What Is Flirting And How Does It Manifest Itself In Modern Society?

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What Is Flirting And How Does It Manifest Itself In Modern Society?
What Is Flirting And How Does It Manifest Itself In Modern Society?

Video: What Is Flirting And How Does It Manifest Itself In Modern Society?

Video: What Is Flirting And How Does It Manifest Itself In Modern Society?
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We live a little in a crazy world, but no matter how torn a person is between work and home, he always has time for dating, communication, flirting. And to do without it is unrealistic. Communication is far from being a human whim, it is the realization of the needs of the individual and it performs more than one important function.

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  • 1 The need for communication
  • 2 Making an impression of yourself
  • 3 Social obligations
  • 4 Exchange of information
  • 5 Introduction
  • 6 Impact on others
  • 7 Flirting is an essential part of human life
  • 8 How do we flirt?
  • 9 Flirting in marriage
  • 10 Manifestations of flirting
  • 11 Consequences of not flirting
  • 12 Infinity of communication

The need for communication

Man is a social creature and communication with other people is important to him no less than food and air. People can talk on different topics for several hours in a row. And, even if after a day they do not remember what exactly the conversation was about, it is absolutely not important, because the goal was not to solve burning issues, but to satisfy the need for communication.

Making an impression of yourself2

Communicating with other people, we understand how people around us see us. In accordance with this, we adjust our behavior and even improve to some extent. This is a kind of "I - the concept" of each person in his relation to others and, conversely, the attitude of those around him to himself.

Social obligations3

Having met with a familiar person, and having taken an interest in his affairs and personal life, we show ourselves in society. That is, we fulfill our social obligations - the willingness to listen, empathize, support and, if necessary, advise.


Exchange of information4

In addition to information received from the media - newspapers, television, the Internet, a person needs to communicate with other people. Discussing this or that topic, we express our opinion on a particular issue and, accordingly, find out the point of view of the opponent.

Acquaintance 5

Without acquaintances, a person would not be able to build relationships with other people. That is, I would be in a complete vacuum, without friends, without acquaintances, without love, and this is simply not realistic.

Impact on others6

All people interact with other people. Whether it's a job or a hobby, a circle of friends or family, it all happens through acquaintances and communication. And no matter how global this communication is, it still leaves a mark in the subconscious of a person, forming his views on life and the opinions of others about him.


In general, speaking about dating and communication, we can say that this is necessary in order to:

  • Chat - talk about interests, satisfy the need for communication
  • Make friends - find a person with common interests who is ready to prompt, help, advise (of course, all this should be mutual)
  • Fall in love - find a couple for living together, start a family, a child, find true love

These are all the main components of what we need dating and communication for. As they say, everything elementary is simple.

Flirting is an essential part of human life7

Flirting is usually called flirting, that is, the manifestation of one's interest in a representative of the opposite sex. Many people equate flirting with seduction, however, this is completely wrong. Seduction is a separate line of behavior aimed at persuading a person to have a sexual relationship.

How do we flirt? 8

Flirting begins on a subconscious level when an attractive representative (representative) of the opposite sex appears on the horizon. Moreover, personal sympathy for the approaching person is absolutely necessary. And here it is no longer important, neither what the interlocutor is wearing, nor whether he arrived in a luxurious foreign car or came on foot, in general, nothing more purely physical attractiveness.


The only additional component of flirting, which is also very important, is its appropriateness - the mood of the people you meet. That is, it, like the anecdote, may be completely inappropriate.

Flirting, both man and woman experience an unforgettable and quivering excitement that is incomparable with anything. Moreover, sexual arousal has absolutely nothing to do with it. This excitement appears due to the release of a huge amount of endorphins, adrenaline and other “helpers” of a good mood by the body.

Flirting helps us to feel attractive and show our interlocutor. During flirting, a person seems to take off his "facelessness" and begins to feel like a real Man or Woman. At the same time, flirting does not at all oblige to any continuation of the relationship, this is not necessarily the beginning of a romantic relationship. Having pleasantly talked, once flirting interlocutors may never meet each other again.

That is, they talked, flirted, got a lot of pleasant emotions and fled, keeping pleasant memories in their memory. Of course, cases are not excluded when flirting develops into another form of communication - strong friendship or sincere love.

How women flirt
How women flirt

Flirting in marriage9

By the way, flirting is not necessarily the behavior of two unfamiliar or unfamiliar people. It turns out that spouses who have lived together for more than one year can also flirt. This is necessary in order to periodically "update" relationships and not make family life a boring symbiosis of two personalities.

Sometimes couples subconsciously start flirting with each other just before sex. So they seem to "switch" each other from family life to sexual entertainment.


Defining flirting from the outside is easy enough. These are eloquent, as if flirting glances, examining the "charms" of the interlocutor, and jokes mixed with compliments. Burning eyes and an inexhaustible stream of eloquence - all this is flirting.

The most interesting thing is that you can only flirt mutually. If one of the parties does not agree to support the proposed "game", the continuation becomes simply meaningless.

How men flirt
How men flirt

Consequences of not flirting11

Very often, light flirting is an obligatory component of communication between people of different sexes. If, when communicating with all your appearance, you show that the interlocutor is a faceless person (not a man or a woman, but simply some kind of "it"), you can greatly offend him. Moreover, such resentment is often subconscious and people do not even know what exactly is now "straining" them in communication.

Take, for example, a corporate party that everyone came to with their spouses. It is likely that jokes and compliments will be heard here. And, no matter what they will be directed to - appearance, career success or wit, they will in any case be pleasant to the recipient (recipient) and should not cause the slightest jealousy in his companion (companion). After all, the lack of compliments from the outside can even look somewhat offensive.

Spouses, on the contrary, should be happy and proud that their partner is being paid attention to. It's like, this is how good he is (handsome, smart), and he is mine and only mine.

The consequences of flirting
The consequences of flirting

Infinity of communication12

Communication surrounds us from all sides. Dating, communication, flirting is an unchanging and obligatory component of human life. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as hermit monks who spend decades of their lives alone. But, now we are not talking about them at all, but about ordinary normal people who need communication daily and hourly.

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