How To Meet A Foreigner And How To Communicate With Him Without Knowing The Language

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How To Meet A Foreigner And How To Communicate With Him Without Knowing The Language
How To Meet A Foreigner And How To Communicate With Him Without Knowing The Language

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Dating with foreigners
Dating with foreigners

It would seem that a lot of time has passed since the girls put on challenging costumes and sang "American Boy" to tape cassettes. It's been a long time since the dashing 90s in the yard; there are no queues for goods in stores, and to get a deficit you don't need to have friends abroad, but Russian women still dream of meeting foreigners.

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  • 1 Why do girls want to meet a foreigner?
  • 2 How and where to meet foreigners?
  • 3 Dangers of dating foreigners
  • 4 How to communicate with a foreigner without knowledge of English?
  • 5 Why do foreigners love Russian women?
  • 6 mistakes women make when meeting foreigners
  • 7 Precautions when meeting foreigners

Why is the situation not changing, what makes dating with foreigners good, and what pitfalls stand in the way of Russian girls nowadays? It's time to talk frankly about everything.

Why do girls want to meet a foreigner? I

In Russia, just a huge percentage of women want to meet foreigners and jump out to marry them. But what attracts them so much about these men with a completely different mentality?

Firstly, many people believe that in any country (mainly European) people live better than in Russia, which means they need to "get out" from here by any means. And marriage with a foreigner is the easiest option. Although for some reason many people forget the "pitfalls" of such an alliance.

Thanks to the media, everyone understands perfectly well that in European countries the standard of living is much higher, men get on their feet earlier and if they are looking for wives for themselves, then in the professional sphere they have already realized themselves and do not experience material problems.

Unlike foreign women, Russians like to shoulder responsibility on the shoulders of their men, but in return they are ready to give them their tenderness, home comfort and take care of their family.

Secondly, foreigners are much more attentive, caring and generous than Russian men. They love to lavish compliments and show signs of attention, which Russians are so stingy about. As many former Russian women say, having married a foreigner, they felt like real women.

Third, the novelty factor may play a role. When unsuccessful romantic relationships with their compatriots and dissatisfaction with their own lives lie on one side of the scale, and on the other, the opportunity to start a new life in a new country with a new person. And then, for some reason, everything new and unknown outweighs the familiar and familiar. But what to do, everyone is free to make their own choice.

How and where to meet foreigners? __ c

You can only meet a standing foreigner in the city, so the townspeople have more chances of a pleasant acquaintance. However, there are other ways of dating that are available to almost any girl.

National communities

Their task is usually to promote their culture, pass tests for a visa, counseling, meeting a delegation of compatriots, etc. You can also pay attention to restaurants of national cuisine, where foreigners like to drop in to enjoy the taste of familiar food. Acquaintance in such an environment can really show what a person is.

Dating agencies

Such companies create profiles for the largest international dating sites. They provide many profiles of their clients, whose details are carefully checked. The staff also helps with correspondence and meeting arrangements. In the future, they provide assistance in obtaining visas. What services need to be paid for and what not, you need to find out in advance. Usually the clients of such firms are serious and successful people, the risk of stumbling upon a crook is minimal.


International dating sites

These are Internet sites on which anyone can register and use the entire client base. However, there are no guarantees of safety, you can stumble upon anyone on the world wide web. To avoid getting into trouble, don't be too gullible.

The dangers of meeting foreigners2

On the one hand, a lot has already been written and told about the insecurity of dating with foreigners, on the other hand, women have enough examples before their eyes when their more successful compatriots built a strong alliance with men from other countries and left abroad. So is it worth to be afraid of such acquaintances and what can you expect from them?

The Internet is a great screen behind which you can hide anything you want: age, addictions, marital status, sphere of work. It is quite difficult to identify such a deception, you must always keep your ears on top

For some scammers, dating sites with foreigners are a feeding trough where they enrich themselves at the expense of overly gullible people. They may not ask for money directly, but they exert psychological pressure, forcing a person to express his sympathy in monetary units.

Stereotyped behavior. It must be remembered that each country has its own mentality and it is impossible to communicate with any foreigner as with Fedya from a neighboring yard. You can't take all the compliments and promises at face value, many of the foreigners say completely differently from what they think, like, for example, oriental men. But the northern ones are quite restrained and can remain silent even when it would be possible to add something


Excessive frankness. Entering into a close relationship with an Internet friend, women can blurt out a lot of superfluous and intimate things about themselves, and even show something to the camera. It is possible that soon a new acquaintance will begin to threaten her with compromising evidence or simply merge her pictures into YouTube

Selling girls into slavery has long been a familiar topic, but it does not lose its relevance. Girls should always be on their guard and not be led by generous promises of help and the possibility of good money

Foreign dating sites are full of perverts, rapists and psychopaths. Internet networks for them are like a regular network for a fisherman, in which they catch their easy prey. As a rule, such individuals like to lure their victims into uncrowded places, parks or apartments.

