How Do You Go On A Second Date? Ideas And Recommendations For Lovers

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How Do You Go On A Second Date? Ideas And Recommendations For Lovers
How Do You Go On A Second Date? Ideas And Recommendations For Lovers

Video: How Do You Go On A Second Date? Ideas And Recommendations For Lovers

Video: How Do You Go On A Second Date? Ideas And Recommendations For Lovers
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What to do on a second date
What to do on a second date

There aren't many things to do on a first date. Usually, partners just talk over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. The first date is usually short-lived: an hour of conversation over dinner at a restaurant is enough for people to understand if they are interested in this relationship. The second date goes to people who are sure they want to get to know each other better. But how should they conduct this meeting? Where to go and what to do? Here are some tips to help you plan what to do on your second date.

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Bad ideas for a second datei

Some places and activities are not suitable for a second date. Your meeting with a new partner will turn out to be a failure if:

  • You will go to a noisy and crowded place, such as a popular nightclub or sports bar;
  • You will schedule an activity that will distract you from each other, such as going to the movies;
  • You will invite friends to spend time with you;
  • You will stay at home to watch TV. You will avert disaster if you stop at a comedy show or a feature film, but sports are the worst-case scenario for the evening, even if you are both fans;
  • You will repeat the first date program, for example, meet again for dinner.

How to make a second date successful? 2

Couples in long-term relationships do not spend much time in bed making love. More often they just talk to each other. Therefore, during the second date, it is important to make sure that you and your partner are interesting to each other.

For a second date, you can plan interesting and unusual events, but make sure that you and your partner have enough time to get to know each other better.

What activities are appropriate for a second date? There is no one-size-fits-all answer: what one person finds interesting will be boring or unpleasant for another. When choosing an event for the second meeting, it is important to focus not only on your own interests, but also on the interests of your partner. If, after the first date, you have not learned enough about your partner to choose the right place for the second meeting, ask him a few questions over the phone.

What to do on a second date
What to do on a second date

Sometimes on a second date, people show interest in things that don't really attract them. This is done to earn more points in the eyes of your partner. In fact, people rarely achieve the desired result with this, but they often add frustration and problems to themselves.

One wrong word - and your partner will understand that you are lying, disappointed in you and end the date. But even if you manage to deceive your partner for a while, it will not work to maintain the legend for too long. Pretending to be a medieval art connoisseur or a professional athlete takes a lot of energy. It is possible that you will simply waste time or resources on the legend of things that are not important or interesting to your partner.

What to do on a second date? 3

For a second date, activities that leave you plenty of time to hang out with your partner are great. But at the same time, it is important that vivid memories remain from the meeting. Try:

  • Outdoor activities: boating, going to the zoo, walking in the garden or picnic;
  • Lunch or dinner at an unusual place. This can be an exotic restaurant or a restaurant with an unusual interior, such as a tree restaurant or a floating restaurant. Visit places with live music, dine in a pub with a local comedian;
  • Cultural events: a trip to a museum, gallery, exhibition or musical evening. Any place where you can discuss everything you see with your partner will do. Theaters and movies are not a good idea, because during sessions and performances it is necessary to keep silence;
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  • Social events: participation in festivals, thematic evenings;
  • Light physical activity.

Physical activities such as walking in the park, going to a nature reserve if there is one nearby. Possible short jogging along scenic spots such as the embankment. You can swim together by visiting the beach or pool.

Also for the second date, games are good that do not require exhausting activity and do not leave partners at a great distance from each other. For example, tennis will not work: you will be so far from your partner that you cannot speak to him without shouting. But you can drop the ball on the basketball court, drink soda or coffee from the nearest machine, and have a good chat. This is a great option for a budget date in the city if you are a student (and if you both love sports).

If you have a favorite place that you love to visit often, tell your partner about it. Perhaps he will not mind going there for a second date. You can also inquire about your partner's favorite spots. This will not only give you an idea of where to go and what to do, but it will also make you more caring in the eyes of your partner.

Second date
Second date

Places and entertainment are just the backdrop for dating. What really matters is the conversation and interaction of partners. On the first few dates, people get to know each other, so all of the partners' attention is focused on each other, and not on the environment.

Still, a good backdrop can add to the positive experience of a meeting. If you have a pleasant and interesting time with someone, you are more likely to want to meet him again. But even if you decide that you are not interested in a relationship, you will still have fond memories of an unusual evening.

You can find out more about how to behave on a date with a man in our article below the link.

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