Incognito Off Or What Worries Chinese Youth

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Incognito Off Or What Worries Chinese Youth
Incognito Off Or What Worries Chinese Youth

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Chinese woman surprised
Chinese woman surprised

Dating sites are, in fact, an ordinary social network with a love affair. This is the very place where people are greeted "by their clothes". But, the ubiquitous and stubborn Chinese are concerned about the authenticity of the proposed accounts. It turns out that 75% of young Chinese who are actively searching have lost faith in the honesty of other users.

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1 Relentless statistics

Relentless Statisticsi

The People's Daily, a popular Chinese newspaper, published disappointing figures from a survey of young people.

Almost 2,000 young Chinese were asked about the authenticity of the questionnaires. And it turned out that 70% of those surveyed believe that most of the accounts are fake. The thing is, people use dating sites as an alternative to social media. They post a huge amount of personal information on their pages: photos, events, important documents, such as diplomas.

Of course, it will be unpleasant if scammers take advantage of this. But the sites themselves are in no hurry to ensure the protection of confidential information. About 80% of the survey participants proposed to strengthen the supervision of dating sites in this matter.

Mr. Liu Junhai, a university professor, agrees with the youth and proposed his solution to the problem. In his opinion, dating sites should be equated with marriage agencies, therefore, all measures that apply to the latter should be applied to these platforms.

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