How to communicate with a foreigner without knowing English? 3

If a woman wants to meet a foreigner, but does not speak languages, then she will definitely have a hard time. Even if she already has an admirer and he is an Arab, Swede, Canadian or Indian, then it is not at all necessary to learn his language. All modern educated people should be fluent in international languages, such as English, German or French, at least in a conversational form.

If a woman has a problem even with this, then an online translator can help her, which in real time, that is, almost instantly, translates the correspondence into the required language.

However, learning a language does not change this. It is worth learning colloquial phrases as much as possible, replenishing your vocabulary with new words and mastering the rules of sentence construction.

acquaintance with a foreigner
acquaintance with a foreigner

When a meeting is planned in advance, then there is an opportunity to prepare for it: learn words, prepare phrases.

If communication still causes problems, but you already want to chat with a person live, then you can try the online dating option. Do not be ashamed of your speech, if the interlocutor is interested in the woman, he will not find fault with the words and even help her to better express her thought.

Before the meeting, you need to put your appearance in order, put on a beautiful dress, do your hair and makeup. Even if a man does not see all the details, a beautiful appearance will add confidence to a woman.

It is necessary to be friendly and to express a sincere interest in the interlocutor. We need to let him know that his company is very welcome.

Why do foreigners love Russian women? 4

It's no secret that foreigners find Russian women especially attractive. To find out the reason for such sympathies, men from Australia, USA, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, France, Italy, Norway were interviewed.

The answers received helped to identify the qualities that foreigners see in Russian women:

man with bandage
man with bandage
  • Natural beauty and femininity. What European or American men lack is femininity without a touch of feminism. Fortunately, Russian young ladies do not like to fight for their independence and prefer to be behind a man like behind a stone wall.
  • Well-groomed and self-care. To achieve any heights in personal or professional activity, you must always look your best. It is not for nothing that they say about Russian girls that they dress up even to throw a bag of garbage into the garbage chute.
  • Easy to lift. Many women meet foreigners for this very purpose. Lacking the extra money for expensive travel, they are not averse to traveling at the expense of a wealthy fan.
  • Sensuality and emotionality. Many Western women are known to be emancipated. And men love it when a woman expresses her emotions quite brightly and sincerely.
  • Education. Even with difficulties in translation, you need to communicate with a woman. No man wants to overcome the language barrier in order to hear some nonsense.

Woman's mistakes when meeting foreigners5

Many women consider the main problem to be the lack of the opportunity to meet a foreigner. At the same time, they do not think at all about their behavior after meeting, letting things go on their own.

There are girls who believe that online dating is not for them, there are few good men there, and even those have long been sorted out. However, statistics suggest otherwise - dating sites are full of both women and men. Everyone has an equal chance of finding the right person.

When searching for a satellite, you need to take into account only the bare facts and no superstitions. Do not take into account astrological predictions, fortune telling, compatibility of names or horoscopes.

man with flowers on his head
man with flowers on his head

Servant Syndrome. Many believe that men are looking for uncomplaining servants among Russian women. However, this is not the case, in any country you can get this kind of service for a penny and for this you do not need to live with a stranger.

Constant excuses. Insecure women are always able to come up with a lot of excuses so as not to look humiliated or insulted in the eyes of others, and in their own too.

On the Internet, there are only deceivers and thieves. There are scammers everywhere, but many dating sites monitor their reputation and check information about their customers. In any case, acquaintance begins with communication, no one asks for any material benefits from anyone.

Psychologists advise at the beginning of communication not to ask questions like the following:

  • How many girls did you have?
  • What is your monthly income?
  • Do you think I'm beautiful?
  • How many children are you planning?
  • Can I speak frankly with you?

Precautions when meeting foreigners6

So that acquaintance with a foreigner does not go sideways and does not turn into a problem, you must take precautions.

man with horns
man with horns
  • With a favorable development of relations with a foreigner, the matter can come to a personal meeting. At first, you should communicate anonymously, without giving your new friend your real and email address, phone number. Also, do not share information of an intimate nature and discuss business issues.
  • Under no circumstances can material support be provided. Even if he is damn charming and handsome, even if he got into a difficult life situation and even if he asks for money in order to come to his "beloved" and fall into her arms.
  • You need to carefully analyze the words of the interlocutor. It is possible that he always talks only about himself, or his conversations are reduced only towards intimate relationships, or maybe he prefers conversations about material values?

In such a situation, the best time to date is in neutral territory, perhaps even in another country. It will be useful to properly Google your potential partner. To do this, you need to enter his data into search networks and check the availability of pages in the social. networks. Is there really such a person?

Perhaps someday unrealizable dreams will come true: an overseas prince will gallop on a snow-white horse and take his beloved to distant countries. But will it be good for her there, in unknown distances to live with a stranger?

And you will learn about acquaintances with serious men among domestic representatives from our next article.

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