution;
  • quarrels over trifles that do not affect the course of events in your family do not make sense, let everyone remain unconvinced;
  • say compliments - it's nice and you want to praise in return;
  • do not forget to say "thank you" for everything, the value of the service or action increases;
  • be interested in his affairs, ask what he will do and why.

At first glance, all this will seem insignificant and petty, but it is from such little things that a happy relationship is formed. They are vaccinated, accustomed to them, gradually they become a habit, and habit is second nature, and leads to a stable good understanding in a couple.