The Psychology Of Relationships With A Man 10-20 Years Older

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The Psychology Of Relationships With A Man 10-20 Years Older
The Psychology Of Relationships With A Man 10-20 Years Older

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Relationship with an older man
Relationship with an older man

Women, oddly enough, often prefer to start a relationship with a man a couple of decades older than them, believing that in this way the partner will be more experienced, responsible and serious. Some girls rely on the fact that an accomplished and adult man will be able to provide all their whims, without disregarding them. Is this so and what should you pay attention to when choosing a partner much older than yourself?

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  • 2 What to expect from a relationship with a grown man

The main reasons why a woman chooses an adult man as a partner i

The reasons for this decision lie in the psychology and character of the woman. Perhaps she wants to be held accountable for her, cared for like a small child, or she just needs a father's warmth. Let's figure it out in order.

Lack of paternal love

Everyone knows that guys choose girls who are like their mothers, and girls choose boys who are like their fathers. If in childhood a woman was deprived of attention, was not given affection and care, it is not surprising that she will feel a lack of love and will see in a mature man not only a partner, but also the likeness of a father. It is with him that she will feel like a little princess and be behind a reliable stone wall.

In this case, the girl assigns to her partner the role of not only the second half, but also the guardian who is ready to stand up for her and protect her interests. Is a man ready for such an attitude towards himself - that is the main question.

Fear of being left without parental shelter

The reason is directly related to the previous one, only in this case the girl is afraid to be left alone and completely leave the parental home. Lack of constant attention, support and funds can push the young lady to the idea that an analogue to parents can be found in a wealthy man with a stable career and income.

There are hardly many guys who, by the age of 20-25, have acquired a high stable income, their own living space and the ability to invest all the money in their passion, forgetting about personal interests. That is why such women come to the conclusion that it is calmer and more profitable to have a relationship with an older man.

Family tradition"

How often does it happen that the fate of a grandmother, mother and granddaughter is so similar to each other? All of them may not be married, link their fate with a dysfunctional man, be disappointed in marriage, and eventually divorce. Not realizing the mistake of her past, a mother can unconsciously convey such a worldview and attitude to her daughter, and so on.

It is the same with age: if it is accepted in the family that a man should be a solid figure older than a woman, then subsequent representatives of the genus can take this as a trend.

Sexual experience

Girls who have sex with a grown man report that they are much more skillful in bed and know how to really please a woman. It is not surprising, because how many women he could have for the difference in age that exists between partners.

Features of relationships with a man 10-20 years older
Features of relationships with a man 10-20 years older

Material support

Someone considers it normal not to create oneself from scratch, long and difficult moving up the social and career ladder, but considers it right to provide himself with funds in advance by finding a “financial fund” in the form of a rich and wealthy man.

Another question: does a wealthy man need an insolvent woman who has not achieved anything by her efforts? Most likely not, but it happens that at the end of life, men indulge in "all bad" and are glad at least a drop of attention of young beauties.

Interesting and wise person

Women appreciate it when a man has special knowledge and can boast that he knows a lot about this life. Girls find in men older than them something that they do not find in their peers, are carried away by them and show genuine interest. Some may notice that middle-aged men understand the fair sex better, thus bribing them. But how nice it is when at least someone can listen to you and truly sympathize.

What to expect from a relationship with a grown man 2

However, everything has its sides, and a girl who is ready to enter into a relationship with an older man must understand what lies behind this. The difference in generations affects all aspects of life and does not guarantee that a couple with such a difference in age will find agreement and be able to live together.

It is enough just to remember: for what reasons could a woman quarrel with her parents in childhood, and what came of this? Such situations can be repeated in the relationship between an adult man and a young girl.

relationship with an age difference of 10 years
relationship with an age difference of 10 years

He is an accomplished personality

A girl seeks to get from a relationship what she wants, be it love or just money, and "educate" her man. A young couple grows up together, changes each other and constantly solves some problems or issues in order to eventually build a stable relationship. As a rule, people change a lot when they find themselves a permanent partner.

But a woman who has entered into a relationship with an already mature partner may notice that he does not lend itself to "sculpting" and already has formed views and a life "policy" that does not lend itself to change. For her, this can be an unpleasant surprise, since such a man is unlikely to give up his habits and radically change his lifestyle. Alas, it remains only to accept it.

Secrets and their "skeletons"

He lived in this world longer than his young partner, had more experience with women, life difficulties, and with them - secrets and secrets. Each person is a huge book with their own stories and problems, for which each partner should be ready, entering into a new relationship.

Behind him may not be a single marriage, not even children, some scandalous situations and rumors. A woman decides whether she is ready to accept this or whether this state of affairs does not suit her.

relationship with an age gap of 20 years
relationship with an age gap of 20 years

It used to be better

It would seem that such a clichéd phrase is used only by grandmothers and grandfathers, who blame everything that stands on their own. In fact, sometimes even young people find fault with their brothers and sisters on this basis, which can be said even to a middle-aged man.

He clearly saw more than one generation and the views of people around him were changing at an enviable speed. He may also have a bad attitude towards what his young partner will be carried away and do, perhaps even condemn and conflict on this basis.

Differences in sex life

Despite his experience, in adulthood, men's needs for bed can change dramatically. On the one hand, they no longer need that brave passion, seething blood at the beginning of a new novel. On the other hand, having vast experience, on the contrary, he may demand something more interesting from a still not relaxed and inexperienced partner.

kiss to an older man
kiss to an older man

Moreover, more often than not, adult men in bed give preference not to bright emotions, but to tenderness and sensuality. Of course, everything is individual, which is why it is recommended to "test the soil" in advance and move in the same direction as the other half.

You should not expect from a relationship with an adult man the embodiment of all your dreams and desires. A woman who decides to take such a step should be prepared for the fact that she will have to make every effort to establish contact with such a partner and become to his liking.

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