Free Relationships: Psychology Of Men And Favorable Conditions

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Free Relationships: Psychology Of Men And Favorable Conditions
Free Relationships: Psychology Of Men And Favorable Conditions
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free relationship
free relationship

Such a relationship involves the presence of outside partners in men and women who enter into an open relationship. The psychology of love and relationships in men in such a matter rests on the belief that the bachelor life continues, but there is a woman somewhere out there who is always ready to meet halfway and give a portion of the necessary attention.

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True, sometimes you have to reckon with her time, which she also has the right to spend on other men. But those on the other side of the barricades turn out to be used or unnecessary, since no one will agree to be a lover if a person has an incomprehensible man or woman who comes.

Bilateral benefit

So what is the point of free relationships themselves? What is the essence of love without commitment? If a woman agrees to an open relationship, then the guy has the right to go left. A woman can also do this, only in practice she remains at a broken trough, because in spite of modernity she becomes a fallen woman who has several men. He, on the contrary, is a womanizer, and the demand for his body and man's sense of smell is only growing.

This is a process of self-affirmation. Psychologists note that such children not only have low self-esteem, but also lack social responsibility and moral education. The same as marrying a traitor, but not a womanizer. The latter always has his own princess, whom he loves, even if he cannot be with her.

There are differences between couples who live together, rent an apartment and pay for it as much as they share maintenance obligations, and those who date for sex.

In the first case, sex without commitment, as one of the norms, when the human is not alien, but in the current situation, intimacy is nothing more than just training or relaxation. At the same time, no one is looking for sex on the side, not trying to deliberately get into bed with another person. That is, sex for friendship, if I may say so.

Free relationships - psychology of men
Free relationships - psychology of men

In the second case, it is not an addiction that occurs, but a guest relationship, when a man is more often the initiator. He comes to visit to get a portion of sex. Women benefit from this position if they are already divorced, they do not want to support the boy, pay attention, depriving the child. A completely normal situation, like a triangle. He's married, she's too busy, and neither wants anything serious. It happens that husbands leave their wives when they are immersed in everyday life, and lovers do not want to start families for personal reasons or for medical reasons.

In these situations, the man will still be the winner. Psychologists describe the portrait of men as follows:

  • Infantile people who are not ready to take responsibility;
  • Misogynists who endured the trauma of parting with a woman;
  • Selfish people who need nothing but love in bed.

Such guys cannot coordinate for a long time, understand themselves. It is beneficial for them to receive without lies and promises only what they came for. Their victims are girls who do not yet have experience, they are afraid of losing them. There are also bitches who like to hold a man in no matter in what ways. This, in a way, is also a moment of self-affirmation, only through a donation.

Free relationships for women
Free relationships for women

Details about women in love relationships can be found in our article further on the link.

Why does a man need this? 2

Rather, he is not interested in the girl enough to value her. It simply becomes a convenient way to satisfy desires and lust. When there are feelings, the object of desire does not want to share with anyone. Contrary to instincts, a man shows possessiveness not only in relation to his wife or lover, such is the psychology of men in love.

There are married people who want to have a mistress, just because she is attractive, sexy, and they do not want to give her into the wrong hands. After all, another lover may also be better, and she will go to him. And instead of a lustful married man he will choose an alternative. And I don’t want to give up my well-equipped place.

Benefits of a free relationship3

The advantages of a free relationship include benefits for both partners. For example, both want to have sex without a condom and then drink wine. He loves her body, the smell, and the spouse or regular partner is afraid of pregnancy, does not want to be protected by hormonal drugs, and the man does not want to put pressure on her. Here the moment “cherishes”, while the mistress is a convenient option to get what you want.

Why does a man need an open relationship
Why does a man need an open relationship

Sometimes partners refuse long-term meetings in the process of communication, because it does not work to build families, an open relationship is the psychology of single men who were not initially set up for such outcomes. And women become attached, and sooner or later they want to start a family, have children. To avoid such statements, you need to leave on time.

Men are better off changing girls, no matter how it sounds. And girls are encouraged to think carefully about whether it is worth spending youth and showing self-confidence. Not always and not with any men you can guess the future, even if you are very attractive. Initially, a cross was raised, which did not imply trust and future.

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