How To Find A Man In 10 Steps? Psychological Advice

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How To Find A Man In 10 Steps? Psychological Advice
How To Find A Man In 10 Steps? Psychological Advice
girl surprised
girl surprised

The longer a girl looks for a mate, the stronger the feeling of despair can become. When you constantly have to deal with unreliable specimens, it is quite natural to lose faith in yourself. And the more you lose faith in yourself, the more … Well, you get the idea.

The content of the article

  • 1 No. 1. Be confident
  • 2 # 2. Take your time and don't panic
  • 3 No. 3. Be active
  • 4 № 4. Open up to new opportunities
  • 5 # 5. Be ready to make the effort
  • 6 # 6. Be open to those who come your way
  • 7 No. 7. Flirt
  • 8 # 8. Take your time with sex
  • 9 # 9. Define your motivation
  • 10 № 10. Take a chance!

But today we will not carry pink snot on the floor and wait for the good fairy to solve all the difficulties. If desired, any lady can find herself an absolutely amazing guy who will satisfy all her needs. You can do this using the following 10 tips.

# 1. Be confident _1

If you have a dozen cats scratching your soul, you still have to work on confidence and self-esteem. And this, of course, will take some time. After all, if you do not feel confident in your abilities, you cannot just wake up in the morning, with a wave of a magic wand, with complete faith in your own charm.

Several techniques will help to develop this quality:

  • Smile while looking in the mirror. Tell yourself how beautiful you are (but remember - no one should hear you at the same time; this exercise is aimed at transforming your internal attitudes, and there is no need for extra ears).
  • Dress attractively. Dress up in clothes that make you feel stunning - even if you just need to go to the grocery store.
  • Straighten your shoulders while walking.
  • When you enter the premises, imagine that you are the mistress here.

No. 2. Don't rush and don't panic_2

Of course, I really want to arrange my personal life right here and now. But the world is arranged in such a way that we cannot always get what we want this very second. Yes, your next man is still out there; and he doesn't even know you exist. But it is possible that the guy destined for you by fate is not yet ready for a relationship with you. Maybe he is still next to another girl. Maybe you yourself are not yet psychologically mature enough for this relationship. Or you just need to do a little different things now.

This is not to say that you have to be passive; but at the same time, going out of your way to find your love is also not entirely correct. When you are desperate to find at least someone, these experiences are written on your forehead. Do you think this will help the cause?

Girl with a boyfriend and bags
Girl with a boyfriend and bags

To calm the ardor and make the search more calm, the following psychological recommendations will help:

  • Embrace the loneliness. In any case, this is a temporary situation. Yes, it can last a week or a year; but you won't be alone forever.
  • Maintain high standards of communication with guys. Just because you crave a relationship, you can't reply to the first dumbass you see on Tinder.
  • Connect your fantasy. Yes, sometimes loneliness is difficult to bear. But if you turn on your imagination, you can brighten up life even in the most difficult times. For example, you get tired of coming to an empty apartment every day. In this case, imagine that you are actually on a sea voyage in a submarine. Start a "logbook" - a diary in which you will write down those events that are important to you. Make a daily schedule - this item is very important for those who are in solo swimming. If you wish, you can realize any fantasy you like, thus turning loneliness into an exciting game.

# 3. Be active _3

Move your attention to other activities - find something that you have always liked and do this business. Entertain yourself by reading interesting books. Go to the nail service, get a bright manicure. Or make a list of films you've long wanted to watch.

Girl with a book
Girl with a book

Give yourself a mindset that for now, other activities are more important in your life. So in your eyes will be read the love of life and self-confidence, and not the need to find someone as soon as possible. It is not for nothing that they sometimes say that the best way to meet a man is to stop looking for him.

№ 4. Open up to new opportunities _4

You can meet a guy anywhere. Maybe a casual passer-by in the park will ask what kind of book you are reading. Maybe your next sweetheart will be your dancing partner. You can unexpectedly make a romantic acquaintance with your brother's best friend; or, for example, with a new business partner …

Even being in splendid isolation, girls are not always ready for communication. The following rules will help you not to miss interesting opportunities:

  • Always look attractive. Pick up stylish clothes; do your hair every day. And, of course, don't forget about jewelry - in short, try to create the most attractive image.
  • Always say yes if you are invited to any event. Even if you don't really want to go.
  • Smile as much as you can. Especially if you see an attractive guy. Without a smile, there is a risk of looking like a cold bitch who doesn't really want to get acquainted.
Girl with friends on the beach
Girl with friends on the beach

# 5. Be ready to make the effort _5

Finding a partner and dating is not for the faint of heart. You have to constantly be at your best, communicate a lot, experience ups and downs. Sometimes the mere thought of having to tidy up for another date is itself a disgust. There is a desire to just lie on the couch and do nothing.

