Why Does The Man Not Say That He Loves - Is It Necessary To File For Divorce?

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Why Does The Man Not Say That He Loves - Is It Necessary To File For Divorce?
Why Does The Man Not Say That He Loves - Is It Necessary To File For Divorce?
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drawn man in lotus position
drawn man in lotus position

Sometimes in a couple, a situation develops like in a joke, when a man once said that he loves and when asked “Why don't you say this anymore,” he replies that he will say if something changes. In fact, there is some truth in this joke, and a woman who is worried about why a man does not say what he loves should understand that male psychology is fundamentally different from female psychology.

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  • 4 What if he really doesn't love?

Why, after all, is he silent? I

Why doesn't a man say he loves? There are many reasons other than the obvious one - he really doesn't love a woman. This is also possible, but as a rule, a woman acutely feels it and understands how things really are.

There is another situation - a husband and wife have been living together for more than ten years. Men express their opinion about it like this - "We have been together for so long, isn't it obvious that I love her?" Another situation is also possible - a man is simply not used to talking about his feelings, does not know how to do it, or does not see the point in it.

Instead of throwing a tantrum, a woman can confess her love herself, and then it will be easier for a man to answer her, and then he can take this step first.

Interestingly, a lot depends on how the mother raised the man. If it was customary in the family to talk about their love, then a man does not feel horror before confessing his feelings and can talk about them even every day.

The other extreme is also possible. Instead of worrying about why a man doesn't say what he loves, women notice that he says these words too often. If they are not backed up by a deed, then probably, in fact, the man does not feel such deep feelings, while the one who was silent, but gives flowers and gifts and helps his wife after work, really loves her.

Why does a man not confess his love
Why does a man not confess his love

Psychologist's opinion2

The question "Why does a man not say that he loves a woman" was asked by the psychologist. Arina Lipkina replied that the whole point is that many guys and men are accustomed to the fact that they should not openly express their feelings, show weakness.

Due to the high adrenaline rush, too strong emotions can even be dangerous for men, and in order to protect themselves, they move away - they go to another room or go for a walk alone, they are silent for a long time, do not talk about their feelings. This is an absolutely normal situation.

Interestingly, in one study, men and women were given a recording of a small child crying. Men turned it off or left the room more quickly because they can cope with rapidly increasing stress and prefer to abstract from the situation. This is just a natural defense mechanism.

How to help a man open up3

A woman who wants to learn how to talk with her husband and understand him must first of all accept the fact that all men are very susceptible to stress, and can hide from him, withdrawing into herself, leaving aside. To help a man, you should create a relaxed, calm atmosphere at home, which, first of all, implies the absence of quarrels due to the fact that the man was late for five minutes at work, or sat down in the toilet with the phone.

the man does not say he loves
the man does not say he loves

Then a woman can be the first to tell about her feelings and be tender towards a man, then it will also be easier for him to open up.

You can ask a man to watch the film "The Mask I Live In" together, which explains this topic in detail.

What if he really doesn't love?

A situation is possible when a man does not talk about his feelings because he really stopped loving a woman. Since women are by nature very sensitive, they notice it very quickly, but here the opposite reaction works, and the question arises, "maybe he still loves me?"

Before turning to a psychologist and filing for divorce, a woman may try to independently determine whether her suspicions are unfounded, or whether the man really has fallen out of love with his chosen one.

You can understand that a man has cooled down on several grounds, but girls do not always understand them, or deliberately prefer not to notice.

The first sign, when a man says something like “Just don't fall in love with me even more,” may indicate that he himself no longer experiences tender feelings.

If a man really loves, he doesn't need to cheat on a woman. He avoids even overt temptations in order not to ruin a good relationship. If there is still treason, then love has already cooled down.

If he doesn't speak, then he doesn't love
If he doesn't speak, then he doesn't love

Lack of attention to a woman - calls or sms from work, small surprises and gifts, offers of help in the household - a very clear sign that a woman is not interested in a man.

For unmarried couples, a good test can be whether the man proposes or not. If a couple has been dating for a long time, but he feeds everything with promises and is in no hurry to turn the girl into a wife, then this will probably never happen.

Despite the fact that men are often silent, their actions can be quite eloquent, and in order to understand whether a man loves her, a girl just needs to take a closer look.

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