How Does Food Photography Help You Find Love On A Dating Site?

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How Does Food Photography Help You Find Love On A Dating Site?
How Does Food Photography Help You Find Love On A Dating Site?

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people take pictures of food
people take pictures of food

When a user signs up for online dating, the first thing he usually does is set a good photo on his avatar. But recent studies have shown that photography of a person is not always the key to his success. It turns out that to create an engaging profile on a dating site, mentioning food is essential.

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Curious research i

Researchers from Zoosk analyzed an incredible amount of information - 3 733 185 dating profiles and 364 609 566 first messages that users send to each other. Their goal was to find out how food and food phrases increase the chance of success in online dating. The researchers also directly interviewed more than 7,000 singles about how food and dating are linked in their lives.

Most Attractive Food 2

It turned out that not only the mention of food, but also specific types of products affect the ability to find an interesting interlocutor. So, get ready, now we are going to list all those products that, according to the results of the research, help to find love.

  • Guacamole (the so-called avocado puree) increases success by 144%.
  • Potatoes - 101%;
  • Chocolate - 100%
  • Salad - 97%;
  • Sushi - 93%;
  • Avocado - 91%;
  • Paste - 75%;
  • Cheese - 75%;
  • Cake - 72%;
  • Burgers - 68%;
  • Bananas - 66%;
  • Cookies - 64%;
  • Ice cream - 62%;
  • Seafood - 61%;
  • Sandwiches - 55%;
  • Steaks - 51%;
  • Junk food - 50%
  • Pizza - 48%;
  • Hot dog - 41%;
  • Sausage - 30%;
  • Eggplant - 25%;
  • Pork ribs - 20%;
  • Shashlik - 17%;
  • Burrito - 17%;
  • Noodles - 3%

Well, good news for fans of slow carbs! You can no longer reproach yourself for your love of food that is harmful to your figure - after all, it is very useful for your personal life. But scientists warn that fried chicken is not among these results. A photo with appetizing legs reduces the number of interested parties by as much as 15%. What these results are related to is not yet clear …

Being a foodie means getting to know each other faster 3

Scientists are convinced of one thing: all people love to eat, and therefore the mention of a delicious dish significantly increases the chances of dating. And even the simple mention of the fact that the user considers himself a gourmet increases the number of incoming messages by 82%. If in the form in the column "Work" it says "Cook", then the user receives 25% more incoming messages.

Surprisingly, despite all this data, it is not worth starting a conversation with the topic of nutrition. The researchers write that, in most cases, mentioning food in the first few posts does not generate more responses. But there is also an exception. Mentioning eggplant helps you get 10% more messages and lengthen the conversation.

By the way, scientists consider the obtained data encouraging for vegetarians. After all, it was once believed that they were less successful in dating. For example, a 2015 study found that plant-based food lovers, on average, receive 100% fewer responses on dating sites than other users. But now the numbers have changed: vegetarians, on the contrary, respond 3% more often. Probably, the reason for this is the love of eggplant.

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