Why A Man Turns A Woman Away: The Truth About Losers And Worthy

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Why A Man Turns A Woman Away: The Truth About Losers And Worthy
Why A Man Turns A Woman Away: The Truth About Losers And Worthy

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beautiful girl and man
beautiful girl and man

A man can move away from a woman only for one reason - he is already obsessed with her and wants her to come closer. You can understand why a man repels a woman if you regard the situation as a conflict within the personality. Everyone is born as an individual, but becomes a personal person due to experienced events and emotions. Rejection occurs due to the insolvency inside: he splits, allowing himself to love her, but not allowing her to do the same, although he initially pursues this goal.

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  • 2 Fear of rejection
  • 3 How to solve the problem?

Bookmark interest inside i

It's not the parents against, the mother is jealous, friends influence. It was just that the start of interest in her inside him happened too abruptly. The sympathy for which the person was not ready was sharply pierced. Due to the suppression of feelings, a failure occurred in the mind - he loves, wants her, but in the subconscious there is a pressure of a psychological shield. As a result, he does everything so that the woman does not approach him. He continues to want her, be jealous and interfere with his personal life. The girl will either consider him abnormal, or selfish, which is more correct. Psychologists say that a similar emotional state is observed among men who could not become parents until the 40th day, were not married.

  • A woman will represent salvation for him, and feelings for her - violence against oneself;
  • Fighting sexual energy appears to be torture;
  • The inability to fight with oneself to cross the boiling point, when at the sight of an object it becomes impossible to hold back oneself hard.

A man has all the prerequisites for aggression, and they can be directed at other girls, friends, colleagues. He is not able to force himself to stop loving, to stop wanting an object. Thoughts may appear about the abduction of a person as an object of desire. Therefore, he pushes the woman away from the inflamed “I” so as not to break the line between a lover and a maniac rolled into one. On the other hand, how to save yourself, if the girl does not mind starting a family, enter into a relationship with him. Wouldn't a yes answer the question? Perhaps he will become calmer if the girl is always by his side.

Fear of rejection2

How can you know that it is delicious if you have not tried it yet and are not trying to try it. How can you say that you will not pass the exam if you do not pass the test? Is it all the fault of insecurity?

why does a man ignore a girl
why does a man ignore a girl

Psychologists say that men have such an interesting feeling as unwillingness to put up with a possible outcome. It is easier for them to think that they are not needed by anyone, admitting the thought that this is not so; than to confirm their guesses. Yes, the banal responsibility for the girl's decision, the hardening of it - everything can become too vulnerable an event. Therefore, it is better not to know what lies ahead. The fear of being rejected is tantamount to sterility, the inability to satisfy a woman. For girls, such problems can be treated and influenced. But for men - a blow below the belt, when nature has not awarded them with masculine features. In these situations, they suffer more than women who are offered IVF. The most offensive thing is that their family is called strong, but in fact, it is simply unrealistically difficult to admit their mistakes, from everyday ones to bedding.

How to solve the problem? 3

If it so happens that the man is already pushing the woman away, then she is inside him, sitting at the very depths. Since it becomes a source of work on itself, its place will be defined for a long time to come as insignificantly rigid. Subsequently, it can turn into a muse about which poetry will be composed. In the male subconscious, there is a struggle for calmness and battle. As long as the woman forces him to think about how to deal with her fears, he will continue to see her as a source of negative emotions. Hatred, disappointment is her fault, he believes. Although the girl may not do anything at all.

reasons for male ignorance
reasons for male ignorance

In order not to break loose in the future and not to let a storm of emotions pass through you, you need to understand how much a woman has taken possession of him.

  • The first degree is characterized by blackmail: a man compromises with himself;
  • Second degree - rage is expressed, there is an inability to control your emotions;
  • The third degree is aggression against all women, who are somehow similar to the source of negativity.

He will not hate himself, since the male ego does not allow himself to sink to self-flagellation. The easiest and most correct way to put a label on the one that causes a flurry of emotions. To dispel fears, he needs to learn to touch her, be present in her, introducing conversations, understand and hear in order to represent her psychological portrait.

the man does not reciprocate
the man does not reciprocate

Only a woman does not always need one who, at a conscious age, cannot determine her feelings. Only their curiosity and pity can pair. But one of the two will suffer, since the second is not able to understand and believe that he is loved and appreciated. A struggle will begin again, which flows from love to hate, because not everyone will understand why a man pushes a woman away.

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