That is why psychologists recommend looking at finding a partner as a job. Remember the last time you looked for a job? I had to call dozens of different offices, to beat the thresholds, driving around for interviews … And not all of them were successful. All, of course, searches can develop in different ways; but one must always be ready for difficulties.

Dating requires exactly the same amount of effort. You won't be able to spend 10 minutes a week on a dating site or dating, and then wring your hands - “I can't, I can't! I will stay in girls forever … ".

The following guidelines will help you avoid disappointment:

  • Spend a few hours a week attending crowded events and searching for information on the web.
  • If you're feeling depressed, take a break. Get some rest, and then return to your search again.
Girl with balls
Girl with balls

Try to re-date if you have doubts about a particular candidate. Sometimes men get very nervous on first dates and fail to impress. But during the second meeting, the shy guy may well turn into a confident macho

№ 6. Be open to those who come your way _6

If you don’t like a potential boyfriend, don’t rush to send him to distant lands. Guys sometimes take really bad photos. So don't give in to the first impression, which is sometimes actually deceiving - first try to find out more information about the fan. Well, if the romantic connection does not work out, you can very well become great friends.

No. 7. Flirt _7

Even if so far the man does not cause you the feeling of "butterflies in the stomach", it is still worth talking to him and flirting with him. By the way, about flirting - you have to turn into Captain Obvious when you start flirting. Studies show that only about 36% of men understand when girls are flirting with them.

And even if you have no intention of making that bartender your partner, flirting is still nice. So make it a rule to flirt every time you go out.

Girl flirts with a guy
Girl flirts with a guy

No. 8. Take your time with sex _8

When you start dating a guy you like, the first few dates are very important. During this period, you both decide whether to continue the connection and translate it into a long-term relationship. And having sex too early can ruin the chances that the boyfriend will be your regular partner.

Why is this happening? The point is, if intimacy happens too early, then sex becomes a central aspect of the relationship. A man may assume that you are communicating with him only to play a little in bed. Another factor will not play into your hands: many women feel emotional attachment to a man much more sharply after sex. In other words, physical intimacy can distort feelings; and you simply will not notice the shortcomings that your new acquaintance has.

To cool off the ardor at first, psychologists recommend:

  • Planning dates outside the home. If a couple meets in an apartment, the temptation to get intimate becomes too great.
  • If a man insists on intimacy, tell him right away that you want to wait a bit until you get to know each other better.
  • Don't kiss for a long time. Keep this hug as short as it is sweet.
A guy with a girl on the bridge
A guy with a girl on the bridge

№ 9. Define your motivation _9

You put so much hopes and aspirations on a new meeting … But have you thought about why you need it? Answer yourself a few questions about why you need a new man:

  • Are you tired of being alone?
  • Are you sad on weekends and holidays?
  • Want to make your ex feel jealous?
  • Or because you want to share your inner fulfillment and happiness with someone?

The latter reason is perfectly legitimate. But if you answered yes to the first three questions, then you should pay more detailed attention to your motivation. Each person needs to learn to cope with loneliness; maybe a professional psychologist will help with this. Sometimes it also happens that there is simply not enough companionship. Again, this is not a reason to find a romantic partner. What if you want to make your ex feel jealous? Well, in this case it is necessary to rise above revenge. Look for a new fan only when everything is completely in order with you, and you are one hundred percent confident in your abilities.

№ 10. Take a chance! _10

Sometimes it's incredibly scary to be the first to approach an interesting man. Or agree to a date. Or create a profile on a dating site. But remember that at this stage you have absolutely nothing to lose. Even if you just allow yourself a little flirting, this does not mean that you need to marry this man and give birth to ten children from him.

The guy with the girl on the roof
The guy with the girl on the roof

Of course, it takes courage to be the first to talk to a guy or to decide on some other adventure. But you will never see this person again if you don’t take the risk. Who knows, maybe you just have a cup of coffee or spend a couple of evenings together. The acquaintance does not oblige you to anything - so just do it.

The one who will make you happy is still somewhere far away. Enjoy the anticipation of his appearance in your life. Expect only the best - and then it will certainly come true in your life.

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