20 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity In Relationships

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20 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity In Relationships
20 Signs Of Male And Female Infidelity In Relationships

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surprised girl
surprised girl

Cheating is always painful for both men and women, only the pain is different. And if a man immediately sees his adventures to the left, then signs of infidelity in the fair sex can not be noticed immediately. People themselves came up with an excuse for themselves "Treason is when in feelings, and the body is just physiology and simple sex is not considered a betrayal" to justify their licentiousness. Cheating is one-time and spontaneous, but it can be permanent.

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Signs of male infidelity

A strong half of the population does not know how to disguise their campaigns to the left. Every gesture, phrase, movement betrays guys with giblets. Psychologists have identified several key signs of infidelity.

  • Careful grooming. A man takes a bath more often, is selective about deodorant, and shaves more often. The misconception that husbands don't need mirrors. In fact, they can flaunt for hours and admire themselves in the reflection before the date. They are more scrupulous about their clothes, looking to see if there are hairs on the jacket, and if there are even arrows on the trousers.
  • Telephone. If yesterday he could easily leave his cell phone anywhere, but today he does not let go of his hands and shudders at every SMS, this is the main sign of betrayal. Often, men put a password on the phone so that the spouse cannot view the call history.
  • Job. Urgent meetings, business trips, delays in service outside working hours begin to appear. Even if he works as a fireman in a boiler room, he will come up with non-existent planning meetings, collective meetings to resolve this or that issue. In this regard, it is easier for truckers to hide treason, but even here you can catch them. On the phone, the unfaithful husband often says that he is driving through a forest belt where there is no connection.
  • Car breakdown. And it doesn't matter whose transport is broken: a friend, colleague, friend, neighbor. He often leaves, allegedly in someone's garage, to fix the breakdown. Even if the husband leaves the house in a garage uniform, this does not mean that he will repair the car. You can always ask a friend for clean clothes. In addition, large sums of money were required to troubleshoot the car.
Male infidelity
Male infidelity
  • The salary. At one point, the faithful reports that his salary was cut or his bonus was deprived. In fact, he began to spend some of the money on another woman. If a wife works as an accountant in her husband's production and keeps track of his salary, then he is looking for additional earnings - kalym.
  • Sex. The first thing men do is betray their infidelity in bed. Their habits, movements, behavior change. They often avoid intimacy with their wife, citing fatigue. But if the wife managed to seduce the faithful, then his erection will be weak, which means that a few hours ago he pleased another woman.
  • Smell. A new unfamiliar scent appears on his clothes. It can be perfumes, various fragrances, deodorants. And traces of lipstick or someone else's hair are strong evidence of treason.
  • Behavior. Psychologists have found that at the time of a new love, the husband's habits change dramatically. He tries to match the new passion and copies her behavior. His phrases, facial expressions, gestures change. He can either start joking constantly, or, conversely, talk about serious topics.
Signs of treason
Signs of treason
  • Overnight stay outside the home. His friend Petya (Vasya, Seryozha, Denis - it doesn't matter) has a black streak in his life and he urgently needs support. The spouse stays overnight with his friend and does not answer the phone. He answers all his wife's questions that he consoled a friend and did not hear the call.
  • Friends. Instantly new friends appeared, who every now and then arrange men's gatherings in a sauna, garage or at some Vitka's house. At the same time, women have no place there.

Of course, all signs are purely individual, but if at least 5 points are observed, then it's time to take action.

Signs of female infidelity2

Nature gave women cunning and dexterity. Thanks to these qualities, young ladies can carefully disguise their infidelity. Although, if you look closely, then the presence of a lover will be evident. Psychologists have identified the main signs of female infidelity.

Clothing. If yesterday the wife did not disdain to wear her grandmother's robe, today she bought a whole lot of beautiful peignoirs in the store. And for a negligee you need stockings, lace panties and other little things

Signs of female infidelity
Signs of female infidelity
  • Appearance. She increasingly began to visit beauty salons and hairdressers, makes masks for the skin at home, and uses aromatic creams. The shower becomes an integral part of the daily rhythm of life. And jewelry is added to the box.
  • Communication. Suddenly, her social media pages and mobile phone became blocked. If before her account was always in the public domain, now it is carefully hidden. Any attempt to use her phone will end in scandal. Moreover, she will squeal if touched him without permission.
  • Girlfriends. Either new ones suddenly appeared from nowhere, or they were old friends with whom she had not seen for a long time. They walk together all the time, go to visit each other, arrange bachelorette parties. After such "walks" she comes home in high spirits, hums songs.
  • Sex. Here the situation is the same as for men. She shies away from intimacy, comes up with things so as not to go to bed at the same time as her husband, less often she kisses her faithful.
  • Mood. She began to make comments on those shortcomings of her husband, which she had not noticed before. Reacts sharply to the habits and phrases of the spouse, tries to prick him with words.
Signs of female and male infidelity
Signs of female and male infidelity
  • Delays. Suddenly at work she had additional reports, preparation for any event, so she comes home late. And if the husband is late somewhere or left without warning, she becomes indifferent.
  • Thoughtfulness. She often began to fly in the clouds, for a long time with a mysterious smile looks at the ceiling, does not immediately respond when her name is called.
  • Communication. If earlier conversations with her husband were like political debates with emotions and gestures, now all discussions are up to her. She does not argue just to stop communicating with her husband.
  • Weasel. The wife stopped caring and caring for her faithful as before. She doesn't feel like stroking him, kissing and hugging him.

Again, all of these signs of infidelity are individual depending on the nature of the woman. But if the spouse noticed at least three or four facts of change in his wife, then she has a lover.

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