How To Get A Girl's Attention: 10 Steps To Falling In Love

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How To Get A Girl's Attention: 10 Steps To Falling In Love
How To Get A Girl's Attention: 10 Steps To Falling In Love
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How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

As sad as it may sound, a modern woman will not look at a man who screams about his wealth and constant success. Many people assume that girls have become too ambitious - they don't agree to dates right away, they don't want to listen to silly jokes, and in general, what are they just thinking about! Bitch, "sturgeon" from the stall of a hard-working man, who never felt the taste of life.

The content of the article

  • 1 Make her happy - she loves with her ears and "does not believe her eyes"
  • 2 Find common languages ​​- topics for communication, hobbies
  • 3 Always be a loyal friend - put gossip away
  • 4 Never annoy - look like a needle
  • 5 Self-esteem and self-esteem - not comparing yourself to others
  • 6 Rebel or excellent student?
  • 7 Recommendations of psychologists: how to make her think about you?
  • 8 Smile and good mood
  • 9 Confident gait
  • 10 Favorite business above all
  • 11 Do not ask, but do

And while the men think so, the guys will begin to dispose and surprise even the most complex in character persons. They know how to get a girl's attention, how to act and how to throw dust in the face. Those who are not yet familiar with the tactics of the great pickup artist should not start reading, this is not for weaklings, but for real men.

Make her happy - she loves with her ears and “does not believe her eyes” i

Well, yes, say you, after reading the title and mentally imagining a picture of how she is touched by the words of eternal love and immaculate conception. It does not mean at all that a boy should play hard to get, and a girl should dream of a prince on a white iron horse.

Yeah, it's no longer fashionable to ride workhorses. The only true rule at all times is the ability to surprise, and if it is not there - to encourage: for honesty and willingness to listen to the delirium of a romantic in love. So let's start with the basic strategies.

Find common languages ​​- topics for communication, hobbies2

A girl will never waste time with a boy who does not even know what to talk to her about. If the topic concerns boxing, football, she can patiently listen for half an hour, how cool it is, draw a conclusion and go her own way. It is best to take several strategies for seduction:

  • Ask what she wants to talk about - perhaps she has some kind of female problem - her friend is a fool, exams are on the nose, there is something to do at school or college.
  • If there are no common topics, offer to listen to a story from life, experience. You need to share what you have passed so that the girl can take notes.
  • Never cross the line - if the communication worked out well, it does not mean that she is yours. This is stupid. After all, no one has canceled the friendship between a man and a woman either.

When all the points of moral contact have been found, then move on. And not at all in conversations - about sex or kissing. You can't seem too cool if you don't know what a mantra, cat's houses, manicure and Freudian philosophy are. Study, then rant.

Always be a loyal friend - stop gossip3

It all starts with a smile … like a song that was sung in the 00s in schools. If you manage to control yourself, the girl will begin to trust, but not all. For quarrels in a relationship cannot be avoided, and the slightest hint of compromising material is an expensive price for sociability and liberation. The girl should feel that there is a friend nearby, and not a quiet bastard, ready to betray her for a couple of pictures.

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

Also, you can not pretend to be homosexual. And further:

  1. If a girl says directly that she does not see a life partner in a guy, this is a good reason not to lose anything and stay friends.
  2. If she asks about intentions, then she figured it out. You can act.

The first method of "checking" can be understood differently - if she is under 18 years old, such questions do not mean that she does not need a boyfriend. On the contrary, she wants to see how serious the boy is about her. Perhaps this is a hint of continued communication as not a friend, but a real loving person.

Never annoy - the look is brand new4

It is unlikely that a man or young man aged 18-20 is able to attract the attention of a girl who looks beautiful and elegant. Just imagine, she goes on a date in a dress, and next to her is a kid in shorts from an underground couturier, crosses for 5,000 rubles, but unwashed and not cleaned.

Of course, it would be a shame to be shown in public with such role models. If a girl is expensive, you just need to match her understanding of style. Classic, welcome to the jacket. If she dresses for freestyle, then there is no doubt that she needs to somehow change her tuxedo to a simple shirt in a cage.

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

Don't forget about the price of the event. School score, parties - it's all in the past. Now young people go not only to clubs, but they also look into libraries. If this direction is not alien, it is worth looking at shoes or moccasins, depending on the season.

Self-esteem and self-esteem - do not compare yourself with others5

In a conversation with girls, one should not succumb to the influence of the public. For example, while studying in the same stream on the same course, the guy pretends to be a friend, asking the girl for her opinion. “What do the girls think of me?” And such questions will confuse the girl. She, of course, will tell, maybe not the whole truth, or, on the contrary, she will embellish too much to put him in his place.

But further communication will be over - not because of his curiosity, but simply because of the impossibility to exist without someone else's opinion. A kind of narcissist - all about yourself, but about yourself.

What girl would like to talk about the comparative characteristics of two guys? I want to be higher than the other (former), it is better not to raise this topic at all and not to offend him - he was her choice, which she made herself. And then the loser of the world appeared, giving out silly advice on how to choose guys. Sir, hinting at yourself? Get the fuck out, sir!

ways to attract girls
ways to attract girls

Rebel or Achiever? 6

An eternal theme that will never end. And all because girls like bad boys who later marry good girls, but cheat with bad ones who married the same ghouls. Well, love triangles will always be, as long as humanity remains mono- and polygamous.

