Why Does The Ex-boyfriend Remind Of Himself? We Know The Answer

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Why Does The Ex-boyfriend Remind Of Himself? We Know The Answer
Why Does The Ex-boyfriend Remind Of Himself? We Know The Answer

Video: Why Does The Ex-boyfriend Remind Of Himself? We Know The Answer

Video: Why Does The Ex-boyfriend Remind Of Himself? We Know The Answer
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Why ex-boyfriend reminds of himself
Why ex-boyfriend reminds of himself

They say that “time heals”. But sometimes this postulate doesn't work. The mystery of all "dead" relationships: why the ex-boyfriend reminds of himself. This secret haunts many ex-lovers. But psychologists have found out the motives of those who "curdle blood" and are ready to give an answer to this sensitive question.

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  • 1 Through the keyhole
  • 2 Thirst for revenge
  • 3 Othello in the flesh
  • 4 Prolonged loneliness
  • 5 Alternate aerodrome
  • 6 Return of the Prodigal

Through the keyhole

“Curiosity is not a vice,” but in fact it turns out that this is one of the reasons why ex-boyfriends remind of themselves. Surprisingly, both categories of guys strive to stick their nose where they should not: both the abandoned and those who were abandoned. The impetus for such curiosity is the very thread of the relationship. If the guy was worn on a hand and were ready to kiss the bottom point, then it is unrealistic for him to find out, “How is she doing now?

Is she still crying or did you find someone? " And God forbid to be happy! If this happens, then the spirit of the conqueror and the thirst for competition will not allow either one or the other to live in peace. Endless calls will begin with stupid questions like, “Do you remember my favorite sneakers? I forgot them in the closet, didn't I throw them away? Give them to me, please? " All this is aimed at seeing each other, trying to detect the former spark in the eyes. And at this moment the former is deeply parallel to the fact that he himself is not free.

Is it possible to minimize this somehow? Yes, easily: sneakers by mail, a meeting - hardly, thanks for the congratulations, bye!


Such a reminder of yourself appears when the ex-girlfriend's life is getting better much faster and better than that of the ex. It is then that the most natural pursuit begins on the sly. Either he writes “mi-mi-mi” in social networks, at best, then SMS or calls come at night. All these actions are aimed at just making an elementary shit.

ex-boyfriend reminds of himself
ex-boyfriend reminds of himself

It is difficult and exhausting to deal with this. What do we have to do? When parting, it is necessary to delete and block wherever possible. Knowing that the former is still that hysteroid, anticipate the events by telling the current gentleman what kind of "fruit" he was before him and what he was capable of. Thus, there is every chance to have an iron alibi before the outbreak of hostilities.

Othello in the flesh3

Jealousy and revenge go hand in hand. And the reasons for the appearance of both are absolutely the same. It is they who give the answer to the question: why does the ex-boyfriend remind of himself. The behavior may be similar too. The whole problem is that guys cannot calmly accept the fact of the serene existence of their ex. Well, she has no right to be happy with someone else besides him. The problem is the notorious rivalry. Men have such a nature.

How to fight? No way. There are several options for the development of events. But they don't work well. Here, just wait until the faithful finds himself a new passion. There she will not let him indulge in self-indulgence, and she will not be weak.

the guy reminds of himself
the guy reminds of himself

Prolonged loneliness4

One of the reasons for the ex's appearance on the horizon is his loneliness. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the very fact of an endless series of long winter evenings with a TV in an embrace makes the ex start trying to return. As a rule, such returns happen after a very long time. Awareness of the simple truth "what we have, we do not keep, and when we lose, we cry", makes us make desperate attempts to get everything back.

By the way, such returns happen very often. And here you need to think hard: is it worth the candle. Sometimes parting happens spontaneously, on emotions, and only over time comes the understanding that this is a mistake. Especially, such things happen to couples who have been together for a very long time, had some kind of savings, stability, or even connected with children. In such a situation, you can try to start over. The result will be the same: either it worked or not.

Alternate aerodrome5

Often the guys leave for quite predictable reasons - they haven't walked up. Such "walkers", subsequently, think that the ex-girlfriend may well pass for a "alternate airfield". Especially if the sex with her was excellent. Such frames are activated before significant dates: March 8, birthday and other holidays.


In such cases, they behave as positively as possible: white, fluffy, passion in their voice, they breathe and pour so much oil into their ears that you can simply drown in the sweet-tongued stream. All this is backed up by flowers, sweets and other goodies. How to react to this? Well, it's enough to remember the very reason for the breakup and understand that the former just did not find anyone for this evening. Well, or he now has a complete calm in sex, but wildly wants to. How acceptable it is only for the girl.

Return of the Prodigal6

Well, and like the icing on the cake: the former realized that he had lost and quite sincerely wants to return. This situation is from the category of loneliness, very similar reasons. But there is a difference. The former could go to someone on emotions, but after living on the side, he realized the scale of the disaster and decided that there was a chance to return. To give it or not is up to the girl herself. After all, no one knows how everything will end, and suddenly he really is the same …

Why the ex-boyfriend reminds of himself is a very simple question. It is definitely not worth dwelling on this, as well as putting on “rose-colored glasses” or building bright prospects. Only one thing will be appropriate: to compare cause and effect. And then everything becomes clear.

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