Dating In A Restaurant: Choosing The Most Original Way

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Dating In A Restaurant: Choosing The Most Original Way
Dating In A Restaurant: Choosing The Most Original Way
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Dating in a restaurant
Dating in a restaurant

Before discussing dating in a restaurant, you need to know if there is a difference between a restaurant and a cafe. De jure, cafes and similar establishments are absolutely identical, budgeting and management are practically no different from each other. De facto restaurants usually have a wider assortment of dishes and are made in themed style, and the area occupied by the restaurant is much larger than a small and lamp cafe, although there are exceptions. In principle, assigning clear boundaries to such establishments is a relic of the past.

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As for dating, the basic principles do not depend on the specific orientation of the institution.

The nuances of starting a conversation

It is important to understand that people come to these establishments, first of all, to have a snack, drink coffee or try unusual dishes. This means that there will be fewer people who want to start a dialogue than in a bar and similar places. Although there are representatives of both sexes who purposefully visit cafes and restaurants in an attempt to get to know each other. Despite this, the right presentation of yourself and the approach to starting a conversation can melt any obstacle.

It is also important to be able to notice the behavior of people sitting at their tables, if this is a group of girls who actively look around and often laugh - you can act. But it is better not to interfere with a business meeting, but to wait for its end and make a decision based on the results. Quite an interesting option is group acquaintance, when the institution is visited with a friend.

Examples of good behavior2

To follow the examples below requires a certain amount of relaxedness and confidence. The latter quality is especially appreciated by all women without exception. Of course, you can go to an institution, choose a place for yourself and wait for the weather by the sea, but it is difficult to impress with childish behavior.

meeting in a restaurant
meeting in a restaurant
  • It is better to start acquaintance in a restaurant with a short walk around the hall. The pretext for this behavior is the selection of the most suitable table. In fact, this is a way to take a look at all the visitors, highlighting the most attractive and open to dialogue people. Courageous behavior attracts attention, but this is what needs to be achieved. However, you do not need to show yourself as a client who is difficult to please.
  • Communication with the staff allows other visitors (who are interested) to provide the necessary information about themselves. It is worth asking about the affairs of the service personnel, asking about the dish of interest. The main thing is politeness.
  • Having taken a free table, you can turn to the neighbor you are interested in with the phrase: "Hello girl, I am your new neighbor, promise me that you will not bother." Such an appeal should cause laughter or at least a smile, which will be enough for further acquaintance. Another option is to look the girl in the eyes and say: “I’ll come soon, never leave” and, depending on the reaction, continue the dialogue.
  • You can try your luck directly and approach the lady with a request to join the meal. If the girl is inclined to communicate, there will be no refusal. In conversation, you can ask about your favorite dish, or ask to choose a menu to her taste.
meeting in a cafe
meeting in a cafe

Nobody likes arrogant people. Even if a person does not like the dish or service in the establishment, you should not shout about it to the whole audience and demand a book of complaints. Too defiant behavior negates all chances of acquaintance in a restaurant.


It is much easier for girls to strike up a conversation anywhere than it is for men. Even if she decides to take the first step (which is usually expected from a guy), such an intention will be accepted by the man quite favorably. In other cases, it is enough to smile at the young man at the next table and send non-verbal signals of interest.

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