Why Does A Man Avoid A Woman He Likes, And Who Is To Blame

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Why Does A Man Avoid A Woman He Likes, And Who Is To Blame
Why Does A Man Avoid A Woman He Likes, And Who Is To Blame

Video: Why Does A Man Avoid A Woman He Likes, And Who Is To Blame

Video: Why Does A Man Avoid A Woman He Likes, And Who Is To Blame
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mouth shut

Among all the variety of interactions between men and women, much raises questions and bewilderment, and, in particular, why a man avoids a woman he likes.

In relations between the sexes, a man is always at a disadvantage - a woman immediately sees that he has fallen in love, and a man, until he is told in plain text, remains in the dark. Sometimes he suspects something, but straightforward male logic and mental retardation find dozens of possible reasons to explain female allusions to the exact opposite.

This is one of the reasons why he runs away from a woman he likes. Who is to blame for this - the answer to this question is ambiguous.

"There is only salvation from love - a hasty flight" (William Shakespeare)

He is afraid

Half of men are the most fearful creatures in the world in intergender relations. They are afraid of what they do not understand. The other half are in the happy delusion that they understand something about women.

And women, these airy creatures (up to 150 kg), will not even lift a finger to explain to a possible lover the full depth of his delusions. They just flutter and flirt, ready to make eyes at any male individual of reproductive age.

And how can an inexperienced young man not be shy if today the girl is with him, and tomorrow….

"When a man begins to understand women, he is no longer of interest as a man" (Rex Mobley)

Why does a man avoid
Why does a man avoid

He believes that the woman he loves is a princess2

“In the eyes of a man who falls in love, an ordinary woman turns into an exceptional being” (Stendhal)

The beloved is a princess, and he is ordinary. She needs a prince in a white Mercedes, and at best he has a classic Zhiguli. This is somewhat exaggerated, it is rather about its shortcomings and its advantages. Happiness if a man blinded by love has a good friend who tactfully hints that his beloved also sometimes, very, very rarely, goes to the potty.

But what about the woman? After all, it maintains its divine appearance, because everyone wants to look better than they are. Well, at least land a little … no, you don't need to show the pot, but you can show your earthly interests.

He's just passive3

“Domestic chicken has pecked more than one eagle” (Zbigniew Vaidik)

This is a variant of mama's son, who is accustomed to the tight guardianship of his mother and has lost the initiative. Such a man does not avoid a woman he likes, he simply gives her the initiative and waits for the woman he loves to drag him to the registry office or to bed, invites him to a date and to the movies. This is a hopeless option. If love is mutual, then you should step on it with your heel and lead through life.

Man avoids woman
Man avoids woman

Tactical trick4

"Love is a violent attraction to what escapes us" (Michel de Montaigne)

This is an old well-known and effective move - first to show love, and then - indifference. It almost always works flawlessly for both sexes - it increases the degree of interest and love. If this is a tactic, then you should respond in kind.

But the reasons may be different:

He is loving5

Such a man can like women at the same time in quantities from two to infinity. And, like Buridan's donkey, he is marking time, unable to stop at one option. It should be remembered that only 46% are men. And not all of them prefer women.

Here the woman is to blame - she could not stand out from the flock of cute, but passive, sheep.

He's too busy at work6

He works a lot and does not have enough time to communicate with his beloved - after all, for a future successful family life, you need to rise in your career and in finances. And so a man tries to avoid a woman he likes.

Also a hopeless option. So it will be all my life.

A man sympathizes but avoids
A man sympathizes but avoids

He just loved another 7

This is not the collapse of everything. According to statistics, in Russia 75% of men cheat on their wives. Therefore, you can just sit on the shore and wait for the surf to throw your beloved man at your feet. Someday, in a thousand years, this will surely happen. Will this event be necessary?

As Moliere said: "Of all eternal things, love lasts the shortest."

There are a couple more reasons in which the ladies are clearly involved:

Her reputation8

Behavior, in this case, of a woman, plays a significant role in reputation. If you allow yourself frivolous statements in an inappropriate company, or, even more so, easy behavior, then rumors will begin to diverge from your best friends. As it should be, rumors just a little embellish what has been said.

If a lady speaks out, for example, about the permissibility of losing her virginity in the premarital period, then the information that she is sleeping with whoever gets in may reach a potentially beloved man.

If a man has already passed the "princess" period, then he will avoid his beloved woman until he receives reliable information.

Who is to blame that a man avoids
Who is to blame that a man avoids

She's too intrusive9

If a woman has already "lost her shores" so much, seeking a man that even the dumbest representative of the stronger sex sees it, then only the type of "mama's boy" can endure and approve of this.

The rest with fear will go into deaf ignorance with avoidance of meetings and a black list on the phone.

What advice can you give to a woman who likes a man, whom he suddenly began to avoid? Listen to your intuition and try to determine the reason for ignoring. There can be many more reasons considered. The male soul, for all its primitiveness, is covered with darkness….

It is advisable to ignore the advice of your best friends, otherwise they will be to blame for the stagnation of the relationship.

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