How To Fall In Love With Any Man: 10 Perfect Ways

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How To Fall In Love With Any Man: 10 Perfect Ways
How To Fall In Love With Any Man: 10 Perfect Ways
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girl holding a man by a tie
girl holding a man by a tie

Unfortunately, the situation when a woman has already “got used” to a man, and he simply does not pay attention to her, is quite common. Yes, it is complex, but it cannot be called insoluble either. It's like a lion hunt in the African savannah.

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  • 1 External data
  • 2 Nice smile
  • 3 Sweet courtesy
  • 4 Sharing interests
  • 5 Prove irresistibility
  • 6 Gentle touch
  • 7 Own talent
  • 8 Inaccessibility
  • 9 Self-respect
  • 10 Communication
  • 11 Life before life

When a lady comes out with an “opponent” (a man she liked) one on one and victory directly depends on her dexterity and skill. True, before you interest a man and fall in love with him, you first need to understand your feelings.

Do you really need this male representative, and if so, why. After all, seducing a companion and making him fall in love with you are completely different tasks, and accordingly their solution is different.

In order to seduce a "macho", it is enough to use all his sexuality, and now, in order to fall in love with him, you will have to use a large arsenal of "military operations" in full. But, whatever one may say, but you should start the stage of conquest with your own appearance.

External data

All ingenious is simple, so wise people used to say in the old days. And, whatever one may say, this rule works one hundred percent in our days. If a girl expects to attract the attention of a man, and even more so that he looks after her, she herself must look after herself. There are 5 main points, the combination of which will increase a lady's chances of success or how to attract a man:

  1. Red lipstick. On a subconscious level, this is not only a sign of attractiveness, but also a direct indication that the lady is already ready to give birth to little heirs. Why is that? And who knows what is hidden in the depths of our subconscious.
  2. Sharp eye contours. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, and if they are neatly "shaded" and clearly drawn with a pencil or eyeliner, then they completely create the effect of sensual sexuality.
  3. Well-groomed curls. It turns out that healthy hair can release pheromones. And their brilliant splendor is not a great indicator of women's health, but also a great trap for men.
  4. Blush on the cheeks. Again, it is a sign of female sexuality and fertility.
  5. Slim figure. Nobody forces you to spend all your free time in the gym, but a woman must be fit and slender.
girl flirting
girl flirting

All this in combination with stylish clothes and a very small drop of seductive perfume will certainly attract a man's first glance. And it will not only attract, but also make you linger and take a closer look at the owner of all this luxury.

Pleasant smile2

After passing the first stage of the conquest of Everest (in this case, men), the second begins, no less difficult. Here, as in a cartoon "the world will become brighter from a smile." This ability of a woman to rejoice even at first glance with insignificant trifles disarms and conquers the stronger sex.

This is not surprising at all, because in this case, men do not need to strain and feel uncomfortable. Emu will be easy and pleasant. It is this state that will force him again and again to seek a meeting with this particular woman. Even more, he will strive to impress a woman. But it is here that the main thing is not to overplay. Representatives of the stronger sex are very sensitive to falsehood.

The girl should behave freely and naturally. A flirtatious smile, joyful laughter, as a direct reaction to a man's joke - all this together will become direct proof for him that he is interesting to her and, like a magnet, will attract him to her.

It is at this stage that a man should feel that he is the best for this woman. And this is very important for all males, without exception. Again - a kind of playing on the thin strings of the male subconscious.

girl lies
girl lies

If the lady loses her head, makes far-reaching plans and strains her partner with her calls, checks and control, the effect will be absolutely opposite to what was expected. Likewise, you should not "get hung up" on the man you like and completely stop communicating with other male representatives.

Now a woman must not only give the man complete freedom, but also keep it for herself. It's only the beginning. Unobtrusively let your man know that he is the best, and he will certainly reciprocate you.

Nice courtesy3

A real man will never pay attention to a rude, cynical, arrogant and vulgar woman. You shouldn't prove your worth by cursing a negligent waitress with a three-story obscenity. Such a completely unfeminine behavior can, on the contrary, scare him away forever. And it is not surprising why, afterwards, all your life you should listen to the constant scandals of your companion.

Of course, you don't need to lose your self-esteem, just like principled views on some things, but in no case should you use arrogant arrogance for this.

girl lies
girl lies

This is one of the most important tips on how to please a man, regardless of appearance, social status or nationality!

Sharing interests4

If a woman has already managed to interest and bind a man a little to herself, in no case should she fold her arms and stop there. Sooner or later, talking about the weather and the news will get tiresome, just like nice and slightly flirty compliments to him.

Here, reasoning about more serious things for the chosen one is already needed. So, even at the beginning of dating, a woman needs to carefully “probe” topics that are interesting to him. Hobbies, dreams, ambitious plans. Here it is worth not only sincerely believing in the dream of a companion, but also stocking up on the necessary knowledge base in order to be able to maintain a conversation on a highly specialized topic.

