TOP 8 Very Interesting Facts About Love

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TOP 8 Very Interesting Facts About Love
TOP 8 Very Interesting Facts About Love

Video: TOP 8 Very Interesting Facts About Love

Video: TOP 8 Very Interesting Facts About Love
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Some interesting facts about love may surprise you, but they are all based on scientific research. Here are eight facts about love based on recent psychological research:

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  • 1 Love is not the same as lust
  • 2 Love at first sight?
  • 3 It's in his (or her) kiss
  • 4 Four things a couple should never do
  • 5 It takes hard work to maintain a relationship
  • 6 Movie Views Can Improve Your Love Life
  • 7 Couples look more alike after 25 years together
  • 8 Avoiding big gestures

Love is not the same as lust

No doubt lust plays a huge role in falling in love. In studies, brain scans have shown that lustful feelings illuminate areas of reward and motivation, while love is processed in areas of empathy and concern. This suggests that feelings of love are more associated with compassion and understanding, while lust is fueled by stimuli and controlled behavior.

Love at first sight? 2

Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Some studies show that there is. According to brain scans, it takes the brain one-fifth of a second to start responding when it sees the love of its life. When a person looks at a potential partner and likes what they see, the brain starts producing pleasant chemicals associated with love, such as dopamine and oxytocin.

The neurotransmitters that release these chemicals are located in 12 different areas of the brain and trigger what are called happy hormones.

It's in his (or her) kiss3

Two separate studies have shown that women, in particular, value male kissing and say it is an important part of starting a relationship. This helps them decide whether to move on or cut off any connections.

facts about love
facts about love

However, it's not just about checking out romantic waters, some argue that it's also important for keeping the couple together. The study found a direct correlation between the number of kisses long-term couples had and how they rated their relationship highly, with a large number of kisses indicating a happy relationship.

Four things a couple should never do

  • Criticism is a special form of criticism that is destructive to relationships, it is the type that eats away at the very essence of another person.
  • Showing contempt is disrespectful to your partner and includes sarcasm, humiliation, and harsh insults.
  • Don't get on the defensive - someone who constantly defends cannot be held accountable for their actions. Therefore, you cannot move on.
  • Stone Wall - When a person refuses to discuss a problem, there is no chance of ever solving it.

It takes hard work to maintain a relationship5

Once you've found yourself a mate, things only get more complicated until you die in each other's arms. Research on good long-term relationships has shown a pattern of behavior in which both couples provide support for their partner and help with their personal growth and happiness.

about relationships
about relationships

This included an exchange of experiences in which they could increase their knowledge together and broaden their horizons together. So what does this mean in real life? If your relationship is in a state of stagnation and you no longer feel the same about your partner, try to do activities that you enjoy together and be sure to compliment your partner's efforts.

Movie Watching Can Improve Your Love Life6

If you feel like you're starting to drift away from your partner and want something to bring you back together again, research has shown that observing fictional couples works. You should also talk about them later. The studies that have uncovered these interesting facts about love show that when a couple watches a relationship movie and then discusses it, the outcome can be as effective as couples therapy.

The reason is that when a couple discusses fictional characters, they can relate their concerns to the film's fictional story, but in a safe and nurturing way, without blaming the other person and better understand the essence of love.

Couples look more alike after 25 years together ___ 25

They say dogs are starting to look like their owners, but it turns out that for couples who have been in relationships for over 25 years, this is also true. There are many factors, such as the fact that a couple follows the same diet and environment, and that we tend to choose a partner who is very similar to ourselves in the first place. Plus, it is believed that all people look the same when they get older.

love and relationships
love and relationships

Giving up big gestures7

Research has shown that if you want your relationship to stand the test of time, drop big gestures and focus on the little things. In one particular study, more than 4,000 people were shown to prefer small acts of attention over huge, inflated gestures of undying love. Things like having a cup of tea in the morning, washing the dishes without asking questions, walking your dog when it's raining. All of this has a cumulative effect on the relationship and makes the partner feel valuable.

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