Dating In The Subway: The Chance Is Small, But Still There

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Dating In The Subway: The Chance Is Small, But Still There
Dating In The Subway: The Chance Is Small, But Still There

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Dating in the metro
Dating in the metro

Dating in the subway, as in other public transport, resembles a mine action, where one wrong move can lead to sad consequences. Buses, subways and trams are places where people don't like each other. This means that the usual ways to start a conversation or light flirting will not lead to the expected results. But at the same time, public transport presents several unexpected opportunities that can lead to a first date.

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  • 1 Eliminate errors
  • 2 To appease and surprise
  • 3 Breaking patterns

Eliminate errors i

Before the very attempt to get acquainted, it is worth remembering a few nuances that can destroy even a carefully planned plan:

  • Unobtrusive touching during a conversation helps to endear the interlocutor to yourself. But this practice does not work in the subway. Even casual touches will not be pleasant to the girls in the passenger carriage. What can we say about intentional tactile contact.
  • Compliments when meeting on the subway will not have much effect. Even the most beautiful girl, with perfect makeup and neat clothes, will think that it is impossible to look good on the subway a priori.
  • Questions about the destination will immediately be put on the list of commonplace ones, and the questioner will be reckoned among the mountain pickup group. No "hello, where are you going?"
  • Instead of asking about the book she is reading, it is better to comment on the fact of reading or the content, if you could spy on the text and it turned out to be familiar.

On the subway, it is extremely important to catch the eye of a pretty person. Eye contact can help you gain attention even before you meet. By observing the lady's reaction, you can work out a plan for the upcoming conversation.

The key nuance of public transport is people. It will not work to start a face-to-face dialogue in the carriage. You need to be prepared for unwilling spectators. This is another tricky part of underground dating. It is also worth remembering that the irritation of passengers (and an interesting girl, respectively) will grow in direct proportion to their number.

acquaintance in the subway
acquaintance in the subway

Coax and surprise2

The option that has the lowest chance of misfire is to provide free space in a jammed carriage. True, for this you will have to try and take an empty seat, and also jealously guard it like a Cerberus. Gallantly giving up your seat, you can try to start a conversation with a girl with a phrase about the fact that such a beauty should not stand in a packed carriage.

If there is a full house with empty seats, you can try to unobtrusively cover the lady from jolts and crush. Even if the beauty is not in the mood for conversation, such a gesture of custody will be appreciated.

Ideally, if a guy and a girl meet regularly in the subway car. Then, after several attempts at steady eye contact, you can present her with a rose, carefully preserved from the encroachments of accidental shocks of passengers. The occasion may be an anniversary meeting in the carriage.

how to meet on the subway
how to meet on the subway

You can also start a conversation by commenting on the ongoing confusion. A touch of irony and sarcasm in a joke will come in handy. The girl probably cannot help but respond to a witty statement, which will serve as an excuse to meet in the subway.

Breaking the Patterns3

Nobody said that it was necessary to get acquainted in the carriage. You can approach a girl at the station, but here it is better to use a similar approach as when meeting on the street - to evaluate her behavior, it is better not to touch people in a hurry.

If the lady is slowly looking at the map of the subway, a question that clarifies the necessary direction would be a good option. You can go even further and give a compliment: "when I saw you, I instantly forgot where I need to go." This is just an example, you need to come up with the exact phrase yourself.

girl in the subway
girl in the subway

Full acquaintance is possible only in a half-empty carriage. Otherwise, it is worth agreeing to continue the dialogue after exiting at one of the stations. In this case, it is worth giving the girl a break and escorting her to the desired place. If the fair sex really turned out to be an interesting conversationalist.

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