Meeting A Girl On The Street: Looking For A Betrothed By An Old Grandfather

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Meeting A Girl On The Street: Looking For A Betrothed By An Old Grandfather
Meeting A Girl On The Street: Looking For A Betrothed By An Old Grandfather

Video: Meeting A Girl On The Street: Looking For A Betrothed By An Old Grandfather

Video: Meeting A Girl On The Street: Looking For A Betrothed By An Old Grandfather
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Meeting girls on the street
Meeting girls on the street

Twitter, Instagram, contact and other social portals serve users not only as platforms for thematic communication, but also as a place to meet. People get to know each other, communicate and sometimes even meet in real life. This practice is increasingly supplanting acquaintance on the street with a girl, but once our parents and older brothers were looking for a mate in this “ancient” way.

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  • 1 Testing the arsenal
  • 2 Selecting an object
  • 3 How to behave
  • 4 And what should I say?

Acquaintance with a girl in person has an undeniable advantage over virtual communication. You can write anything about yourself (as well as send any photo), but when the interlocutor sees gestures, facial expressions and hears the timbre of his voice, it is much easier for him to assess the attractiveness of a possible half. Well, a classic: live communication protects from bearded uncles (or aunties) strange inclinations that have fun, posing as fragile and loving beauties on the net.

Checking out the arsenal

You can talk as long as you like about the importance of inner peace and the beauty of the soul. But whatever one may say, but the book is greeted by the cover. So that meeting a girl on the street has a better chance of success, it is worth working on the appearance:

  • Top and bottom, or shoes and head. This is the key point. A guy should always have clean hair and neat shoes. Fans of brutal facial hair should put it in full order. If liquid antennae do not suit a young man, it is worth getting rid of them. Acne and similar "decorations" are also not recommended. Shoes do not have to be branded, the important thing is the absence of dirt on them.
  • As for the rest of the clothes, here, too, neatness comes first, not price. A wrinkled shirt and jeans worn to anatomical convenience will not inspire anyone. Even guys need a minimal sense of style. A lot of writing on garments should be avoided.
  • Perfume, watches and other accessories. Their absence is not critical, but the stylish chronometer and attractive scent will throw several points to the attractiveness of the young man. The main thing is not to overdo it with eau de toilette, turning from a nice-smelling guy into a chemical weapon.
acquaintance on the street
acquaintance on the street

Oral hygiene. Yellow teeth lead to separation. Refreshing sprays will help get rid of the smell. It's important not to chew gum when you meet

It is important to find the line between “sweet boy” and “uncouth barbarian”. Trimmed nails are a plus, but it is better to leave them covered with protective varnish for the ladies. With hair, it is the same - a neat haircut is good, but hair slicked with gel is not.

This is a necessary minimum that you need to follow when leaving the house, and not just for meeting girls on the street.

Selecting an object2

What are people doing on the street? That's right, they move along it from one point to another. And here it is important to distinguish the circumstances that will influence the attempt to start a dialogue. If a beautiful person is walking at a slow pace and looks around, you can approach. A subject that rushes at cruising speed without noticing anything around it is better not to touch.

how does one meet on the street
how does one meet on the street

It would be ideal to visit a park or the main street of the city. It is here that there is a great chance to meet a strolling beauty.

How to behave3

All of the above steps are easy to perform, but the next step will take some courage. How to start and what to talk about with a girl, for this you should at least approach the girl (and it is better not from the back):

  • Establish visual connection for 3-5 seconds. According to psychologists, this time is enough for the girl to at least become interested. Further - it is easier, a slight smile and a greeting.
  • Personal space is very important for the fair sex. Dialogue at arm's length will not make the interlocutor feel uncomfortable.
  • Even, low voice. Even if inside the heart plays the role of an alarm bell from excitement.
  • Don't be harsh or overconfident. Better to indicate a slight embarrassment. Do not disguise yourself as a scarlet, stuttering tomato on shaking legs, namely, a slight embarrassment in the form of a slightly averted gaze after contact and a slightly guilty smile.
ways of dating on the street
ways of dating on the street

What can I say? 4

There are dozens of topics for dating, but it is better to combine them into three main groups:

  1. Find a pretext in the form of a question "how to get to the metro", etc., you can develop the topic by asking about a pizzeria or cafe, and then gently invite to transfer the dialogue to the institution. Any pretext can be - a funny joke, an interesting commentary on the weather.
  2. An honest acquaintance. Having greeted the lady and paid her a compliment, you can immediately indicate your intentions. Verbal compliments are very important for girls.
  3. Template dating. From "girl, I dreamed of you" to "please call an ambulance, cupid wounded me right in the heart." But it is better to continue this pattern with a joke and invite the girl to evaluate the skill of the pickup artist.

It is better not to look for ready-made schemes on the forums, but to rely on your own charm and humor, as well as honesty. Then all the "pickup gurus" and their golden phrases for dating will become unnecessary.

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