New Bumble Feature Automatically Censors 18+ Photos

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New Bumble Feature Automatically Censors 18+ Photos
New Bumble Feature Automatically Censors 18+ Photos

Video: New Bumble Feature Automatically Censors 18+ Photos

Video: New Bumble Feature Automatically Censors 18+ Photos
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"The safety of our users is our number one priority" - this is how the developers comment on the innovation.

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My eyes would not see this i

The dating app Bumble has launched a new feature that automatically blurs nude images.

Bumble is a unique application in its own way. It encourages women's initiative and at the same time tries to protect girls from unwanted attention from men. In 2019, the development team announced that an innovation is coming - the Private Detector Tool.

That is, a kind of detector tool that works right inside the application.

Using artificial intelligence, this tool captures images in real time with up to 98% accuracy to determine if content has been sent to the user that is, to put it mildly, inappropriate.

This feature (by the way, its innovation was announced on the official Instagram account of the application) was fully endorsed by Whitney Wolf Heard, founder and CEO of Bumble, and Andrey Andreev, founder of MagicLab, who owns dating apps Badoo, Bumble, Lumen and Chappy.

That same year (2019) Wolf Heard was in talks with American lawmakers. They discussed the adoption of a law according to which sending unsolicited 18+ photos would be considered a crime.

In August 2019, the law came into force.

How does the new feature work? 2

When a Bumble user receives an image or message that the Private Detector tool has deemed inappropriate, an alert appears on the screen.

The user can then click on the screen to see the questionable message. If he sees fit, of course.

“The digital world can be a very dangerous place filled with obscenity, hate and inappropriate behavior,” said Wolf Heard.

Andreev added that the safety of people who use dating apps is the company's “number one priority”.

“This is evidenced by the careful development of the Private Detector Tool,” he said.

Instagram users appreciated the new development (for some time now this application has a similar function): “Someone tried to send me a naked photo, luckily a warning popped up on the screen. Guys, send pictures of dogs, not members."

"At last!" - another user comments.

Apparently, unsolicited photos of the genitals are a problem that many people know firsthand.

In Scotland, cyber crimes (the same mailing of unsolicited 18+ photos) have been prosecuted since 2010.

However, this is not a criminal offense in England or Wales. At the moment.

In 2019, the UK Justice Department announced that a public comment would be held to determine if new laws would be introduced regarding cybercrime and other sex crimes.

So in the future, we can expect not only new functions in dating apps, but also new laws that control the actions of loving users.

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