And here we are not talking about a somewhat stupid "oh, oh, how interesting it is to me, you are such a good fellow", but about a global understanding of the issue (even if it will even be how spaceships plow the ocean).

girl shaves
girl shaves

If the companion believes that the woman is not only interested in his plans, but also sincerely believes in their implementation, and, accordingly, in his capabilities, he will fully appreciate it. This is especially important in cases where hobby becomes a real passion for a man. If a lady shares her with him, she will become an ideal companion in his eyes.

Prove irresistibility5

It is very important for a man to feel his perfection, irresistibility, and in some way superiority. This is again the games of the subconscious of the dominant male, for whom it is very important to feel his significance, especially in the presence of his companion.

Conversations eye to eye, you need to hold your gaze, give it meaningfulness and, as it were, assure a man that he is the best. It is worth giving him dreams and fantasies with which he will definitely fall in love.

You also need to give the man a respectful gratitude and a positive assessment of all his actions, this will become a strong foundation for future relationships (of course, this is not about praising negative actions, for example, you should not praise a companion who kicked a homeless dog on the street).

girl flirting
girl flirting

However, this does not mean that you need to harshly criticize his minor mistakes and misdeeds. In this you need to support your boyfriend and become a reliable support for him. A woman must definitely appreciate everything that the companion does for her, from minor details to grandiose deeds.

The more positive assessments and gratitude a man receives from his companion, the more affection she can expect from him later.

Many men call the ideal companion the woman who feels absolutely happy in his presence. This fully satisfies all his natural needs - to be the best protector, earner and the real, one hundred percent dominant head of the family.

Gentle touch6

Tactile contact is very important for the continuation of the relationship. As if casual, but, at the same time, affectionate female touches should contain all possible tenderness. Thus, the lady gets a very good ally for herself - sensory memory. Men's skin will remember these exciting sensations and a man will certainly want to feel them again.

girl drinking juice
girl drinking juice

A lady does not have to hang herself like a velcro on a satellite, like a sticky fish. You can lightly take his hand at a crosswalk or straighten a twisted tie.

At this stage, the little secrets of women's wardrobe will not interfere - light sliding fabrics and furs, in turn, will leave the man with pleasant memories of touching the lady. And tactile sensations can work wonders.

Own talent7

It is quite natural that a man who wants to feel himself the best expects the same from his companion. Therefore, the presence of such a gray mouse next to him will definitely not like him. Here, a woman must show creativity and gradually surprise him with her talents. It is gradual, and this is very important.

If you dump all your talents on a companion at once, like a tub of water on your head, it will bring a one-time and, far from the most positive effect. For example, in a stream - I can perfectly cook, embroider, jump with a parachute, grow cucumbers, do dressings, play chess and fight, most of the males will not remember even half.

girl with bow
girl with bow

An unobtrusive, and most importantly, gradual release of information will bring excellent results. Only then will a woman, remaining a real mystery, be always interesting to her companion.

Accessibility 8

Not an easy task for a woman in love. However, it is required. Strange as it may seem, but a person is built in such a way that he appreciates only what is given to him with difficulty. Accordingly, the more accessible a woman is, the less a man will be drawn to her.

So what should the lovely ladies do? Everything is very simple, having interested a man in yourself, you should not rush and fly headlong on a date at his first call. This is not about rude repulsion of a partner, but about a delicate refusal, the cause of which may be suddenly appearing affairs.

It is worth constantly being in the whirlpool of your own interests - hobbies and hobbies, work, communication with friends. Even the most beloved man should know that the lady has her own, completely unrelated interests. So she can always remain a little mysterious and, accordingly, interesting for him.

girl holding a lock of hair
girl holding a lock of hair

And if he wants to get bored, it's almost a complete victory.


No matter how important this man is to a woman, she should not always and in everything agree with him and follow all his desires. This is especially true of those cases when she herself is unpleasant. Of course, harmony and peace in a relationship are very important, but this does not mean that you need to completely dissolve in it.

By the way, the refusal of a lady from one or another offer will make her partner respect him even more. It is very important for him to communicate with a woman who is able to worthily defend her opinion. The harmonious combination of a cheerful bird chirping on a branch and a pensive mysterious personality will attract the attention of a man and tightly tie him to his companion.

Communication 10

Communication is important absolutely at all stages of a relationship, from dating to the pre-wedding period. What can I say, and in marriage it is also very important. The fewer reservations between the couple, the stronger the union will be. You need to talk about everything. Worst of all, they withdraw into themselves and play in silence with an inflated expression on their face.

girl eating chupa chups
girl eating chupa chups

All conflicts can be resolved verbally. This also applies to the relationship between a man and a woman. Regular and full-fledged communication can strengthen feelings and become the basis for a strong marriage.

We will tell you more about how to win a man in the next article.

Life before life 11

Even if the relationship has already become serious and the man is completely at the mercy of female hands, you should not stop conquering him and ignore at least one of the higher recommendations. If you become even the most desperate housewife and live as if the whole world revolves only around the chosen man, this can lead to the exact opposite of the expected result.

A real woman should live her own life, have her own interests and preferences and, of course, take care of herself, maintaining the image of “perfection itself”. That is, everything that she did before attracting the attention of a man and entering into a relationship with him.

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