How To Check A Girl For Feelings, If In Doubt?

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How To Check A Girl For Feelings, If In Doubt?
How To Check A Girl For Feelings, If In Doubt?

Video: How To Check A Girl For Feelings, If In Doubt?

Video: How To Check A Girl For Feelings, If In Doubt?
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how to check a girl for feelings
how to check a girl for feelings

Our difficult, dynamic and pragmatic time does not have the most favorable effect on the sphere of relations. Less love, affection, warmth, more and more materialistic and other interest.

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  • 1 Is it worth the risk
  • 2 Testing your feelings
  • 3 Decent behavior
  • 4 The best test is life
  • 5 Attention! Little things!
  • 6 Extreme is not recommended

How, in such conditions, to check the girl, with whom a romantic relationship has begun, for feelings? How to make sure she's really in love, passionate about, or at least seriously interested.

Is it worth the riski

Should I check the girl? First of all, you need to answer the question whether the risk of this dubious event is worth the result that will be obtained. After all, if a woman guesses that she is being checked, or at least suspects it, there is a very high probability, at best, of an unpleasant conversation.

Given the feminine emotionality and unpredictability, the matter can reach a scandal or a complete rupture. This is especially true at the initial stage of the development of relations, when the emotional connection is fragile or not at all.

Important! You need to be extremely delicate and veil your actions as much as possible.

Testing your feelings2

Checking feelings should start with yourself. You need to make sure that the girl with whom you are building a relationship is really important and dear. The confidence that everything is in all seriousness, and not just another affair, will allow you to move on.

Often, passion is confused with love, and falling in love with serious feelings.

Young or, on the contrary, mature age ("devil in the rib"), spring or playing hormones can be misleading and lead on the wrong path.

love or not
love or not

Decent Behavior3

Dignified male behavior is the most effective way to awaken a girl's feelings. You always need to start with yourself. To become important, necessary for her, the shoulder on which you can always rely - this is the easiest way to success. And this concerns not so much the material side of the issue as the ability to support morally.

The ability to listen and hear is invaluable in our time.

The manifestation of such feelings as kindness, mercy, friendship, mutual assistance becomes, unfortunately, a great rarity. Owning them is a huge plus in building relationships.

The best test is life4

But, if the decision to check is still made, it is necessary to start implementing it. As the relationship with the girl develops, various life situations arise.

love test
love test

How the partner behaves, how she reacts to them, will answer many questions. You just need to carefully observe and draw appropriate conclusions.

Do not forget that you yourself need to look dignified and masculine. In response to greed, cowardice or rude behavior, it is difficult to expect love or affection.

Attention! Little things! 5

In this situation and, in general, in the sphere of feelings, little things are very important. As Alexander Dumas said, life is made up of little things.

One careless word spoken at an unfortunate moment can destroy a relationship that has been built over a long time.

And here you need to be very careful. It is not so easy to notice and appreciate the nuances of behavior. It is easy to make mistakes and draw the wrong conclusions.

verbal verification
verbal verification

This is especially true for statements and judgments. Not everyone knows how to formulate their thoughts and convey them to others. And if at this moment emotions are overwhelmed, then in general you can agree on anything.

It must be borne in mind that a girl does not always say what she thinks, and often the exact opposite.

However, words are very important. They show the true attitude of one person to another.

Extreme not recommended6

Many books have been written and a sea of films shot about how to test a girl for feelings in some extreme way. Let us recall the popular song about a soldier who allegedly lost his legs and then calmly returned home safe and sound.

There are other similar techniques of dubious nature.

One of the most common is to evoke jealousy in some way. Paying attention to a friend or work colleague, giving someone an expensive gift for their birthday, or showing some other sign of attention - these are the ways that you can use for this.

jealousy test
jealousy test

It is strongly discouraged to follow this path. You can inflict severe mental trauma on your chosen one, from which she may not recover.

You cannot put forward ultimatum demands and put your partner in front of a difficult choice. There are situations in life when this already has to be done. For example, illness. No one is immune from her. And how your girlfriend will behave in this situation will show her true feelings.

And then the nature of your relationship, their true value will be visible to the naked eye.

So, human relationships are a very subtle and complex category. And aggravating them with all kinds of suspicions and checks is not the best solution.

Life will put everything in its place anyway, and the heart will tell you the best solution.