My Man Is A Mama's Son. How To Communicate With Him?

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My Man Is A Mama's Son. How To Communicate With Him?
My Man Is A Mama's Son. How To Communicate With Him?

Video: My Man Is A Mama's Son. How To Communicate With Him?

Video: My Man Is A Mama's Son. How To Communicate With Him?
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man sissy
man sissy

The imagination of many women, when they say "sissy", immediately draws a sort of "Carlson" in suspenders and with a cell phone on a string hung around his neck. Why on the neck, but everything is simple - suddenly my mother calls, but he does not hear. As a matter of fact, mother is also here - on the neck. Of course, in real life, everything looks a little different, but the fact that a man is a mama's son becomes clear by quite noticeable external signs.

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  • 1 Mom's Tips
  • 2 Endless communication
  • 3 Idolatry
  • 4 Lack of personal point of view
  • 5 Re-education

Mom's Tips

Without consulting his mother, he will not be able to make a single even less sensible decision. And this does not apply to global things, such as in which area to buy an apartment or where to go to rest. Although, a real man is quite capable of making these decisions on his own, or, after consulting his wife.

But, mama's son is completely different without the advice of a parent, he won't even buy socks or a pack of sour cream for himself, and suddenly the composition is not the same, or the manufacturer is "wrong." Of course, not a single life partner will like such a formulation of the question. It should be noted that in this case it is not just about shopping. The beloved parent will just "go to bed third." Yes, without her advice, the sonny will not do with these delicate issues.

Endless communication 2

The most terrible thing, having such a man in companions, is uncertainty not only in the next day, but also in the next hour. It would seem that everything is fine, a joint weekend is planned, and now, one phone call, and the husband rushed off to his mother. She cannot be left alone because her beloved cactus has dried up (the cat got sick, the tablecloth broke, the 25-knife broke). That is, the problem may not be significant at all, but mama's son will rush headlong into comforting dear maman.

At the same time, he can throw his spouse right at the door of the maternity hospital, thrusting it into the hands of the newly received parcel with the newborn, he will rush to his beloved mother.

Idolatry 3

If you live with a mama's son, you need to be prepared for the fact that in every corner of the room a photo of your beloved mama will be installed on a pedestal. Each morning, the couple will start with a telephone conversation with their mother (this is at best if they are lucky enough to live separately).

If the living space is shared and the daughter-in-law lives with her mother-in-law, the situation becomes completely critical - unbearable. Then "mama" will really be present everywhere, even in the bedroom and bathroom.

At the same time, mothers of this kind will never perceive the husband's wife, no matter how ideal she is. And the worst of all is that if a man is a mama's son, he will definitely side with the dearest parent and begin to indulge her in everything.

what to do if a man sissy
what to do if a man sissy

It is simply unrealistic for a normal woman to endure this. That is why such sons are most often single or divorced and live with their mothers to old age. And in this case, even the fact that in most cases they are excellent owners does not help, they are always ready to help both with the housework and in the kitchen.

Lack of personal point of view4

Mama's sons have absolutely no point of view of their own. Here everything also directly depends solely on mother. And even if he initially liked the dress his wife bought in the store, as soon as the mother expresses her displeasure with the new thing, he will immediately take her side. And, the wife's new outfit will become a vulgar lurid rag or a shapeless bag. That's how my mother decides.

If it is naive to hope that the mother gives all the advice exclusively to her son, this is also not so. The mother will command her daughter-in-law openly and without hiding her tone. Yes, it is precisely to command, and not to consult or ask. This woman is sure that she is the smartest and most reasonable one. Accordingly, the son's family is simply obliged to live by its rules.

man sissy
man sissy

As a result, all family life - kitchen, cleaning, raising children and even marital sex should be arranged according to mama's order.

The most interesting thing is that if you try to argue with the mother-in-law. The case will inevitably end in a scandal. And with her husband, and with the immediate culprit - the mother-in-law. At the same time, one second such scandal will inevitably lead to divorce. Beloved mommy will simply kill her daughter-in-law from the world. The question here is exclusively in time.


Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to re-educate mama's son. Not a single textbook of modern practical psychology will help here. The diagnosis "male mama's boy" is incurable.

You can, of course, try to reduce the influence of mama to a minimum, but, as practice shows, such changes do not have a long-term effect and everything very quickly returns "to square one." The most interesting thing is that even after death, the mother continues to live in the words and actions of her son. He speaks her words and in everything he sets her up as an example.

who is mama's son
who is mama's son

So, do not overestimate the capabilities of your nerve cells. In life, I met a mama's son - you need to run from him at breakneck speed.

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