How Do Pheromones Affect Men And How Do They Work?

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How Do Pheromones Affect Men And How Do They Work?
How Do Pheromones Affect Men And How Do They Work?

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Pheromones for men
Pheromones for men

Every man who tried to get acquainted with girls sooner or later received a refusal from the one that he really liked. And he probably could think about whether there are ways to win the girl with the help of some cunning and unusual means. The perfumery existing today is able to offer this remedy to men.

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Pheromone colognes for men are very popular among those who believe in their performance. And there are a lot of such people - stories about the magical effect of this "natural" means of attracting women are walking around the world, and every year they acquire new details. But are these pheromones as good as everyone says about them?

History of pheromones i

Pheromones are substances that are thrown into the environment by this or that organism - a plant, animal, insect. With their help, a kind of communication is carried out between representatives of the same species.

They were first discovered by a group of German biologists in 1962, who were able to discover a substance called bombicol. With the help of it, the female silkworm gave a signal to the males that they were ready to mate. The molecules of this substance were able to spread for many kilometers around, attracting all representatives of the male species, ready to create offspring.

Many scientists were shocked by this discovery and the prospects opening up before them. For several years after this incident, thousands and thousands of species of pheromones were discovered in various representatives of the animal and plant world. And, of course, someone might have guessed that a person is also capable of releasing such substances into the surrounding space.

Immediately, many theories arose that said that certain odors of human excreta (in particular, sweat) are capable of attracting men and women, depending on the gender of the person whose pheromones were used in the process. However, the "special" allocation of homo sapiens has not yet been officially discovered.

The first hard-to-find evidence that human pheromones actually exist was an experiment in 1971. It was conducted on 130 girls who lived on the campus in conditions of almost complete isolation from the males.

And in the course of this experiment, it was found that their menstrual cycles gradually began to synchronize with each other. But, unfortunately, subsequent experiments could not repeat a similar result. Scientists were convinced that this was a simple coincidence.

Are girls greedy for pheromones?
Are girls greedy for pheromones?

Then a huge number of other studies were carried out and there were many discoveries of the next "human pheromone", which after a full check turned out to be untenable. People really wanted to believe that there was a “magic button” that would allow them to easily attract members of the opposite sex and have sexual contact with them.

But science constantly dashed all new hopes of people with this or that justified refutation.

Some scientists do not give up to this day and are in search of the very substance in the human body that can excite other people. However, they have not yet managed to get convincing evidence that these pheromones really exist.

Pheromones in perfumery2

Today, various perfumery products containing pheromones for men are especially popular. Despite the fact that there is still no scientific confirmation of the existence of these substances, they were somehow synthesized by manufacturers and added to colognes.

Judging by the advertising campaigns of certain products, they have a trouble-free effect on the fair sex, who will be lucky enough to breathe in these hypnotizing and intoxicating molecules. But whether these colognes and perfumes work in practice is worth figuring out as best you can.

how pheromone perfume works
how pheromone perfume works

A group of Australian scientists have conducted experiments on this topic. Four groups of people were gathered - two consisting entirely of women, and two more entirely of men. The first groups of men and women were shown photographs of members of the opposite sex, without exposing them to perfumes with pheromones.

They had to rate the people in the photograph on a scale of ten. The second groups were shown the same photographs and were also asked to rate the people depicted in them. In the first phase of the experiment, no one was exposed to pheromones.

But already in the second stage of this experiment, the first groups of men and women were given to use perfumes containing pheromones of the opposite sex, and after that they again had to evaluate the proposed photographs. The second groups were given regular perfume and were also asked to rate the appearance of the people in the photographs.

If pheromones were really contained in these colognes and perfumes, then the first groups of men and women would feel great sympathy for the people shown to them and "throw" them a few extra points. But they rated them as attractive as people in the group who were not given any "pheromones".

the smell of pheromones for men
the smell of pheromones for men

But scientists didn't stop there. They did another experiment. People were shown photographs of which faces had been computer-altered so that they would remain attractive for both men and women, but it would have been impossible to determine gender from them.

And before evaluating the appearance of these people, the subjects were allowed to breathe in the "pheromones" of persons of the opposite sex. According to the idea of ​​scientists, men were supposed to call people in photographs feminine, and women - masculine. But this perfume did not affect their perception in any way.

Subjects of both sexes found all the people in the pictures to be equally attractive to both men and women. That is, the substances that entered their body did not in any way affect their perception of the attractiveness of persons of the opposite sex.

