Actively Searching For Victims: Thieves On Dating Sites

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Actively Searching For Victims: Thieves On Dating Sites
Actively Searching For Victims: Thieves On Dating Sites

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laptop with hand and credit card
laptop with hand and credit card

A wave of crime swept Britain in the spring of 2019.

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It turned out that the victims themselves laid out to the robbers all information about themselves.

Through dating apps and websites selling things.

Gays and escorts

Criminals use dating apps as a method of finding a victim. When planning a violent robbery or carjacking, they scrutinize profiles on dating apps and websites that sell things.

In March and April 2019, UK crime reports filled with frightening news.

The victims were stabbed to death, thrown out of their own vehicles. It all started innocently - the victims made an appointment through Grindr, Gumtree, and escort sites.

But everything ended in tears.

Police reported that many victims were ashamed of what had happened and the circumstances surrounding it and therefore did not seek help. All this led to the fact that the criminals continued to roam free.

Representatives of the LGBT community were subjected to massive attacks, organizing meetings through the Grindr app. The criminals stabbed the victims with the keys to their own cars.

The victims also included those who chose to use escort services and those who planned to purchase premium cars and other luxury goods. That is, the criminals purposefully searched for wealthy people, hunted them down and thought out an attack plan.

Police used the media to urge users of websites and applications to take precautions: “Criminals are very creative. They have many opportunities to lie in wait for you in a dark and quiet place."

The police realized that it was impossible to stop people from using online dating apps. Therefore, they asked everyone to follow the precautionary rules: learn as much as possible about the person with whom you are going to meet; warn someone you know about where and when the meeting will take place; meet strangers exclusively during the day and in a public place, etc.

Girl with a guy on a moped
Girl with a guy on a moped

The police realized that many victims were silent about the incident out of shame. But, they stressed, it is very important not to keep silent about the crime. The more victims contact the police, the clearer the picture of what is happening and the higher the chance of finding criminals.

At the end of March 2019, in Manchester, a man was attacked in his own home. The armed robber demanded the car keys from the victim, threatening him with a knife.

An hour later, another crime occurred. The attacker demanded the car keys from the man, and then cut the victim's throat.

The next day, a young man in his twenties was attacked. He made a date with a guy through the Grindr app. As a result, the unfortunate man received several stabs in his own car. The attacker was again with a knife and again demanded the keys to the car from the victim.

The police were sure that more crimes of this nature were committed.

After some time, a wave of crimes covered the capital of England. This time, the victims were users of a website that provides escort services.

This time they managed to detain one of the criminals. Sakil Brown, 20, was taken into custody after confessing to attacking a man. The victim was sure that he was going on a date with a woman.

“When he arrived at the meeting point, Brown and another suspect approached him. Brown pulled a butcher's knife from his jacket and demanded that the victim "give everything that is." The victim gave cash and a debit card. He was released only after an impressive amount of money was withdrawn from the card,”the local police department said.

Guy with a girl with flowers and a knife
Guy with a girl with flowers and a knife

Constable Dan Jenkins praised the victim for his courage and resilience. “We are sure that there were many more victims. We hope that they will have the courage to go to the police,”Jenkins said.


The Gumtree application also played a cruel joke with its users.

In January 2019, robbers in London stole a car with a child in the back seat.

Seventeen-month-old Maria was later found. Unfortunately, the hijacker himself was never caught.

The baby's father said that the robber, who introduced himself as a potential buyer, asked for a test drive of the car. Before the owner of the car had time to recover, the hijacker jumped into the driver's seat and took off in an unknown direction.

Several criminals who hunted a car theft were nevertheless taken into custody. They all used the Gumtree app.

Prisoner number one: Abdullahi Ahmed, 18 years old. Made six attacks in April 2019 on the streets of London. Threatened the victims with a knife. He did not disdain either technology (laptops, mobile phones) or designer shoes.

Prisoner number two: Shezan Shabir, 25 years old. I decided to give a test drive a £ 9,000 Audi.

Guy driving
Guy driving

It is reported that Chezan drew the owner of the car to the scratch on the roof. While the deceived car owner was trying to spot a possibly nonexistent scratch, Shabir jumped into the car and was there.

With his next victim, Shabir did not stand on ceremony at all - he opened the passenger door and pushed the owner of the car onto the road.


Of course, the representatives of the aforementioned sites and applications could not stand aside and pretend that nothing had happened.

But, unfortunately, they cannot guarantee absolute safety to each user.

They reminded how important it is to observe basic security measures - to meet with strangers only in crowded places and during daylight hours, to warn acquaintances about your plans, etc.

pop art girls
pop art girls

By the way, these precautions should be observed when using any platforms that involve contact with strangers.

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