11 Stories Of Endless Love, After Which You Start To Believe In It

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11 Stories Of Endless Love, After Which You Start To Believe In It
11 Stories Of Endless Love, After Which You Start To Believe In It

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marion katiyar and pitt
marion katiyar and pitt

How often do you see love stories that thrill and delight you? Scandals, partings, divorces, infidelities and other joys of inter-sex relations - this is what the headlines of newspapers are full of. What we see in our families and in the families of our friends. Especially sensitive and vulnerable of us after such a final disappointment in people, love and life in general.

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  • 1 Letters from the war
  • 2 Endless honeymoon
  • 3 The language barrier is not a hindrance to love
  • 4 She is the one. And she always was
  • 5 Across the globe for his sake
  • 6 The love of a lifetime is met on the street
  • 7 Solid cliché
  • 8 eternal teens
  • 9 Fell in love with her poetry
  • 10 he paints her nails
  • 11 She hurries home to him
  • 12 PS I love you

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Of course. And now we will prove it to you.

Here are eleven stories of true love collected from the vastness of Reddit. Love is. And true love is worth finding.

Letters from the Wari

“My grandparents. They have been married for over 65 years. When he was in Japan during World War II, he wrote letters to her every single day when he could. There were heaps of boxes with them in their house. Grandma was the first to die and I remember how he sat by her bed, held her hand and told her that everything was okay, because wherever she went, he would find her again.

He lived for several years after her death and died of complications from pneumonia. He was delirious most of the time in the hospital. But his last words were: "I am going home to see (her) again" - ElleFuego.

Endless Honeymoon2

“My dad says he doesn't believe the honeymoon is long gone. And she and her mother have been married for over thirty years.”- RhinoCrowShark

The language barrier is not a hindrance to love3

“My ex's parents. They both emigrated to the United States from different countries. He was the manager of her New York apartment building. Something broke in her apartment and he came to fix it. None of them spoke English. She had a young child and recently divorced an alcoholic. She told me that she had no idea what he said on their first dates, but she still smiled and laughed because she was in love with him. Every day he comes home from work and says "Hello, my beloved wife!" They are absolutely adorable and amazing parents for their children.”- Takemetoyourdealer_.


She is the one. And she always was4

“I know a guy from high school. He was always alone. And it's not that he had problems with girls - he was very attractive. The fact is that he only needed one particular girl. He dreamed of her for two years until she asked him out on a date. It was around 2011.

Fast forward to the present. Now they are one of the most beautiful and strong couples that I have ever known. They met for seven years, and are now married and recently became the parents of a girl.

It was clear to everyone from the very beginning that there was something between them. And it all worked out so easily for them.”- Third_Eye_Kind.

Across the globe for him5

“My friend, originally from Australia, was vacationing in Europe with her friends. There she met an American.

They spent two weeks together and then separated. She is to Australia, and he is to the USA. But they could not forget each other. After a year of love on Skype, she moved to him in America.

They dated for four years and got married. They chose Hawaii for their wedding - it was more comfortable for both families.”- trefoils.

The love of a lifetime is met on the street6

“My best friend's parents. They met on the street and almost immediately fell in love with each other. They have been married for 19 years and have an amazing daughter who is my support and will always be my support. They are amazing people from all sides who love strange things. I love them so much that they are like a second family to me.”- Phandemonium_.

eat Pray Love
eat Pray Love

Solid cliché7

“To be honest, they are a very, very common couple that I happened to go to school with. She was a cheerleader, he was a soccer player, they were prom queen and king since high school. They got married right after leaving school and are still together. They fought to get pregnant for years before finally hitting it a few years ago. They are some of the most sincere and honest people I know and I think they will be together until they become the adorable little elderly couple that everyone loves.”- AryaStarkRavingMad.

Eternal teenagers8

"My parents. Married for 40 years and still holding hands, still dating, still keeping an eye on each other, still have their little inner jokes they've had for decades. Several years ago, when I lived with them for some time, I was returning home, and they were going somewhere, and we met by chance on the street. My father was driving his truck, and my mother sat in the middle of the bucket next to him like a teenager. I think there is nothing nicer in the world than this.”- dadadawn.

Fell in love with her poems9

“A friend was bitten by a snake in college and nearly died when the ambulance arrived, she called her roommate and told her the password to her computer and where to find a book of poetry she wrote that she would like to publish if she dies. A friend was in a coma for several days, her college friends sat next to her in the room and took turns reading her poetry aloud to each other.

girl writes poetry
girl writes poetry

There was a medical student in the hospital who took tests / worked / helped her and was often in the ward. He fell in love with her through her poetry, and after she woke up, they talked all the time, fell in love with each other. When she got better, he asked her out on a date.

It was 5 years ago, now they are married, they have four children on the way, and the last time I was at their house, I saw a picture that he began to paint. He painted her. She also recently published another poetry book full of love poems about him,”everything-gold.

He paints her nails10

“My aunt and uncle, after 30 years of marriage, fall in love more and more every day, still have a lot of sex despite their age. Also, my uncle is pretty damn patient with my aunt, who can be a little over the top sometimes. One day they were leaving home for a very important event, and my aunt sat down on the sofa and started painting her nails. My uncle yelled, “What are you doing !!! We have to go!!!" And she said, "I need to get a manicure, I'm going to meet a lot of people."

man paints nails for a girl
man paints nails for a girl

Then he knelt down in front of her and carefully and carefully painted her nails.”- idkwhaat.

She hurries home to him 11

"My story? We've been married for ten years - celebrating this week - but each day we fall deeper in love. He writes to me almost every day, if I can come home quickly. And in the end I find myself driving faster than I should - so that I can see him sooner.

I cannot imagine my life without my husband”, - Ckrapp.

PS I love you PS

Love is not Santa Claus. It is foolish to ask the question "Does love really exist?"

Of course there is. The question is - are you ready for it?

Are you ready to give and receive love?

This is the question you need to think about.

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