Cologne and aphrodisiacs3

It is fair to say that there are some perfume products that can attract members of the opposite sex to some extent. But only now they do not contain any pheromones, but they contain natural substances - aphrodisiacs.

In most cases, only women use them, but men should also take into account that such means exist, and they can really help in some situations. Unfortunately, cunning marketers can pass off such a product as one that contains "real pheromones", and therefore its cost will not be democratic at all, especially in Russian conditions.

is it possible to seduce a girl with pheromones
is it possible to seduce a girl with pheromones

How will these tools work? They fully and completely retain the principle of action of aphrodisiacs. When their particles get on the skin and then a person breathes them in, the body is saturated with various natural components, minerals and other elements that it lacks for any reason (due to insufficient use of certain products, a small amount of vitamins in the diet, bad and polluted environment).

And when these trace elements are absorbed, then a person can really experience a surge of energy and an increase in sexual activity.

All this is due to the fact that aphrodisiacs for men and women are able to restore weakened functions of arousal by saturating the body with substances that are needed for the functioning of the reproductive system. As you might guess, if a person has nothing to restore (all systems work well for him), then such perfumery will have no effect.

What products of natural origin have similar properties? Most often we are talking about musk, figs, grapevine. An interesting fact is that in perfumery stores or in special pharmacies you can buy these fragrances at a very reasonable price and not pay an impressive amount for cologne or perfumes with pheromones, which, in fact, are not.

Can pheromone perfume work? 4

There is good news for people who have succumbed to persistent advertisements or believed rumors about the miraculous effects of these "pheromones" - such colognes and perfumes can really work. But a little not in the way it was originally intended.

pheromones for men
pheromones for men

In this situation, one can observe the most powerful placebo effect - people who have used such perfumery and are firmly convinced that it will help, become much more self-confident, relaxed, and sociable.

That is, for the duration of the action, the spirits allow them to become more pleasant in communication and attractive as a person. A lot of guys just lack this courage and confidence that pheromone colognes for men can give them.

Several people took part in the survey and shared their experiences that support this hypothesis. Here is what one of the participants in this survey, named Maxim, said:

“I wasn’t sure if this cologne would somehow help me. Although I've heard a lot about him, that's why I decided to try it. For a long time I could not get to know any of the girls that I liked. And, having scented, I decided to try again. Only now I didn't succeed, everything went according to the usual scenario, they just kicked me off. Now I am not at all sure that anything can help me."

That is, Maxim initially doubted the effect of this product and thought that the fragrance would do all the work for him. However, this turned out to be a mistake, because there are no pheromones in this perfume. The following example will show you how much self-confidence can help when dating the fair sex. This story was shared by another survey participant named Eugene:

how pheromones act on women-devushka-situaciya-dym
how pheromones act on women-devushka-situaciya-dym

“I was already completely desperate to find someone to match. I spent several months alone until a new employee came to my liking at work. I decided I would try again. And one friend told me about these pheromones and that they can really help attract a girl that I like. I followed his advice, bought this cologne, used it before we met.

And I decided that now I would definitely not be rejected, because this tool should definitely help. And I really got to know each other. However, later it turned out that the girl did not push me away just because I was nice, friendly, sociable and to some extent persistent. But she did not mention anything about any fragrance."

Perfume with pheromones is useful not only for men. In terms of increasing self-esteem, they can help find a partner for the fair sex. Here is the story shared by a survey participant named Oksana:

“I have always spent little time on perfumes and the like. I just didn't believe that it could help me in any way. In public transport, I constantly came across people who literally smelled of this or that cologne or perfume, so I disdained to use them, thinking that I would smell the same.

self-confidence from pheromones
self-confidence from pheromones

And then I came across some kind of perfume with pheromones. The sellers promised that I could attract the attention of men with a simple scent. I decided to try it, as there was a calm in my personal life at that time.

And the result amazed me. On the street, people approached me to get acquainted much more often, people just smiled at the sight of me. I realized that it was the perfume and my behavior. I knew that I smelled good and seductive, and people noted it.

And then I read about pheromones on the Internet, and it turned out that this was all cheating with the aim of obtaining benefits. But I understood how they work - they just made me self-confident and allowed me to stand out from the gray monotonous crowd with their positive."

It turns out that pheromones can be useful to some extent for both men and women. Of course, they have not yet been discovered, so one can treat with irony all the perfumery that supposedly contains them. But the confidence that everything will work out allows you to achieve great success in meeting and communicating with people of the opposite sex. It is this self-confidence that pheromones give.

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