7 Things A Woman Wants From A Man

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7 Things A Woman Wants From A Man
7 Things A Woman Wants From A Man

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Video: 7 Things A Woman Wants From A Man
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girl with crown

A man who enters into a serious relationship may face the problem of misunderstanding of female nature. It seems to him that he does everything for her, but comes out somehow "through one place" and with scandals. Why is it so difficult to understand what a woman wants in a relationship, because everything suits him.

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  • 1 Mistakes of the candy-bouquet period
  • 2 Honesty
  • 3 A man must be a man
  • 4 I see you
  • 5 Broken Dreams
  • 6 Shared values
  • 7 Provocation to Anger

Errors of the candy-bouquet period

Often, wanting to impress and achieve their goals, people try to show themselves in the best possible light. Such slyness turns out to be not a very good impression in the future. Relationships that have grown into serious ones, take off their rose-colored glasses and partners appear before each other with a leg of their soul. A woman falls in love with the non-existent qualities of a man and further demands from him what he has cheated in the past. It can be responsibility, romance, attention, honesty.

Sometimes the woman herself is to blame, who, in a state of love, drew the best masculine qualities to her chosen one. Subsequently, opening her eyes and not discovering what she had invented, she will not blame herself. She herself believed in her own inventions.


The most important thing a woman expects from a relationship is that a man will be honest with her. And if at the beginning of the relationship it was not possible to build a trusting relationship, later you should make up for lost time. It will be much more pleasant for a woman to honestly admit her shortcomings than to pretend to be ideal. Sooner or later, the whole truth will come to light, and the woman will feel betrayed. She won't appreciate lying for the sake of a relationship.

Attempts to hide some of your jambs can also be a failure. It is better to be honest initially, so that later you do not remember the whole invented box, and do not look stupid.

What does she want from the relationship
What does she want from the relationship

A man must be a man3

A woman expects from a relationship an opportunity to be weak and fragile. She does not want to bail the little boy, to process him in the needs of everyday life, to regret, to say that he is the best and to please him in a bed. She expects not to be devalued in the family arena. Therefore, it is important for her that the companion is reliable and self-confident. A woman wants all the man's words to coincide with his actions. This is important in all life matters. We are taught from childhood to be responsible for our words. Therefore, all excuses and excuses must be ruled out. If something does not work out, a loving woman will find an excuse herself, and a man must continue to fight. This quality gives confidence in the future. A woman will calmly look into the future and know that she is behind a stone wall.

The man said - the man did!

I see you4

The emotional connection of the couple is equally important. If on an emotional level partners do not feel each other, they seem to be dumb. When observing couples who have been in a relationship for more than two years, you can see that they communicate with just one look. It is important to feel each other. To do this, you need to observe your partner, study his habits, facial expressions and associate certain emotions on the face with the circumstances of the moment. Yes, an emotional connection sometimes arises between people who really seem to be made for each other. If this is not the case, it needs to be learned. Without a developed emotional connection, one can often hear from partners about misunderstanding, lack of attention to each other, and the absence of usual compliments.

girl boy
girl boy

Broken dreams5

In a relationship, a woman expects that she will have her personal space for creativity, development, time to communicate with family and friends. Women who have lived long lives often blame men for sacrificing their dreams for him. They dreamed of becoming an artist, a poetess, and were fond of fashion. But then he appeared on the horizon and took her away from the plans, made her a child, put on an apron and sent her to the kitchen. Or the same story only with mom, sisters and girlfriends. Love for a woman is her whole life, she is ready to sacrifice for the sake of feelings. But such victims often kill something mysterious and dreamy in her. Do not deprive a woman of the opportunity for spiritual development and communication.

"Friendship with other women is a major factor in women's longevity." Research Findings by Len Syme, Ph. D., University of California, Berkeley.

Common values6

A woman believes that she and a man have the same life values and the same dreams for two. That they both dream of a quiet house outside the city, three kids and a front garden. Or that they both want to travel the world until they are 50. Priorities do change with age, for a loving couple they adjust to each other. Dreams can also become common if you talk about them, and most importantly ask. One has only to ask a woman what she is dreaming about, her eyes light up and the question is perceived as a proposal. She can tell about her dream in the smallest detail. Together, making dreams come true is easier.

girl showing tongue
girl showing tongue

Anger provocation7

It is often possible to hear in the conversation of women that she is annoyed by the chosen one. It's a shame, because just recently she fluttered like a butterfly above him. Where did the irritation and quarrels come from? According to studies, there are three reasons why a woman gets angry and throw up scandals:

  • Helplessness. Yes, she wants to be weak, but not devoid of strength. A man who does not hear a woman or does not consider it necessary to listen to her opinion makes her helpless.
  • Injustice. When diligently working on relationships, she does not feel any response. A man treats her as an equal or begins to lie and make excuses, a woman feels injustice.
  • Irresponsibility. When a man forgets about important things or ceases to consider them important. Lack of analysis of your actions in terms of consequences is irresponsibility.
What does a woman want
What does a woman want

A woman is not throwing a scandal in order to humiliate, punish or call her partner. She wants to be heard. A common response is often erroneous shouting and accusations in response, claims by type - and yourself, what are you, etc. The quarrel turns into a battle, who will prick each other more, but more painfully, which in the end will not lead to anything good. On the one hand, resentment and misunderstanding will creep in, on the other hand, the opinion that she is an unbalanced hysterical.

And all you had to do was hear her.

A man who values a relationship will do whatever it takes to make his soul mate happy. It is important to learn to hear each other and the question “what does a woman want from a relationship” will cease to be a problem.

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