What Is The Best Way To Sleep - Together Or Separately? What Do Scientists Say?

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What Is The Best Way To Sleep - Together Or Separately? What Do Scientists Say?
What Is The Best Way To Sleep - Together Or Separately? What Do Scientists Say?

Video: What Is The Best Way To Sleep - Together Or Separately? What Do Scientists Say?

Video: What Is The Best Way To Sleep - Together Or Separately? What Do Scientists Say?
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Sleep together or apart
Sleep together or apart

This problem does not bother people who comfortably fall asleep in the arms of the love of their whole life. Nothing bothers them or wakes them up, they wake up full of strength after a good rest and joy from the feeling of night intimacy. Happy people!

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  • 1 Not getting enough sleep is dangerous
  • 2 Sleeping together can ignite the wrong flame
  • 3 Continuous availability isn't always good
  • 4 Cons of sleeping apart
  • 5 Take time out

If you are reading this article, then you probably belong to another segment of the population that is not getting enough sleep due to the fault of your partner in bed. It does not matter in what way he does not allow you to fall asleep or wakes you up at night, but if you chronically do not get enough sleep, get up in the morning with a feeling of fatigue and irritation, then most likely you wondered whether it is necessary to share one bed for two.

But the question is, how will separate sleep affect your intimacy and sexual relationships?

Not getting enough sleep is dangerous

In many ways, physical health and mental wellbeing begins and ends with sleep. Its deficiency sooner or later leads to a decrease in immune function, and as a result, chronic pain, a number of physical ailments and complications appear.

In addition, sleep deprivation threatens with mental health complications such as irritability, depression, and anxiety. Sleep deprivation affects not only people who are not getting enough sleep, but also their loved ones. Also, when you don't get enough sleep, your romance inevitably suffers.

Over the years of cuddling with your partner, you may not notice that you wake up several times a night. It turns out that partners who sleep side by side wake each other up on average six times a night.

Sleeping together can ignite the wrong flame

If every night you often wake up, or do not get an hour or two of sleep because of your partner, then over time you begin to feel a little "on the edge", and when this happens, then even the most balanced tend to do and say what is really don't mean. You become irritable, there are more quarrels and misunderstandings in the family.

Plus, your libido is cracking. The explanation is simple: sleep regulates hormonal levels in the body. When you don't get enough sleep, your sex hormone levels go down and stress hormones go up, leading to both physical and psychological causes of sexual dysfunction. No matter how you turn it, the amount and quality of sleep received by couples in romantic relationships has a strong influence on their sex life.

sleep together or apart
sleep together or apart

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, you must remain healthy yourself. A recent study from Ohio State University found that a deep, restful night's sleep is the best, and sometimes the only, option to restore love and grace to your relationship.

Continuous availability is not always good3

The old cliche “you don’t know what you have until you lose it” comes into play here. “When you sleep in separate beds, you're more likely to prioritize intimacy and physical contact,” says Christy Overstreet, Ph. D., clinical sexologist and psychotherapist.

Now it is not enough for the beloved to just roll over and reach out to feel you near. This obstacle adds value to your intimacy, helping to maintain the physical nature of the relationship.

There is another subtlety of relationships that people try to hide in the farthest and darkest closets of their feelings. Intimacy with a partner can usually occur at a time right before bed.

But it can be very difficult to get into the right mood when you've had a busy day, or when you don't feel desirable and sex feels compelled by its routine. However, with refusal, you do not want to offend your loved one.

pros and cons of sleeping together
pros and cons of sleeping together

By falling asleep in separate beds, you avoid this situation, and shortening the "sexual time" before bed will lead to more energetic, passionate encounters in one of your beds.

Cons of sleeping apart4

Separate beds are useful for couples who disturb each other's sleep, but there are some drawbacks. A 2005 study published in The Journal of Circadian Rhythms found that married people most often have sex at bedtime from 11:00 pm and around 1:00 am when they sleep separately.

Due to the fact that by this time one of the spouses will be sleeping sweetly, many couples may miss their "sex hour". Of course, it is still possible to maintain a healthy sex life when you sleep separately, but this requires collaboration and planning.

Besides sex, cuddling is often an important part of sleeping together. Hugs, whether they involve sexual activity or not, play a vital role in two people’s feelings of closeness and affection. Post-sexual hugs are considered to be the key to a healthy sex life.

As in the case of sex, sleeping separately can still find time for hugs, but given that most couples indulge in this in bed, you will feel the lack of hugs one way or another.

the pros and cons of sleeping apart
the pros and cons of sleeping apart

Take time out5

Some stigma remains about separate beds: many people see sleeping together as a sign of a healthy relationship and may feel that sleeping together in some way “weakened” their bond. Therefore, most people are ready to make the victims of frequent lack of sleep, night restlessness and break the habits of their own sleep in order to heroically share a bed with their most beloved, warm, cozy, snoring person.

In this case, a “bedtime divorce” can be taken as a temporary or intermittent measure to, for example, get a good sleep on the eve of an important event. It will give you the respite and the personal space that we all need. And who knows, sometimes falling asleep not together, you may become even closer.

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