How To Avoid Swiping Left In Dating App?

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How To Avoid Swiping Left In Dating App?
How To Avoid Swiping Left In Dating App?

Video: How To Avoid Swiping Left In Dating App?

Video: How To Avoid Swiping Left In Dating App?
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There are a lot of dating sites. There are so many questionnaires on them that you can't count. The field is not plowed for psychologists in terms of professional development and psychological portraits. Of course, this did not go unnoticed, and psychology experts have identified one interesting detail: errors in the profile description.

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What spoils the profilei

Surely, users of dating sites wondered why the profiles of candid handsome men are at the bottom, and the profiles of ordinary people are in the TOP. It's all about describing your personality. Experts have identified the key phrases leading to failure:

  • Growth indication. It would seem a very common nuance that interests many. But it turns out that growth doesn't matter for most job seekers. Moreover, this information may even be repulsive, since imaginary complexes sometimes greatly disrupt interest.
  • A call to adventure. People have enough adrenaline and without this "Hey-ge-y!" Such a phrase in the status or in the message will make you doubt the seriousness of intentions. Most likely, the opposite opinion will develop, which speaks of acquaintance without obligation.
  • Registration is out of curiosity. "Sent Cossacks" are immediately scrolled through. Curiosity is not a vice, but a great disgusting thing. So stupid otmaza "I just see" will not add popularity.

An unexpected like. But this explanation of your husky can seriously offend. People hope that they are interesting, but here "oops, I happen to be!"

Photo selection2

Psychologists noted that in addition to description, photography plays an important role. Household pictures in the home kitchen with a cup of tea or the composition "I am among the sunflowers" will roll back the profile to the very bottom of the site. It is necessary to take a portrait photo, which will clearly show the face of the profile owner. You can resort to the help of professionals who will be able to edit the photo.

Summing up, we can only say one thing: you need to approach the creation of a profile responsibly. Then the account will arouse genuine interest.

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