One question from a psychologist can help, but only for an active and sincere guy - do you need a serious relationship with marriage and children? If so, you can safely take on the girl and build a couple. If not, why then play children's games, and how can you even touch a person with whom there are no joint plans for the future, even for personal reasons?

Why all this is needed and to whom? For the sake of self-affirmation, there is no point - time will pass, love victories will end, envious people will get married, and some will be left with pity memories of past years.

In order for a girl to understand who is next to her, you need to show your self-sufficiency. It's good to study, but not to be a nerd. As they say, we are all human, but forgetting about the important things (love is love, and you always want to eat) should not be. What family can feed on love alone?

Forgive me, the reality is that women, being already mothers, are so mercantile that they are ready to live with the unloved, as long as the child is full. Perhaps the child of that lazy person who has failed to achieve anything in life, except for the location of fellow students.

how to draw a girl's attention
how to draw a girl's attention

Psychological recommendations: how to make her think of you? 7

Not just a glance in the direction of a man, but real affection is promised by psychologists who have developed a plan-strategy. Since you need to move from theory to practice, you should always enlist the advice of psychologists who know how to influence the human subconscious without gestures and words. It has long been proven that simple things will help not only to arrange the interlocutor, but also to make him a dependent individual.

We are talking about NLP - non-verbal or neurolinguistic programming of human consciousness. If you master a few lessons, you can move on to practical exercises - to build speech correctly, to catch a partner on a specific thought or guess his desires. In relation to girls, this is, oh, how useful.

We have collected everything you need to know about how to care for a girl and not hit your face in the mud in our article.

Smile and good mood8

Scientists have proven that smiling allows you to get a person to talk or listen. Almost 87% of strangers surveyed were ready to listen to ads when they smiled at them. With girls, as well as with people [smile], it will work too.

attract a woman's attention
attract a woman's attention
  1. It will be easier for her to perceive information about herself - she likes the person, looks beautiful, compliments.
  2. Guys should understand - if a girl is not ready to communicate, catching hands and bothering is superfluous. It is enough to call her by her name. This is the sweetest stranger's mouth when you hear your own personal name given at birth.
  3. You can't constantly whine and complain - gloomy men, like children, are constantly dissatisfied with something, they share something between the described colleagues at work, fellow students or classmates.

I really would not like to see a slobber in the face of a man who is not able to remain calm for a long time. If he is nice to a girl, and treats a waiter like a servant, then over time, under different circumstances, a woman runs the risk of falling under the hot hand. This is not advice to control yourself until you have a reason to crack it. Just stay calm, always.

Confident gait9

A woman also loves with her eyes, and as long as a man is careless about himself, she will remain aloof. A beautiful body, a confident gait and a wide back (straight shoulders) speaks of good physical fitness. If this is not the case, it is better to go to the gym and clean up a little.

how to draw a woman's attention
how to draw a woman's attention

After all, being overweight isn't the worst thing about guys. But if a girl gains 5 kg, the boys for some reason immediately turn away, wanting to see a beautiful person next to them. Why is there an opinion that only a woman should take care of herself?

It is unlikely that someone would agree to go to bed with an unshaven and fat boy who is not even able to roll over from side to side. And no one would agree to date a girl who doesn't look after herself. Well, everything is quits here, because everyone wants to see a handsome person next to him.

Favorite business above all10

Falling in love is a great time that affects all ages. Young people take care of them in every possible way, run after girls, even try to compete, take revenge, and someone puts women in front of a choice, they say, either me or him. And when it comes to mistresses, for some reason no one is able to go to one side of the bed. Double standards, sir!

But when a man is busy with his favorite business, finds time for this and does not devote himself entirely to a woman, he arouses her interest. Of course, the adage “the less we love a woman, the more she likes us” works. But you don't need to overdo it - no one will knock on the door while the other wipes his feet, trying to fill his own worth. Anyway, in a relationship you need lightness, difficulties will come by themselves in everyday life and marriage.

how to get a woman's attention
how to get a woman's attention

Here sexologists say that almost 65% of women try to please men when they are tired of courting and understand that the matter is rubbish. Here already comes such a moment of competition and play - I will not let you go, but I will not give you up either. I need my own skin, but I won't feed the hyena. This happens in the first weeks of a relationship, when the couple gets to know each other, like in the animal kingdom. This is great, because men have a second chance to show their grooming skills "correctly".

Do not ask, do 11

There are some guys who like to predict with questions. "May I kiss you?" and similar statements look very stupid from the outside. Well, maybe it's worth asking my mother's permission, because the future mother-in-law may be against it. Yes? There are guys who don't care about the opinion - she always wins, but only as long as the woman allows herself, weak, to command.

Probably, for a long time I wanted to feel the masculine word, shoulder next to me, support. This can be just tiring, so any experiences need to be discussed. And when you come up with such questions, you do not have to push away, doing it your own way. Right now she lacks care, not masculine "I said period."

attract the girl's attention
attract the girl's attention

You also can't take advice from a friend - he doesn't know someone else's woman, so he can't really say anything. If the relationship is built on trust, it will be easier to listen to the girl, understand her desires. No, this is not about sex now, just sincere conversations after bed - no one likes them, but you have to endure.

And how much more will be … and about parents and teachers, exams and other nonsense at work. It is important for her, and as long as a man remains a listener, he will never become a real "fan" of his upbringing of a woman. With any question you have to act, this is the only way to understand how to draw the attention of a former or new girl. And what to do next with this, and how to keep her close, is a completely different story.

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