Why Are Men Womanizers And Is A Serious Relationship Possible With Him?

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Why Are Men Womanizers And Is A Serious Relationship Possible With Him?
Why Are Men Womanizers And Is A Serious Relationship Possible With Him?

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Former womanizers
Former womanizers

These men are always pleasant and charming. They are attractive in appearance, outgoing and, more often than not, have good manners. They devote a lot of time to their appearance, but, at the same time, they do not dwell on themselves at all. After all, they have a different passion - women. The relationship with them is akin to a collector's hobby.

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  • 1 Why do men become womanizers?
  • 2 Can a womanizer change?
  • 3 And yet, is there a way to tie a womanizer to yourself?

Only if a collector collects coins, stamps or antiques, then a man-womanizer - intimate relationships with various girls. He is absorbed in the female sex, this is his main life interest. For many womanizers, the search for new relationships (even if only for one time) is a real addiction. But are there former womanizers? Can a man who is obsessed with the number of sexual contacts with different partners change over time?

Why do men become womanizers? I

In order to answer the question of whether a womanizer can change, you need to understand the reasons why he is constantly looking for new connections. After all, if there is no reason, then its effect will also disappear.

In general, a womanizer is not such a common phenomenon. No more than 10% of all men are womanizers. Although, those who call themselves such are much more. It is believed that the number of women that a man, according to him, possessed, allows him to raise his authority among friends or work colleagues. Real womanizers either do not advertise their relationship, or even hide it altogether. In any case, they do not trumpet about it at every corner.

Most womanizers are motivated by the desire for new sexual experiences; for them pleasure is the main incentive. These men are practically incapable of deep feelings for one woman, they do not want to be responsible for the family and, in general, for anyone other than themselves.

This approach is quite childish and is mainly typical for young men. They may have a permanent relationship with one woman, but the duration of such a relationship is very short.

After a certain period of time (as a rule, a very short one), such a man is again drawn to new sensations, the thirst for new sexual contacts pushes him to betrayal or a break in past relationships, which he, most often, does not regret very much. At the same time, such a man will not even think about how to stop cheating. It's a matter of habit for him!

It is customary to call such guys "loving", they do not keep track of their love affairs, do not brag about them, but simply, as they say, selflessly love female beauty, sex and new sensations.

Another type can be conditionally called "womanizer-athlete". Unlike the previous one, these men scrupulously count the number of women with whom they have had sexual contact. For them, it is not so much the "quality" of the girls that is important as their quantity. They constantly strive to set a record, the next lady in their bed is just a way of self-affirmation.

can the former womanizers change
can the former womanizers change

Another type of womanizer can be conventionally called the "avenger". It is not as common as the previous two, but still not so rare. This man in his youth was really in love with a girl, but she either did not reciprocate him, or, even worse, answered, but after a while she left him, for the sake of some handsome man, after whom the fame of a notorious womanizer was drawn.

Such a man projects his pain and resentment onto all the women around him. To drag him into bed and then break off relations is for him a kind of revenge for a heart broken in his youth. But he takes revenge, not on the one with whom he was once in love, but on the entire female family.

Therefore, girls are armed with our next article, how to leave a man so that he does not suffer. So that in the future, from disappointment, he did not take the path of a womanizer.

Can a womanizer change? 2

Almost every woman who begins to have a relationship with this type of men is sure that she can have a beneficial effect on her lover, change him and, in the future, make him an exemplary family man.

In reality, this happens very rarely. Adults are generally difficult to remake. In the case of womanizers, this is fully confirmed. Such a man can only change himself. This mostly happens when he himself gets bored with this way of life. Most often, this occurs with age.


Libido gradually fades away, it becomes banal too lazy to court another lady, meet, choose the right words, always look perfect. A man gradually realizes that he is much more comfortable with one woman. There may be fewer adventures and emotions in such relationships, but on the other hand, they have warmth, home comfort and a person who loves you and fully supports you.

There are situations when a womanizer changes under the influence of strong feelings for a woman. Rarely, but such men can fall in love, as they say, "head over heels" and head over to this relationship. There is “the one” with which it is infinitely good in all aspects, and others are no longer needed.

The birth of a child can change a man. If the baby is desirable, then in a man a hitherto unknown feeling may wake up, which is called "responsibility for offspring." When you are forced to compromise your interests, for the sake of someone else, this inevitably affects the way you think and act.

True, it is possible that in this case the changes may be temporary, and when the children grow up and do not require increased attention to themselves, the man may well "take up the old", since he will again be able to focus on himself and his desires.

Former womanizers
Former womanizers

In the vast majority of cases, a womanizer is not a lifelong status. Someone changes due to age and a revision of outlooks on life, and someone under the influence of external circumstances. Moreover, the second category is in a clear minority. Former womanizers are not uncommon, but a logical transformation from the state of “ordinary” womanizers. The whole question is when this transformation will take place.

And yet, is there a way to tie a womanizer to you?

The chances are not great, but the situation is also not completely hopeless. The main thing that should happen is that the woman should become “the one”, not like the others. She must be independent, not erect a man well, a pedestal, make sure that in a relationship they are equal partners. Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, you need to look unavailable, not show an obvious interest in a man.

The most important thing is to interest the womanizer, but at the same time delay the moment of intimacy as long as possible, at the same time tying him to yourself emotionally. Keep a little detached, but not cold or indifferent. Such an attitude may not interest a man, not arouse sports interest in him, but, on the contrary, completely alienate him.

The second option is the complete opposite of the previous one. You need to love a man madly and completely, practically dissolve in him. Always provide him with full support, be there at any time and even turn a blind eye to his hobbies for other women.

can the former womanizers change
can the former womanizers change

The option is risky and not suitable for every woman. But if, nevertheless, the plan works, and the man realizes that this girl is the only one, that no one will ever love him more than she, then there is an option that he will stay with her forever.

In any case, trying to openly remake a womanizer, appealing to his conscience, swearing, striving to constantly control is a sure way to a quick separation. As in many situations in life, an effective way is finding compromises, self-control and a strong desire to achieve the goal.

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