Is It Worth Confessing To A Girl Your Feelings For Her, So As Not To Be Mistaken

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Is It Worth Confessing To A Girl Your Feelings For Her, So As Not To Be Mistaken
Is It Worth Confessing To A Girl Your Feelings For Her, So As Not To Be Mistaken
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Should I confess my feelings to a girl?
Should I confess my feelings to a girl?

Modern girls often look so independent and self-confident that guys involuntarily have doubts: is it worth confessing feelings to a girl? Or will such a self-confident beauty refuse? And how is it right to confess to a girl in love?

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  • 2 Drawing up an action plan
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  • 4 Everything worked out. What's next?

All male doubts stem from insecurity and underestimation of their merits. You shouldn't assume that the girl is obviously more talented, smarter, more attractive than you. That is, to bother with the topic “I am not worthy of her” is simply ridiculous. Of course, all people are afraid of the unknown, they are afraid of undesirable consequences, they are afraid to make the wrong decision. This is normal. Finally, there is uncertainty about how things will turn out, even if the girl reciprocates.

But still, you are a man. And to take the first step is above the birthright.

Maintain dignity for any outcome i

Like any other situation, one can and should hope for the best, but one must be ready for failure. Girls are different. It is possible that through the pink glasses of falling in love you did not quite correctly assess the situation.

Well, in this case, a potential beloved can ignore your confession, and in the worst case - and sharply respond. That happens. It is worthwhile to understand that this is rather for the best. Firstly, you are free from doubts and free from illusions, and secondly, you know for sure that this is not your person and are open to new sensations and falling in love.

Let's say the girl is really wonderful. But, in response to your confession, she gently and delicately made it clear that you are not suitable for each other. In this case, guys all too often make one very common mistake. Namely - they begin to pursue the girl, hoping that since there was no sharp refusal, she can change her mind. Should not be doing that. Delicate refusal or rude - it doesn't matter. Your feelings are not shared. Respect yourself and the other person's opinion.

Yes, by the way: girls sometimes do not dare to say directly that you will not succeed, fearing of offending. So - if, in response to your declaration of love to a woman, you heard something like “I'm not sure, now is not the right time,” take this as a refusal. And look around - it is possible that another, no less wonderful girl has been in love with you all this time.

Is it worth confessing your feelings
Is it worth confessing your feelings

Drawing up an action plan2

Perhaps in films, a guy rehearsing in front of a mirror a speech prepared for a potential lover looks a little ridiculous. But you need to prepare. The words that you want to say to her must be convincing and beautiful. Yes, and rehearsals in front of a mirror, according to psychologists, will not hurt at all.

Do some scouting. Talk to her friends, check out social media profiles, watch her. What for? Well, it's not superfluous to make sure that she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment, not global life problems, and, perhaps, she will be able to find a hint that she is not indifferent to you.

Okay, the speech is ready, the right words have been selected. A small (not necessarily an expensive gift) will come in handy. What else? of course, time, place and even the weather are also very important.

Is it worth mentioning that it is better to confess your love without outside witnesses? You yourself perfectly understand this. The setting must be appropriate for the occasion. Girls are romantic creatures. Quiet cafe, alley, park - it would be ideal. And if you've been dating for a while, it's even easier. Surely, there are places with which you both have pleasant memories. This is ideal.

Is it worth confessing your feelings
Is it worth confessing your feelings

Do not rush. If something doesn't work out, for example, she has a lot of routine things to do, she doesn't feel well, her beloved dog is sick or there is a stormy wind on the street - put aside romantic confessions. Better offer help or just support.

A few important tips3

Never lie or try to appear as someone else. Be yourself, be sincere. Make sure you look great. This is a very important day, isn't it?

Don't rush the girl with an answer. Make it clear that you are not expecting an immediate decision and action from her right here and now.

Do not limit yourself to words only. More precisely, confirm them with actions. Take care of her, look into her eyes, let her know that you are reliable support and support.

It all worked out. What's next? 4

After answering the question "is it worth confessing to a girl in feelings?", Still there is something left to understand. It is quite that your feelings are mutual and now you will be together. Are you ready for this? After all, love is not only "access to the body" and sighing under a beautiful moon. It is also a mutual responsibility.

If you are a couple, then your problems, as well as your joys, are common. You need to be prepared for the fact that your views on certain things may differ. Let it be insignificant, but still. It will also take some getting used to the character, habits and temperament of another person.

Is it worth confessing your feelings
Is it worth confessing your feelings

Misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable, but you love, don't you? This means that you will be patient and delicate and nothing will prevent you from being happy. And be together.

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