Thoughts In Trend - A Man Should Be Rich And A Woman Should Be Beautiful

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Thoughts In Trend - A Man Should Be Rich And A Woman Should Be Beautiful
Thoughts In Trend - A Man Should Be Rich And A Woman Should Be Beautiful

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man in suit girl
man in suit girl

The stereotype of the fashionable image of a married couple is deeply rooted in modern consciousness. And everyone understands perfectly well that if he is rich and has achieved a lot, he will keep an expensive and beautiful doll next to him. A woman confident in her beauty and individuality believes that her man should be rich. What is wealth?

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  • 1 Wealth is an abundance of material values, money
  • 2 Dream
  • 3 Why is it important for a man to be rich
  • 4 Why is it important for a woman to have her man rich
  • 5 To be the wife of a general, you need to marry a lieutenant

Wealth is an abundance of material values, moneyi

For every person, wealth is a relative concept. For some, an indicator of wealth is the presence of a car, an apartment, and a vacation abroad. For others, the rich is the owner of his own business. For others, it is a shareholder who meditates in the mountains of Tibet and helps the poor children of India. Some people, when they mention wealth, start talking about the spiritual development of a person, about love for classical music, painting and thinking about the meaning of being. All these concepts will be the definition of wealth for each individual person.

If a person sets himself the goal of being rich, he is unlikely to achieve it. The goal should be a dream, and money is just a way to achieve it.


A person's real dream gives him freedom. Dreams are associated with some kind of activity in which a person wants to realize himself. Dreaming of wealth and doing nothing at the same time will not give results. Self-realization is important for a man. He divides his life into sectors in which he tries to achieve victories. Self-realization, what you need to invest as many resources as possible.

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Why is it important for a man to be rich3

Few can answer this question in detail. Often these are some vague arguments about freedom of action and an unlimited number of things, which, of course, will make him a cool brutal. Wealth is indeed an important factor, but there are more reasons to be financially wealthy than a man can articulate:

luxury woman
luxury woman
  • Self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Ability to master the situation without assistance. A man, on the basis of past achievements, develops confidence in his strengths and capabilities. Hence self-sufficiency - the ability to cope with problems in life without assistance.
  • Ability to lose. Achieving wealth requires many attempts, of which more will be in vain. The ability to calmly relate to failure comes, such life lessons will push you to action, and not to despair.
  • Self-discipline. Get up at five in the morning, sleep strictly for 8 hours, work until you get what you want. Self-discipline is essential on the path to wealth.
  • Freedom and opportunity. Yes, this is an important advantage. A person who has achieved his dream can afford a cool car to comfort his pride, because he sacrificed a lot on the way to the goal. They say rich, very greedy people. Partly true, since they know the price of their fortune.

Why is it important for a woman to have her man rich4

A woman should be confident in the future of her family and children. This fact explains the desire to look for a wealthy man. Of course, if she is young and fresh, clings to the soul, and everything develops into family relationships, then the girl will gain confidence in her future, the ability to travel and develop. Her children will be provided for for the rest of her life, and she will not worry about everyday problems.

rich man
rich man

Often a man who has achieved material independence in life begins to hang price tags on people. The family union is regarded by him as a contract for the provision of certain services. A girl can fall into such a trap and sell herself. But having depreciated as a person, she will feel insignificant in the eyes of her husband.

The real companion of a rich man should be a woman who is not lower than his level of self-sufficiency. Even if she did not achieve the same material independence, her ambitions must match. Individuality, personal opinion, goals and the ability to achieve them are qualities that a man will look for in his chosen one.

To be the wife of a general, you need to marry a lieutenant5

A phrase that has already grown a beard, but it is still relevant. It will be easier for a woman who does not yet meet the needs of a rich man to find a man with great ambitions and help him achieve their common goals. Such an alliance will be strong, as they went hand in hand through all the problems. The wife will not be a spender and a dummy. It will be a union of two strong people who will trust each other.

"A man doesn't have to be rich, he doesn't have to be cheap."

beautiful woman
beautiful woman

In modern society, the function of protecting the family is performed thanks to material values. This is an important moment for every person. Money is freedom, it is a dream. Many people are too busy with the issue of survival that they have lost such an important ability in life - to dream. The ability of women to dream gives rise to a need - a man must be rich. Sometimes, thanks to the dreams of women, millionaires become such, because behind every great man there is a great woman.

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